3 Biggest Blunders Most Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Overwhelmed, Overworked and Underpaid (Part 1)

Ana wants to make six figures by the end of the year.  She’s excited about her new business idea and cannot wait to make all her boss-lady, and self-made millionaire dreams come true.  She’s not unlike most clients I work with; driven, passionate, hardworking, motivated, brilliant, creative and ready to create and live their best life yet.

Running your own business or being your own boss is one of the greatest gifts of freedom in the world.  Waking up each day, inspired and excited to create something that makes an impact on the world and will likely leave behind a legacy more powerful than you ever envisioned is enough to make even the most fear-infused entrepreneur step out in faith. For most of us, its like waking up in the world’s biggest candy store every morning.

But hold on; wait a minute.  As with anything in life, business women, entrepreneurs and coaches are not immune from self-sabotaging even their most hopeful ventures.  All the degrees, creativity, brilliance, marketing funnels, strategies and tricks do not make up for the 3 biggest blunders that keep entrepreneurs overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid.

3. Lack of a crystal-clear, powerful vision.

Every entrepreneur has a pretty good idea of the type of (services or goods/both) that they want to create.  However, not all visioning is created alike.  Let’s take Ana and her vision to take her growing handmade fashion business to the next level, ie; high six figures within the next 12 months.

As far as the vision is concerned, Ana wants to create a business that brings in $100,000 every year.  Why $100,000? Because that is the amount of money she is safe dreaming about.  It is the amount of money she knows for sure she can bring in (she’s done it twice).  A few minutes into her Business Breakthrough Session, she readily admits that she’s not really inspired by it, and she would probably lose motivation because her real dream is to replace the money she made as a corporate executive; $350,000 so that she can contribute more money to her favorite charities and open her own scholarship fund for handmade designers.

So why would Ana bring a vision that is over a quarter of a million dollars less than her desired income goal?

Because she is afraid.  Because she is looking through the lens of fear of failure and fear of success.  Because she is looking through the lens of what she has done with her business in the last 18 months.  Because she is afraid that if she admits what she really wants, she’ll be heartbroken if she doesn’t get it.  Because she doesn’t trust herself to become the person who can create $350,000.  Because she is listening to well-intentioned friends and acquaintances who tell her she CANNOT do this.  Because she is attached to one particular outcome.  Because she doesn’t have clarity around her vision.

As Ana empowers herself to step away from history, and channel her future from possibility, she visibly relaxes, lights up and gets specific about what she wants; why she wants it; and the impact this vision will have on her personal life, her marriage, her children and her overall life.  She drills deeper like a dentist working on a root canal, describing her emotions, feelings, and physical surroundings, speaking, acting and transforming into a powerful $350,000 boss lady right in front of my eyes.

Is Ana under any illusions that she’ll be popping bon bons on the couch in front of her favorite soap operas while elves and fairies do all the work that will need to get done?  Not at all.

Is Ana confused about how much she’ll have to grow on the inside to achieve these results on the outside?  Not today.

And, is Ana living in a fantasy that every month is going to be a spectacular month?  No, she has a strategic action plan for the next three years.

As we wrap up the Business Breakthrough Call, she excitedly notes, “wow, so these are the top three things I must do today, January 8th, 2018 to earn a gross amount of $350,000 by December 31, 2020.  Everything is so clear and it’s not so scary from this place.”

Yes, Ana realizes that a crystal-clear vision gives rise to a concise plan; to the opportunity to work less hours a week to create a fabulous life.  Suddenly, that attachment to $100,000 this year disappears.  Suddenly the relationship to the fear shifts.

Tiny, baby action steps.

With a 3-year daily strategic action plan with measurable goals and amazing rewards in hand, Ana is ready to roll.

Is it possible that Ana will create $100,000 this year?  She gets to choose whether she will or not.  But for now, she jumps out of bed everyday excited about her crystal-clear vision.


Her WHY.

It’s way more than the money.  It’s about creating a six-figure business, while working less hours, and living the life of her dreams – making a difference in the lives of women and children around the world AND enjoying the people, places and things that matter the most in her life.

business coaching

Without a crystal-clear vision, Ana’s business plan will fall apart.  Ana will never know why she lacks motivation, why she feels like she’s running in circles, why nothing ever gets done, and why her wishes and hopes for the future never make it past her starry eyes – overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid.

When working on your business, a crystal-clear vision does not have to involve six figures or building schools in Africa for it to be inspiring or powerful to YOU.   It doesn’t have to be grand.  It merely has to be the thing you want to BE, Do, or Create without selling yourself short. Without holding back.  Because you’re worth it.

If you’ve read my about page, you’ll know that there was a time in my life when my only life vision was to be able to be emotionally and mentally strong enough to make it through the day.  To make it for another 24 hours.  I couldn’t see past my stories, bank account and limiting beliefs to dream any bigger.

What about you?  I invite you to consider where you are coming from when creating your ideal life.  From fear?  From possibility?  From faith?  From choice? From the amount of money you currently have in your checking account?  From what your parents told you was impossible?  From what everyone else around you is doing?  What is fogging up your vision lens?

What has you limit your dreams just because of your lens?  What has you put blocks in your way because of your money stories?

What has you stop yourself from being who and what you’re meant to be?

If you could flow freely toward your dreams and goals without any of the “blocks” in your way, will your vision be the one you had when you started reading this post?   Will it change?  How?  If you don’t already have a vision for any area in your life, are you willing to create one?  Maybe……. just because you’re worth it.

What is possible for your life and business vision when you have someone supporting you, reflecting each limiting belief, busting through the negative stories and self-sabotage, and standing for you in spite of every reason why you have convinced yourself you CANNOT?  Someone supporting you to BE, DO and CREATE that thing you had convinced yourself was impossible; a mere fantasy.

What will be the specific impact in every area of your life?

What will be the specific impact on your business?

A powerful mindset, creating ideal clients, charging premium prices, recognizing opportunities and strengths, addressing weaknesses and threats, effectively dealing with bottlenecks, and making powerful leadership, team and accountability decisions could be just a few major business wins

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