How to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months Now

How to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months Now is top of mind for many Spiritual Women Coaches who want to grow and scale a coaching business without working harder in 2022.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently making $5K months, $20K months or $50K months in your coaching business.

Going from $0 to $100K Months in your coaching business is not just a pipe dream reserved for successful online business coaches or coaches who help others make more money.

Growing and Scaling a coaching business within any time period is a reality whether you’re a life coach, a career coach, sleep coach, business coach, intimacy coach, relationship coach, health coach, executive coach or leadership coach.

All you need to do is decide to go all in. Be ready to create what you want now in your life and your business, and confidently choose the High-Ticket Coaching Clients you wan to work with WITHOUT proving your worth with testimonials or already having made $[X]K months or years.

How to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months and 7-figure IMPACT with a Powerful Money Mindset

The High-Ticket Money Mindset I invite you to integrate in your BEing is that when you’re fully aligned with the value of your coaching services and the investment to work with you, you’ll know your High-Ticket Coaching Offer + Results are worth the $25K or $50K or $100K investment.

And the Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients who want what you have will show up for those offers.

When you assume that your High-Ticket Coaching Clients want a discount or a deal, you will definitely attract ONLY those clients who are looking for a deal.

Here’s the High-Ticket truth.

Your High-Ticket Coaching Clients are NOT looking for a deal. They are looking for YOU.

High-Ticket Coaching Clients want to work with you and they want you to show up and co-create at the highest level. They deserve it.

So stop wasting time trying to get validation and praise with low ticket offers or twisting yourself into a pretzel to get testimonials for another $10K Coaching Program. Your clients don’t want you to sell them what they want. They’re tired of being sold what they want. They want an Experience. Learn more about how to create or structure that experience here.

A life altering transformational experience that they will invest in regardless of the amount because they recognize value when they see it.

High-Ticket Coaching Clients don’t want you to underprice your coaching services because it’s NOT an equal energetic exchange. Underpricing is one of the lowest forms of seeking validation, approval and love.

My grad school finance professor gave me the best advice. That money is the cleanest form of exchange in the world and that’s why you must know the worth of your work and charge for it. If not, the buyer will owe you energetically. It’s not your High-Ticket Coaching Clients’ job to give you the love, approval or validation you’re seeking from your spouse or parents.

So stop wasting time trying to dumb down your messaging to talk to everyone when you can amplify your messaging and positioning to pick and choose the Clients you want to work with.

How Do You Scale a Coaching Business?

This is your most powerful guide for ‘How do You Scale a Coaching Business’ in 2022.

Step 1. There is no special secret to ‘How to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months’ – Decide it will easier this time.

Step 2. Apply the 4 Keys explained in this Post.

Step 3. Focus on a high-ticket business model that simplifies your journey. So, what is a High-Ticket Business Model? It’s creating a High-Ticket Coaching Offer or High-End Coaching Offer (ONE offer) that you can sell for over $10,000.

A simple high-ticket business model with ONE high-end offer, or at most two High-Ticket Coaching offers that are easy to create, package, market sell and deliver.

What is a High-Ticket Coaching Offer?High-Ticket Coaching Offer is a transformational offer with ONE specific outcome that supports your high-ticket client or high-end client to expand into what’s possible for her and co-create the exponential results she wants.

A High-Ticket Coaching offer helps you narrow down with precision your profitable coaching niche to know exactly who you serve and what you support them to create. This is key to positioning your coaching business, dialing-in your messaging, marketing in a way that you love and selling your coaching offers with confidence.

And how do you structure your High-Ticket Coaching Offer for $50K or $100K or $250K? Find out in the related blog post, How to Create $50K or $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers and Scale to $100K Months.

Step 4. Create systems that support the (focused high-ticket) coaching business model to work and implement strategies (niching, signature systems, packaging, pricing, positioning, messaging, marketing, sales and selling) that work for YOU.

This part is very important. Not the cookie-cutter rinse and repeat that worked for your guru business coach. The strategy that aligns with you and what you want.

And then go make your $100K Months or whatever amount you want to make without wasting time on cookie-cutter tactics and shiny objects. Of course, there are certain things you may need to stop doing to support making $100K months.

Step 5. Master High-Ticket Sales and service. Money is just money. How easily do you want it to come to you?

There you have it! The 5 Secrets to scale your coaching business in 2022 and beyond.

