High-Ticket Sales Coach for Women | How to Make More Money Selling High Ticket Coaching Offers

This High-Ticket Sales Coach for Women | How to Make More Money Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers post is for Spiritual Women Coaches and any other Female Coaches who want to master High-Ticket Sales and Make Even More Impact in the World.

Women Coaches who want to share more of their gifts and be a bigger blessing to those they are here to serve.

High-Ticket Sales Secrets Every Spiritual Female Coach Must Know

Here’s a secret that every High-Ticket Sales Coach for Women can share. And that is, No one is born a High-Ticket Sales Star. It’s a learned skill based on Practice. And it’s an essential skill that empowers women to create a hugely successful High-Ticket Coaching Business making multiple 6 figures and 7+ figures every year.

High-Ticket Selling or Aligned Sales is just like any other business component, but it’s more crucial because without Aligned Sales there is NO Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Client, and without an Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Client, there is NO High-Ticket Coaching Business.

As a High-Ticket Sales Coach for Women, I get that the fear of rejection is real. And hear me out, when I say that there is no such thing as rejection, just another blessing. When it comes to facing the fear of rejection, I invite you to bridge the gap and reframe High-Ticket Sales or Selling as you know it.

Believe in your yourself and the value that you offer. Believe in what your sell – in the outcome and results and value you co-create with your Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients. Those soul clients who need you, and want what you have, and are waiting for you while you hyperventilate on the other side of the phone.

For every Spiritual Female Coach, High-Ticket Sales is pure Service from the heart. And as the Expert in whatever High-Ticket Coaching services you provide, your job is to focus on the results you co-create and NOT on what you do.

Let me ask you what I ask every High-Ticket Sales Coaching Client.

What do you believe about your services?

What do you believe about the value of your services?

What do you believe is possible for your Aligned Potential High-Ticket Client when she invests in your High-Ticket Coaching Offer?

Do you believe in your work?

Do you believe your work has value?

Do you know you’re offering value when you sell?

Here’s another secret you’ll learn from your own High-Ticket Sales Coach for Women. Sales is NOT an emotional experience. It is a value-based exchange. Losing a parent, losing a pet, having a baby….those are emotional experiences. Sales is NOT.

So, if you’re still reading this, you’re probably wondering whether High-Ticket Sales or Selling can feel better and be better?

Consider looking at Selling your High-Ticket Coaching Offers from this perspective.

Your High-Ticket Coaching Offer or Program is a balm on your High-Ticket Client’s suffering. It solves her problem and helps her; it makes her life, her relationship, her health or her business better. Right??

So, what has you being so shy about Selling. Resisting Sales is like hiding the balm. Why are you hiding the band aid that’s going to make everything in her world better? All you’re offering is a Solution.

Let go of the emotion around feeling not good enough, or not qualified enough or not expert enough, and Be Clear and Confident about your High-Ticket Coaching Offer.

You’re not annoying. You’re not pushy. You’re not aggressive.

You’re merely providing results, outcomes and solutions to those who want it (now).

High-Ticket Sales for Women Coaches – How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers

To support you, here are 3 Simple High-Ticket Sales Mindset Shifts and Selling Skills that I share with Women Coaches in The DIAMOND High Ticket Sales Intensive for Women Coaches.

High-Ticket Sales Coach for Women – Mindset Shift #1

Consider that when you know you are serving and the outcome you’re selling/problem you’re solving – Understanding the Problem and the Need + the Solution to the Need, you’ll sell ONLY to Aligned Potential High-Ticket Clients who want what you have.

The reason why many Spiritual Women Coaches or any other Women Coaches struggle with High-Ticket Sales and feel they are being pushy, arrogant or annoying is because they miss this part completely and try to sell services to Unaligned folks who don’t need those services.

No one is going to invest in a solution to a problem they don’t have it. Once you’ve nailed the need and solution, come from a place of selling to Aligned Potential Clients who cannot wait to invest in themselves with your services. That’s when you’re able to lose the resistance and start talking to more potential clients.

High-Ticket Sales Coach for Women – Mindset Shift #2

While it’s easy and sounds more incredible to focus on the features of your service, Consider that Aligned Potential Clients care ONLY about What’s In It For Them – the Outcome/Results/Benefits. How will their lives/health/relationships/business be better because they invested in your services? Not a breakdown of all the features of your services, how you’ll work together or what you’ll be doing together.

Successful High-Ticket Sales focus on selling the Benefits of your High-Ticket Coaching Offers, instead of a descriptive perspective.

High-Ticket Sales Coach for Women – Mindset Shift #3

Consider shifting from Selling based on Logic to Selling to the Mind of your Aligned Potential High-Ticket Client. Always lead with the value and benefit most important to your Potential High-Ticket Client so that you High-Ticket Coaching Offer is Irresistible. This is Why the first mindset shift is important.

You need to know What Your Aligned Potential High-Ticket Client Wants and Why She Wants it so that you can build desire for your High-Ticket Coaching Offer and make it come to life for her. Speak to her aspirations and her next level, rather than gnawing at the “pain.” High-Ticket Clients are focused on exponential results.

Be intentional about the words you use. High-Ticket Clients don’t care for words like struggle or burnout or overwhelm. They go for a word like plateau. And when expand your description vocabulary past great, awesome and amazing, which is what we find in most High-Ticket Sales Copy. Try on words like Stunning, Luxurious, Lavish, Exquisite, or Breathtaking.

This are 100s more Mindset Shifts and High-Ticket Sales Skills that you could implement, but these 3 are a great start for today.

Let me know which of these 3 Mindset Shifts you resonate with the most today?

Another bonus video for you!

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