Sacred Pricing for High-Ticket Coaching Offers

Your divine gifts are the most expensive, unique and potent offers in the entire world, and should be priced to match the magic you co-create with clients. You don’t get paid by the hour, the week, the month or the year. You get paid by the magic. Period. If your coaching offer was worth $1 Million, would you charge $25K for it?

What’s the long-term and lifetime value of your potent body of work? What do you bring to the table? What is the long-term transformation you co-create with coaching clients you work with?

Do they get their time back/health back/relationship back/purpose, clarity and joy back/youth and well-being back/money back/freedom and wealth back?

Are you selling health coaching offers that support women to lose unweighted weight, maintain healthy body weight forever, and look and feel great naked so that confidently enjoy great sex with their spouse, be healthier and stronger and make more money in their business?

Are you selling relationship coaching offers that support clients to heal their marriages, bounce back from divorce or build potent sexual intimacy and communication?

Are you selling spiritual coaching offers that support business women with spiritual, energy and bodywork so that they step fully into their freedom and joyfully and sustainably build 7 and 8- figure businesses?

Are you selling copywriting or website sales page coaching offers for convertible sales pages that create $4 Million launches?

Are you selling marketing ad coaching offers that lead to $3 Million in revenue and profits from ads?

In this Pricing Workshop, we’ll dive into the value of the transformation you offer, and the art of authentic pricing from the heart.

High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops - how to price high ticket coaching offers

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I appreciate you.

Cheers, MiMi