How to Scale a Coaching Business to $100K Months and 7-Figure IMPACT

This Post is one of several ‘How to Scale Your Coaching Business to 100K Months and Beyond’ that I’ll be sharing over the next few months, as part of my own journey to 7-Figure IMPACT.

My goal as a Business Coach for Women is not just to share magic bullets or cookie-cutter strategies that have worked for me or other clients, but to really give you a foundation for sustainable business growth that won’t create start-feast-famine-stop cycles in your own coaching business.

To help you create a successful coaching business with aligned strategies and systems that work for YOU, and maximize MORE of you (your expertise, your gifts, your brilliance, your uniqueness, your quirks, your weirdness and even your shadow) in every area of your business.

That’s why my Signature High-Ticket Coaching Program, The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience, is not just another $100K A Month Mastermind or 7 Steps to 7 Figures Roadmap or $100K Months Blueprint.

The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience is really an Exclusive, Exquisite, High-End 18-Month, One-to-One, Private and Faith-Filled Experience for the Elite Woman Coach Who Knows Her Work Impacts the World and Wants to Be Unapologetically Luxuriously Paid for It.

A woman who can make $100K a month and scale to multiple 6 figures or her first million dollars with or without a coach. It’s just a matter of time.

I know you’re not reading this just to get another strategy for How to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months Now. You know how to make money. You already have enough strategies.

And I know that You’re NOT here because you want to do what everyone else is doing.  You’re on your own powerful journey. You’re here to tap into your unique brilliance, power, rawness, vulnerability and messiness. And carve out your own personal powerful path to creating wealth in every area of your life on your terms.

And in addition to wealth in every area, you also want to make $100K Months and 7-figure IMPACT with your coaching business.

For You, it’s not just about scaling your coaching business to multiple 6 figures or your first (or 2nd or 3rd or 10th) million dollars.

Just like myself and the women coaches I support, it’s More About the Quality of Life You Get to Step Into for the Rest of Your Life and the Impact this Will have on You, Your Family, Your Business, and Everyone in Your Life (all those you’re here to bless).

So, let’s start with the foundation of how to scale a coaching business. This applies to all stages including building and growing a coaching business.

And these 4 Keys to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months apply whether you’re scaling from $0K Months to $10K Months or $20K Months to $250K Months or $800K Months in your coaching business.

In later posts, I dive into the High-Ticket business model, the how, the strategies and the systems that support scaling without a large team, Facebook ads, courses, memberships, fancy funnels, stressful tech or a large team (Unless of course you’re building an empire).

Yes, I know strategy is important when you’re going from $0 or $20K to $100K Months with your coaching business, but that’s the easy part.

Look, with a High-Ticket business model ( which is the coaching business model I use and highly recommend for building/growing/scaling to any K Month), you can create an exclusive VIP Experience for 10 clients (in any industry) at $10K each. That’s $100K in JUST ONE DAY. Forget scaling to $100K months in your coaching business. You can scale to $100K days in your coaching business if you choose.

Of course, there are pros and cons. But you get my point about strategy. It’s the easy part and I’ll get deeper into various High-Ticket strategies and systems in other posts.

For this post, let’s dive right into the 4 Keys to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months Now.

The crux of what is really required to scale to multiple 6 figures or millions of dollars that your business coach is NOT telling you. Millionaire freedom secrets and mindset tools that your business coach hasn’t shared with you.

How to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months Know Your Identity

Before even asking How to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months Now, you need to KNOW your identity. Your identity is important because once you remember WHO you are, and WHOSE you are, you start making decisions that support your goal. Y

ou stop waiting for the “HOW” and shift into your own authentic power. You stop looking outside of yourself for the answers or relying on the latest strategies from some online coaching guru to get things done.

When you know your identity, you are BEing the elite woman coach who CANNOT NOT create a $100K a month in her coaching business.

Remembering who you are is why you don’t need a coach. You want one. Because you can do this with or without a coach. You Know You Deserve One. Every Dream Needs a Team. Someone to Hold that Level of Space for You and Walk with You By Faith. Someone Who Believes What You Want Cannot NOT Happen.

You tap into your divinity, you trust your intuition and you take aligned actions on the proven strategies you already have in your toolbelt.

Being the woman who knows her identity is NOT just about ‘How to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months,’ it’s making that shift everywhere in your life. Success becomes inevitable because there is NO scenario where you don’t create what you want.

