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I work with Spiritual Women Coaches by Application, Invitation and Referral.

So, if you’re a Spiritual Female Coach and you’re ready to Co-create your Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Business in a Profitable Coaching Niche in 2022, and Master Selling $25K, $50K or $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers, then you’re in the right place.

It’s time to go from asking How to Create an Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Business or How to Sell Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Confidence, to Quickly Adding Multiple 6 figures or 7 figures to your income and Doing More Good in the World.

Coaching with Me is a Private 1:1 Container for Elite Spiritual Women Coaches who want to grow and scale Aligned Profitable Coaching Businesses without Sacrificing their Faith, Freedom, Joy, Family, or Individuality.

IF You’re 100% Ready for this Private, Exclusive One-to-One Coaching Experience, then Apply NOW for your FREE, Confidential, 60-minute High-Ticket Coaching Business Breakthrough Call.

“First of all, thank you for being brave enough to talk about women coaches charging for the value of their work at such a high level when everyone else is pushing low ticket and high volume. I’ve spent so many exhausting years selling $1997 coaching offers, mimicking every single tactic from almost every coaching guru out there and working so hard to fill my low-ticket group programs. I’m so grateful my life is different now. Knowing how to craft my own profitable high-ticket relationship coaching offers based on my gifts and creating messaging that easily sells my offers has been priceless. At first, I couldn’t even imagine selling anything over $45K, and now, I can’t imagine what I was waiting for all this time. Thank you for giving me permission to do my soul’s work in a way that lights me up.”

Jules M. Relationship Coach

“Repackaging my $350/hour offer into a $15K offer and then a $25K offer has added years to my life and helped me get off all the medication I was taking. I have more quality time with my family and my Adrenals are working just fine now. I’ve had more time take care of myself and I’ve lost 15 pounds. All just from working from my overflow, knowing my Identity and trusting that I’m the woman who knows. You’re changing lives with juicy coaching offers. You’re giving women their lives and joy back. I can’t tell you how amazing my bank account and my life will be over the next 20+ years because of this work.”

Jackie K. Mindset Coach.

“For years I couldn’t see my value, but I knew I was undercharging and robbing clients of the deep transformative work I really wanted to do. But I honestly didn’t know how to even go about creating a high-ticket life coaching offer. I just thought that was something for business coaches. My life, my business and my family’s relationship are all A+ just by going from $3,500 offers to $15K offers. Sales have doubled and going up. I can’t believe it can really be this simple. And thanks to you I’m a high-value, high-ticket transformational life coach.”

Hope M. Spiritual Life Coach

Here’s what to expect after you complete the Application.

I will respond to your application within 24 – 48 hours, and you may schedule your preferred time for our Zoom Video Call on my calendar. You will receive a confirmation email with details regarding our session.

During your FREE, Confidential, 60-minute High-Ticket Coaching Business Breakthrough Call, we’ll…

1. Get Clear on Your Dreams and Co-Create a crystal-clear vision for your High-Ticket Coaching Business in a Profitable Niche;

2. Uncover all the hidden challenges keeping you from doing more good in the world, and the obstacles in the way of you quickly adding multiple 6 figures or 7 figures to your coaching income; and

3. You will leave inspired and ready to take ONE immediate concise action step towards structuring your High-Ticket Coaching Business and Calling Your Dreams into Reality.

We’ll also use the opportunity to make sure we’re fully aligned before we commit to working together.

If we decide to work together, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started.

If we decide not to work together, I’m happy to share other resources to support you.