Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs on International Women’s Day

Other than humans supporting and loving humans, there are few things I love and respect more than women supporting women.   Sometimes, with all the noise around everything related to female empowerment, the message gets lost in the daily media, political and social hype.

As an African woman entrepreneur, CEO and creative designer + maker of a handmade fashion brand, and owner of a coaching business that both boldly and unapologetically cater primarily to women and children, I am proud to celebrate International Women’s Day with you.

Women Entrepreneurs all over the world, I applaud your vision of making a difference in your community and in the world. I am inspired by your desire to build the life and business of your dreams while making a huge impact in the lives of others. And I respect your commitment to doing the work and being the woman who makes things happen.

What does supporting you, all the women in my tribe and female entrepreneurs around the world look like to me? 

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It’s living my purpose so that women who didn’t think or believe they could create the life and business they desire can step out in faith too and confidently create the life and business of their wildest dreams.

It’s hiring women.

It’s listening to YOU and creating what we want as a collective and as individuals.

It’s making you clothing and fashion accessories that empower you and make you feel beautiful.

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It’s serving you with premium coaching offers and programs to support you to be, do and create IT; whatever IT is.

It’s standing for your power and greatness every day, especially on the days you don’t feel like you can be/do/create one more thing.

It’s partnering with organizations like KIVA to change the lives of women entrepreneurs all around the world.

It’s being an example for my daughter and my future children, and showing them what it can look like to be a powerful, strong, loving and generous woman.

It’s showing up every day for YOU.

It’s leaning into the best version myself….

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As a mum. 

As a coach.

As a client.

As a daughter.

As a sister.

As a friend.

As a colleague.

As a woman entrepreneur.

As a community.

As a Leader.

Intentionally, Courageously, and Lovingly!

Today, I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for being a part of my community; for empowering me to step out and be visible for you, me and all those I desire to impact with this work.

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I promise to continue to keep you and my community at the heart and soul of my Life Coach for Women and Miatta-MiMi journey.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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