Attract High-End Coaching Clients Consistently

One question I get all the time is How to Attract High-End Coaching Clients who are self-led and ready to invest in high-ticket coaching offers?

Is attracting and retaining high-end coaching clients who are committed to co-creating powerful results in their life, health, relationships, marriages, careers or businesses on your mind today?

Are you working on creating both a Love Letters coaching business that wraps around your beautiful life, and high-ticket profit explosion that gives you MORE creative freedom, time freedom, money freedom and health freedom?

You’re not alone.

Welcome home to your safe space where we attract and retain high-end coaching clients who we enjoy working with in our coaching businesses simply by BEING THE LIGHTHOUSE that is FOUND.

(I dive deep into the Lighthouse Being in this video below).

How to Attract High-End Coaching Clients Consistently

It’s mid-August now and the women coaches in The Prosperous Womb are working on growing their high-ticket coaching business, and mastering how to attract the self-led high-end coaching clients they want to work with before the end of the year.

This “Attract High-End Coaching Clients Today” blog post is the first (Intro) in a series of “High-End Coaching Clients” medium articles, blog posts and YouTube videos, as I partner with God and the Holy Spirit to channel “The High-End Coaching Clients Course.”

The High-End Coaching Clients Course is SIMPLICITY, exclusively for Women Coaches who partner with God and the Holy Spirit to midwife and sell Higher IMPACT High-Ticket Coaching Offers, as well as co-create High-Ticket Profit Explosion, Extraordinary Impact and a Love Letters Coaching Business that wraps around their already beautiful life.

Women Coaches who are committed to tuning into God’s word, believing what He says about them and stepping out in Faith to become MORE of who God says they are in the world.

As we move along in the Attract High-End Coaching Clients series, we’ll dive into everything from Partnering with God and the Holy Spirit, Yummy Visibility, Midwifing Potent Transformational Offers, Messy Birthing, Mastering your Lane, Caleb Heartbeat Messaging, Packaging and Pricing with Integrity, Value Proposition, Positioning, the High-Ticket Sales Process (from hello to enrolled), and so much more.

Some of the questions that come up a lot when working with women clients around attracting the self-led high-end coaching clients that they want to work involve MOSTLY mindset, trust, surrender, confidence, packaging, pricing, self-worth and value, messaging, marketing visibility, positioning and sales.

For example,

Where to find high-end coaching clients.

How to get high-ticket coaching clients.

What to say call in high-end coaching clients who are excited to invest at that level.

How to go from selling high-volume low-ticket coaching offers to selling low volume high-ticket coaching offers that attract high-end coaching clients.

How to be MORE confident when selling higher value, high-ticket coaching offers.

How to show up fully and BE the embodiment of the work you do. 

How to grow your audience to match your higher-value body of work.

How to attract high-end coaching clients organically.

And how to uplevel your business without working harder especially when you’re selling $100K high-ticket coaching offers or any offers at your new increased rate.

My response to ALL of this starts with this ONE basic concept.

My answer = It’s Being Kind to yourself.  The “right” strategy for you won’t show up UNTIL you stop playing chicken foot.

Partnering with God and the Holy Spirit won’t be fruitful until you’re READY.

What do I mean?

The YEAST Of Partnering with God and the Holy Spirit to Attract High-Ticket Coaching Clients

Being kind to yourself means you’re honest with yourself.

Admit what is no longer true for you in your coaching business (and your life + relationships + health – all the places).

This supports you to show up as a leader that God can use for His extraordinary work, and it gives you convictions in the results you co-create with your high-end coaching clients. This is the baseline for this next public announcement.

Scream it from the rooftops!!!

MESSAGING is key when it comes to answering the question how to attract high-end coaching clients today.

No matter what world you live in.

No matter what niche you coach in.

No matter what methodology you use.

No matter what marketing platform you use to share that messaging.

And it’s even MORE important if you choose to partner with God and the Holy Spirit.

Messaging is one of 3 parts of the YEAST ingredients for anyone who desires to attract and work exclusively with high-end coaching clients.

Are you still sharing wishy messaging you don’t align with?

Are you still trusting your limited common sense or allowing God’s wisdom to come through you?

Are you still marketing and selling offers you don’t believe in?

Are you still operating your coaching business based on someone else’s formula? 

Are you still marketing to coaching clients who are convinced they cannot afford to invest in your offers?

Are you still making decisions about your business – marketing, sales, offers, clients, investment in coaching or skills or trainings -from a place of fear, lack and reaction to what others are doing?

What sub-standard results are you still tolerating?

Untruth shows up in how you BE when sharing and selling high-ticket coaching offers.  It comes across in your words and your energy.  And it repels impact, profits and aligned clients.

What is no longer true for you?

And what is TRUE now?

What this Partnership Really Means for You and Your High-End Coaching Clients in Any Niche

I’ll share. 

I had to take a deep look at myself this year, and especially this month, to remove what was no longer true. 

For me, that was being wishy washy about growing a Holy-Spirit, faith-filled, high-impact and highly profitable Boutique high-ticket coaching business where I allow God to do the extraordinary through me.

I’ve been so scared to share that in my content – blogs, emails, videos. 

What if…what if…what if.

I even stopped making YouTube videos for 4 months because they were NOT aligned with the work God is doing through me. 

They were aligned with the sub-standard stuff everyone else is doing.  They were NOT true to my Soul and my Assignment. They were no longer aligned with my Identity, the joyful woman and prosperous high-ticket business coach that I’m becoming MORE of.

My previous work and content were great and supported many women coaches, but deep down I knew they were hollow and empty.

Working with one of my coaches on visibility, Shoshanna, in her Club offering this past June, completely broke me. I realized I was so tired do ALL the doing. 

It wasn’t my job. 