It’s WHO you are. You do what it takes until you create it…. whatever it is for you. With or without a coach. You’re Unapologetically Unrealistic Because You Walk by Faith and Not By Sight.

Know Your Assignment

Knowing your assignment means that you know what work you’re here to do in the world and who you’re here to do that work with (who you’re here to serve and how).

It’s going beyond what you want to personally to truly Know the Powerful Impact Your Work Makes in the World and that You’re Not Here to Conform to a Formula.

When you know your identify – who you are and whose you are AND you know your assignment – the fact that you’re doing good work in the work that your aligned clients want more of, you’ll own your value and be luxuriously paid for them.

You’ll shift beyond the norms of the cookie cutter strategies and tactics, expand your mindset and repeatedly smash your own goals, which leads us right to the third key.

Remove the Pedestal

This key changed my life when my high school English teacher taught it to me. At that time in my life, I had many goals but no drive to really go for them. I assumed they were things I’d do ONE DAY….sometime in the future when X happens.

When I grow up and have money. When I grow up and have time. When I get X. When I travel to X. After Y happens. Goals. Goals. Goals.

She challenged to get my goals off the pedestal, and advised me that a goal was a place to come from and NOT a place to get to. That I needed to remove my goals off the future pedestal and learn how to see them now. Taste them now. Breathe them now. Feel them now. Step into them now.

And then learn HOW to create them from the place of already having them.

That day I stepped into the goal of the woman who had a bachelor’s degree, an MBA, a CPA, who was a lawyer and a business woman. I joined the Future Business Leaders of America club that day and the rest is history. There is NO scenario where I couldn’t achieve any of those goals Because I embodied that success. My being.

It’s the same way I approach High-Ticket Business Coaching, by inviting my clients and now YOU, to remove the pedestal. Take your goals off the pedestal that you’ve been hiding behind. That elevated place that you think you need to get to one day.

Like creating multiple 6 figures, or making $100K months in your coaching business. If you want this AND know it’s for you, then instead of worrying about what random folks on the internet think or believe about you or your price, go get yours. Now!

You’re done asking How to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months.

You’re done asking how to make $100K a month in your coaching business.

You’re done asking how much to charge for your High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

You’re done waiting until you have enough money, enough time or enough confidence.

You’re done settling for X K months or multiple 6 figures when you know you want more income and impact.

It all stops now. This third key goes beyond just another strategy or magic bullet so that you say yes you, say yes to what you want and you take full responsibility for creating it starting NOW. You know you were born for more than you’re settling for right now.

Be More of YOU

The 4th Key to How to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months is probably one of the most important tools for your High-Ticket Sales, Marketing, Messaging, Positioning, Packaging and Niching Strategies in your coaching business.

I’ve hear women coaches ask, how do I market myself as a business coach? Or life coach or (insert your niche). This is BEING YOURSELF. Marketing yourself as business coach or any coach is about maximizing more you and your gifts so that you create High-Ticket coaching offers and experiences for your clients that allow them to step into what’s possible for them.

It’s about dialing-in your own messaging and speaking to the hearts of your aligned clients in a way that makes them weep because for the first time they get to take their dreams off the pedestal and breathe it, taste, see it, believe it and feel it.

It’s about amplifying your message and positioning yourself so that the aligned clients hat you’re choosing to serve see you and know you exist. They see you and know you’re the obvious solution to their challenge. They see you and instantly see the value of your work so that you market and sell from divinity – with confidence and ease – without hustle, stress or twisting yourself into a pretzel to please everyone.

Being more of you is choosing who you want to serve and narrowing down your niche so that you scale up to $100K Months or $$500K Months in your coaching business with ease. It’s about nailing a profitable niche that makes your life and business easier.

It’s not conforming to another formula for waiting for the universe to send you another sign. You get the point. These 4 keys are more powerful than any strategy you’ve learned from your business coach about scaling your business to multiple 6 figures or millions of dollars.

You were born for this. So do it.

If you want support building, growing and scaling your own coaching business to multiple 6 figures or your first million dollars, with high-ticket coaching offers, then apply to work together in The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience. Click here to apply now.

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What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this ‘How to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months Now’ Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

Please share this Post with other Spiritual Women Coaches who want to master selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers and easily scale their coaching business to multiple 6 figures or their first million dollars within 18 months.

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

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