Grow & Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K+ Months.

Transformational $100K+ High-Ticket Coaching Offers & 7-Figure IMPACT.
The 2022 Million Dollar Coaching Business Roadmap for Spiritual Women Coaches.
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You’re Ready to Serve Deeply with Transformational High-Ticket Coaching Offers and Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K+ Months.

You Want to Create Transformational Experiences and Expand Possibility for Your High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

You’re Ready to Sell Transformational $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers in a Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niche.

Your 2022 Million Dollar Roadmap Starts Here.


Grow and Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months.

The 100K Month PENTHOUSE™ Experience.

An Exclusive, Intimate VIP Half-Day Experience for Spiritual Women Coaches Who Want to Serve MORE Deeply with Transformational High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

You’re Ready to Sell $25K, $50K, $100K and $250K+ Coaching Offers.   

(Space is Limited to Only 10 Women Coaches.  If you prefer a group coaching experience with 15, 25 or 100 other women in the virtual room, this is NOT for you.)




You’re Ready to Co-Create Extraordinary Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Financial Results.


You’ve Stopped Settling for What Society Calls Success.

You’re Ready to Create What You Want NOW and Choose the Clients You Want to Work With Without Proving Your Worth with Testimonials or Already Having $[X]K Months.

You’ve Finally Decided to Create the Wildly Successful Life and Business You’ve Been Keeping on a Pedestal.

You’re Ready to Create the Life Altering, Expansive Level of Transformation that Only a Small Number of People Can Even Value.

You’ve already taken the First Step with a Simple High-Ticket Business Model Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers that are Easier to Deliver.

You Know the Powerful Impact You’re Here to Make and You Want to Unapologetically Make a Luxurious Income Doing It.

You’re Here to Dream Up Your Best Offer (What It Looks Like, Feels Like, Tastes Like, Smells Like).

You’re Ready to Go ALL IN.

Your Genius Lies in Your High-Ticket Coaching Offer.

You’re Ready to FINALLY Repackage, Reposition and Reprice Your Current Coaching Offers into a $25K, $50K, $100K or $250K+ transformational Coaching offer.


You’re NOT Going to Get Cookie-Cutter Templates.

You’re Going to Step into Your Power and Create Your Own System.

You’re NOT Here to Fit into A Formula or Another Coach’s 7-Step Blueprint.

You’re Going to Make Up Your Own Rules, Starting NOW.

If You’re looking for [XYZ] Secrets to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months, then this is NOT for You.

You Can Find [XYZ] Secrets and Strategies to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K a Month and the Strategies to Scale Your Coaching Business to Your First Million Dollars within 18 Months (FOR FREE) on My Blog.


This is for YOU if you want High-Level Results With $25K, $50K, $100K or $250K+ High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

This is for YOU if you Know Your High-Ticket Coaching Clients Are Not Looking for a Deal.

Because They Are Looking for YOU.

It doesn’t matter if You’re at $0K Months or $10K Months or $90K Months.

It doesn’t matter if You’re making $5K a year, or 50K a year or $500K a year.

All that matters is You Want to Expand Your Client’s Vision with Transformational Coaching Offers that Support You to Create Wealth in Every Area of your life, and Make Luxurious Money & 7-Figure IMPACT with Your Coaching Business.



Welcome!  And Keep Reading Only If….

You know Who You Are and You Know the Impact Your Work is Here to Make in the World. 

You’re Ready to Make 7-Figure IMPACT in the World.

You Want to Grow and Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months with High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

You Want to Make $100K a Day with a High-Ticket VIP Offer. 

You Want to Create Bigger Impact with Higher-Ticket Coaching Offers so that you Quickly and Easily Grow and Scale Your Coaching Business to Multiple 6-Figures or Your First Million Dollars within 18 Months.  

You Want a Simple Signature System that Supports You to Repackage Your High-Ticket Coaching Offer to a Signature High-Ticket Coaching Offer (and start visioning your Next Level Offer).

You Want to 2x, 3x or even 10X Your Current Prices based on the Future Lifetime Value of the Results You Co-Create with Your High-Ticket Clients.

You Want to Co-Create with Powerful High-Ticket Coaching Clients Who Cannot Wait to Invest in Themselves. 

You Want to Own Your Unique Gifts and Brilliance and Show Up Fully as YOU in Your Messaging, Marketing and Sales. 

You Want to Reposition Your Transformational High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Dialed-In Messaging that Supports You to Scale Your Coaching Business to 100K Months.

You Want to Sell from Your Divinity with your Own Personalized Sales Script that Doesn’t Make You Cringe.  Finally!!

You’ll leave this VIP Half-Day Experience Ready to Scale Your Coaching Business to 100K Months.

Experience Live Coaching in a Safe and Intimate Virtual Room of Up to 10 Women Coaches Who Want to Co-Create Powerful Transformation and $100K+ Months.

No Recorded Video Training.

No Cookie Cutter Templates.

No Rinse and Repeat Strategies that Worked for Someone Else.

You’ll Repackage, Reposition and Reprice Your Current Coaching Offers. (starting at $25K-$250+K.  If you’re NOT ready for at least $25K, this Offer is Not for You).

You’ll Co-Create the Bespoke Aligned Systems and Strategies that…

Work Best for You.

Are Unique to You and Your Energy.