I had to let go of the way I had always done things.  What I always believed had to happen before x happens.

I had to trust God and stop doing God’s job.  (Detailed examples of my experience and other clients show up through in the ‘Attract high-end coaching clients’ series and throughout the High-End Coaching Clients Course. 

It’s been the most uncomfortable period in my business, where I’ve had to UNbecome and go through a complete dying to self.  I’m still going through it as I create a simple and profitable, boutique high-ticket coaching business that is a love letter to my life, to God, to my children and to my amazing high-end coaching clients.

It’s sweet. 

It’s taking off the spanx and being MYSELF with God.

It’s freedom. 

Dancing in the shadows between the tension and the excitement.  Just like being on my favorite roller coaster rides.

This breakdown has directly impacted every area of my life and my health, and most importantly, I’m stepping fully into my Assignment. #lookatwhatGoddid!

The things you think will break you down become the gateway to the greatest miracles in our lives. #Godhasdoneitagain!!

It takes courage, though. 

Kindness always takes courage. Be kind to yourself.

And here’s a high-ticket profit explosion tip I’ve learned while working with women coaches over the last 6.5 years, and on my own personal coaching business journey. 

Something that’s key (not a strategy) to 100% alignment with marketing and messaging that has a 90% sales conversion rate for every high-ticket coaching client I’ve worked with.

There’s an anointing on your life and your business, your mission, your offers, your content, your messaging and your marketing that you haven’t even seen or stepped into YET because you’re still doing things you don’t believe in anymore. #wontyoutrustHim!

You won’t release that anointing and co-create extraordinary results at a 10X level until you identify what’s no longer true for you.  This goes into the 80% pile under the 80-20 rule.

Step fully what is true – the top 1% of your 20% and make your coaching business an intimate love letter to your beautiful life.

It takes kindness, courage and self-compassion to release what’s no longer true for you.

When you release what is no longer true and step fully into your unique essence AND be willing to do what you’re truly here to do + enjoy all your abundance, you’ll show up fully and attract ALL your aligned high-end coaching clients and do your potent work with ease. #thisrighthere!

This is true even if (especially if) what you’re doing is the opposite of what every other coach is doing in the industry. 

The Truth About Working with the High-Ticket Coaching Clients that You Love and Enjoy Being Yourself With 

Be the brave one


This includes Being a Match for the High-End Coaching Clients you want to work with AND Pricing in God’s image.

Be the ONE who allows God to do the extraordinary through her.  Being kind to yourself precedes bravery.

It is important to remember that your anointing is not realistic, practical or logical.  And neither is God.

Are you willing to press play and play full out today BEFORE you see the evidence?

It’s not whether you can see the evidence of the success you desire in your business – marketing, sales, clients, clients’ results, profits and impact.

It’s whether God said it that matters.

It’s Faith.

Faith is the evidence that you can’t see.

Rest in God and Surrender, Breathe, Exhale + Receive AND take the inspired action.  Nothing happens without taking the inspired action.  

The Holy Spirit always reveals inspired action to you if you choose to listen. 

I’ll be talking about this both in the Attract High-End Coaching Clients series and in The High-End Coaching Clients Course. 

Examples of coaching offers and sales pages and specific instances of what happened when 3 clients decided to be smarter than God, and the follow up results and high-ticket profit explosion when they leaned into co-creation instead.  Come back for this REAL-LIFE juicy stuff.

Making lots of Money can happen anytime without God. 

But High-Ticket Profit Explosion (the wholistic Love Letters life with true joy, real abundance, peace and freedom everywhere) ONLY happens with God.  

What will you invest in today to partner with God and co-create the messaging, marketing, sales, impact and profits you desire – the love letter to your life?

Working at your highest level with self-led high-end coaching clients who you truly enjoy working with. 

High-Ticket Coaching Work that’s both stimulating, enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.  Work that makes BIG impact and you’re luxuriously paid for – without any shame, judgment, guilt or condemnation.

You deserve this High-Ticket Profit Explosion — the abundance, greater satisfaction, joy, health, and full freedom in every area of life.  

Step out in faith and see what happens when you take inspired action.

What will you share about you or your business today?  With whom?  When?  And Where?

Whose life/business/body/relationship/health/marriage will BE 100% better today because you showed up?

Who will go to bed tonight saying………. Look at what God did!  __________ showed up with the answer to my life/spiritual/health/business/career/relationship prayers (insert name of your offer here).

Whose life will be better Simply because you showed up with your Caleb heartbeat message and high-ticket coaching offer?

Rise up every day ready to share your message and offers and in way that inspires someone to see God every single day.

Perhaps it will inspire them to make a change.

Maybe it will inspire them to invest in your offer.

Maybe it will inspire them to send you 5 referrals.

Maybe it will inspire them to share your message with their community so that you get 100 more subscribers that day.

Maybe it will help them heal.

Maybe it will help you BREATHE and SEE more clearly what your next step is.

Maybe it will support you to GIVE + SHARE GENEROUSLY with your favorite charity, house of worship or anything close to your beautiful heart.

Maybe it will pay for your NEW home, or Ocean view condo or boat or Kids’ private school tuition.

Maybe it will give you space to write that book or sing the song.

Don’t overthink it. 

Don’t complicate it. 

BE who God says you are and what works best for you.  In a way that stretches you a bit.  Maybe even scares you a little.

BE and Live what is true for you.

And I guarantee you’ll start going to bed every night, saying…………. Look at what God did AGAIN today!

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this “Attract High-End Coaching Clients Consistently” Post, and how will you apply it to your coaching business today?

Please share this Post with other Women Coaches Partnering with God to Serve High-End Coaching Clients DEEPER with Bespoke, Transformational High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

Cheers, MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Profits Midwife at The Prosperous Womb.

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