That Consider Your Lifestyle, Your Desires and Your Vision.

You’ll Co-Create Your Own Personalized High-Ticket Sales Script System.

And You’ll Know How to Connect with Your High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

IF You Want Any or All of This, Keep Reading.

If You Don’t, Please Stop Reading Now.  Goodbye, It’s Been Nice Having You.



You’re done asking How.

You’re done pretending you’re satisfied with the impact and income you’ve made so far.

You’re done trying to be like everyone else.

You’re done hiding your desires.

It All Stops NOW.


You Don’t Need  a Coach.

You Can Grow and Scale Your Business to Any Amount You Desire without a Business Coach.

But You Know You Deserve A Coach that Holds the Level of Space that Supports You Sell Higher-Ticket Coaching Offers and Make the Impact You Desire with Your Gifts.

You Want to Step into Divine Intuitive Sales System (Connection, Relationship, Compassionate Curiosity, Transformational Exploration, Divine Listening, Possibility, and The Natural Invitation).

You Want to Be Paid Extremely Well for Your Work without Compromising Your Personal Relationship with God.

It doesn’t matter if You’re a Life Coach for Women, Health Coach, Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Weight Loss Coach, Intimacy Coach, Business Coach or Relationship Coach.

You want a Profitable Coaching Business with a Signature High-Ticket Coaching Offer that Gives You the Choices, Opportunities and Freedom to Enjoy Your Passions, Hobbies and Time with Family.

You’re ready to Powerfully and Intentionally Create Aligned High-Ticket Strategies, Systems and Processes that Support You to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months or Any Amount You Desire.

You’re done Sacrificing your Life, Freedom, Health, Sanity, and Quality Time with God and Your Family, to Sell Your High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

You Didn’t Get into Coaching for It to Run Your Life. 

And You Never Thought High-Ticket Sales Would Be this Challenging.

For You, it’s Not Just about Adding Multiple 6 Figures or 7 Figures to Your Coaching Income. 

It’s More About the Quality of Life You Get to Step Into for the Rest of Your Life and the Impact this Will have on You, Your Family, and Everyone in Your Life.


It’s Time to Step Out in Faith and Give Yourself Permission to Fall in Love with High-Ticket Sales so that You to Expand and Play Full Out.

Are you ready to play a more expansive game, collapse time and space and make multiple 6 Figures or 7 Figures in less time with more freedom, joy and pleasure?


Cue the Champagne!

The Great News Is….

You’re Finally Tuning in to What God Says About You and Tapping into the Greatness He Put in You.

You’re Ready to Fall in Love with High-Ticket Sales Just As Much as You Love Coaching.

This is NOT a One Size Fits All High-Ticket Sales Coaching Experience.

The High-Ticket Sales PENTHOUSE™ Experience holds the Version of You that Wants to Expand, Go Big, Play Big, Be Big and Share Big.

An Exclusive, Exquisite, Intimate, VIP Half-Day Experience for the Elite Woman Coach Who Knows Her Work Impacts the World and Wants to Be Unapologetically Paid for It.

Because the more money you make in your High-Ticket Coaching Business, the more impact you make in the world, and the more you can sow into the work of God’s Kingdom.

You’re Absolutely Ready Now.

Congratulations again!  You’re finally owning your worth, taking up space, letting your light shine, and unapologetically making powerful decisions from a place of divine gratitude, abundance, truth, alignment and pleasure.

You’re honoring the gifts God has given you and who He’s calling you to be.

The gifts and calling of God on your life are irrevocable.  Take hold of God’s promises for your life and take off the labels and beliefs He didn’t give you and confidently sell your transformational High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Ease.   Your time is NOW.

Let’s Go!

You’re Meant to be enjoying More Wealth.  More Pleasure.  More Health.  More Impact.  More Power.  More Love.  More Ease.  More Life.  And More FUN and JOY in your Life, Relationships and High-Ticket Coaching Business.


Fall in Love with High-Ticket Sales and Scale to $100K Months 

June 3, 2022  

1pm – 4.30pm ET / 10am – 1.30pm PT / 6pm – 9.30pm (UK) on ZOOM  

Exclusively for 10 Women Coaches Who Are READY NOW to Scale to 100K Months Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers.  

Your High-Ticket Sales Love Story Starts with this 2022 Million Dollar Roadmap.  

The Investment to Work with Me Privately in “The DIAMOND High Ticket Sales Intensive for Women Coaches” is $75,000, so Registration for The 100K Month PENTHOUSE™ VIP Half-Day Experience Is a NO-BRAINER.  

REGISTER TODAY FOR The 100K Month PENTHOUSE™ VIP Half-Day Experience.  

NO REFUNDS. IF You Have Commitment Issues, Don’t Register. 


I’m MiMi Dabo, The High-Ticket Business Coach for Spiritual Women Coaches and Divine Money Mindset Expert.

I’m passionate about supporting Spiritual Women Coaches to tune in to what God says about them, let go of doubt and BE who He says they are.

I support Women Coaches to co-create Simple High-Ticket Coaching Boutiques and Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Ease, so that they Gracefully add Multiple 6-Figures or 7-Figures to their Coaching Income, Create Generational Wealth and Do MORE Good in the World.

Learn more about MiMi Dabo here.

Exclusively for Spiritual Women Coaches Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers.  

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