5 Simple Sales Tips for Business Owners Who Hate Selling or Enrolling Clients (Step 4 of 5)

If you’re a service-based business woman who struggles with sales or has a love-hate relationship with selling her services, then this 5-Step Sales Series to making 10X Sales, Profits and Impact is the perfect guide to building a 6 or 7-figure business with ease.

Selling with ease is more than just talking to potential clients.  It is the process of coaching potential clients to actually buy your services or products so that they can get the solutions or results they desire.

Let’s look back at the first three steps of how to sell your services to create the most impact.  In Part 1, we discussed Crystal Clarity, Soulful Enrollments in Part 2, and Leaning into Foreplay in Part 3.

This blog post is not just for coaches. 

The information in this Sales Series supports any woman entrepreneur or business owner.  No matter what type of service you offer, running a business is impossible without the key element; paying clients/customers.

Whether you’re a business coach, an attorney, a fashion designer, an accountant, a chiropractor, a dentist, a salon owner, a butt enhancing plastic surgeon, a life coach, a yoga instructor or a personal trainer, how you feel and what you think/believe about selling will directly influence how your sales go.



So, the question becomes what’s the next step?

Part 4 is all about a 10X Mindset.

I invite you to ask yourself, “what’s my mindset around selling”?

Let’s go back to my client “Emily” whom you met earlier in this 5-Part Sales Series.  Remember the one who thinks sales is a dirty word?  She also hates being sold to.  She gets annoyed and irritated if anyone tries to sell her anything.  It doesn’t matter what – food/shelter/clothing/training/books/coaching.

Here’s the deal.

Emily doesn’t have a selling problem.  She has a mindset problem.  A long history of creating stories and evidence to show why selling is creepy.

AND She’s making selling only about her instead of Both about her business AND VALUE to the potential client.

I invite you to ask yourself if Emily’s feelings resonate with you.  Are you repelled by offers that magically appear in your email inbox?  Do you cringe when your favorite coach/speaker makes an offer from the stage at a conference you thought was supposed to be a soulful transformational experience?  Does the selling make the experience less transformative?


Here is one option for shifting one’s perspective on this.

Apart from selling being all about relationships.  It is also what makes the world go round.  Yes, really.

The world economy CANNOT exist without selling.  Selling is based on information sharing.  Sharing information that can transform someone’s life; make them feel good, sound good, be better, be healthier, feel sexier, live longer, get well, live purposefully and joyfully.  Selling is crucial to life.

Making new sales decisions and setting new sales objectives and goals from this new perspective has made a world of difference in my business.


Business Coach for Women


The 10X Mindset

To create this shift though, the entrepreneur “must” deal with her own money stories.  Her own limitations about money.  Her own limitations about what she has made selling mean about her and others.

If you’re in the sales is yucky/icky category, my invitation would be to be super mindful about when you’re working out your own money issues on your client or customer.

The mindset game is far from fluffy.  It is the single most important tool for winning in any business AND life.

In selling, it’s the shift from “What does “No” mean about me to “Did I help them decide?”

Personally, I’ve learned that my mindset trumps my skills, experience and expertise when I’m in a sales conversation with a potential client or customer.

In both my service-based work as an attorney and as a coach, the client wanted ME/my ESSENCE.  Not my degrees or knowledge.

They wanted my belief in them.

They wanted the way I make them feel.

They wanted my commitment to stand up for their greatness and hold them as the best version of themselves no matter what.

They wanted my commitment to support them to create their dream.

This takes more than all my degrees combined.  It requires me to BOLDLY call them on their STORIES without making them feel disrespected or ashamed.

And guess what?  I can’t stand for me or anyone else if I’m swimming in my bulls*t money mindset stories of:

Fear of success.  Fear of failure.  Fear of being seen.

Time scarcity.  Money Scarcity.

Not enough-ness.

Not charging what I’m worth.

Not owning my value.


How Does Mindset Show Up in Selling?

Stepping into a 10X mindset empowers me to show up fully in the sales conversation so that my potential client or customer gets the gift of “been seen + heard.”  For some of them, this is the greatest value they’ll get out this initial relationship.

Holding back and hiding in my stories robs them of this gift.

The thing is, this mindset issue doesn’t apply to a specific type of woman entrepreneur.  This applies whether you’re a baker, fashion designer, attorney, coach, healer, teacher or consultant.

I’ll admit.  I’ve worked out my own money issue on my clients more times than necessary.

Because my fashion designs are all handmade, I used to worry so much about the money part of the sales conversation when creating the products.

Should I make jewelry that is lower quality and cheaper?  I had a story that customers can’t really pay what I’d have to charge if I used high quality materials and spent three hours making the earrings.  After all they could get something similar (cheaper quality and machine made) from Target.

Should I even create the designs I really wanted?  Or just settle for the generic trends everyone else is making?  I had a story that my ideal customers were not smart enough to appreciate the unique value they would get from a handmade, custom piece.

During the first six months of my coaching business, I charged by the hour because I was so worried that no one would want to pay me for something I considered “hard to value.”

I couldn’t imagine what value I had to offer and why I was different from everyone else who was doing what I was doing and had been doing it longer.

I choked on the talking about the investment.  I was not willing and able to have the conversation about money, especially because I knew the person in front of me was not my ideal client.  I just needed her to sign up so that I could pay the bills.

I felt bad that people had to pay me for me to help them.  Shouldn’t coaching be free for everyone?

After a consistent lack of paying clients and multiple feast or famine months, I got sick and tired of not being authentic about who I was being in my business and I pivoted.  But I had to hit rock bottom to get that level of clarity.

I gave up the idea that narrowing my niche would limit the number of clients I would work with or customers who would be available to purchase my fashion clothing and accessories.

I created a clear niche and unique marketing message for my fashion business and got really clear on who I wanted to serve in my coaching business.  It wasn’t easy for me, but it empowered me AND increased my sales conversion.

With coaching, it gave me the confidence to sell something that comes straight from my heart.  Selling became a sacred conversation and a place for bold, transformation decisions to be made.

It was no longer about me or my money stories.  It was about “Can I help her?” and “Do I even want to?”

I learned that I’m not here to help everyone or save the world.  And that’s OK.


Now, let’s talk about you.

How’s your mindset when it comes to selling?

Are you all good or do you admit that you may need a money mindset makeover?

What’s the biggest money story and/or money block holding you back?

What is this block costing you in sales, profits, impact, time and confidence?

What would a shift in this area look like for you?  What new story would support and build your selling muscle?

When will now be the right time to make this shift? 

How much more does it have to cost for this to be the right time?

What would your selling experience look like with a 10X Money Mindset?

Next up, Part 5.

Cheers to your fabulous Success!

I’m MiMi Dabo and I support Women Entrepreneurs who struggle with Creating Premium Clients and Charging their Worth, to Confidently Package, Price, Market and Sell their Services to their Ideal Clients in a Profitable Niche.

I help them to ditch the crappy Money Blocks and stories, and package their services into irresistible high-end offers for their ideal clients, raise their prices or charge what they’re worth, and market and sell with ease so they can radically increase their income – while changing the world in the process. Visit www.lifecoachforwomen.com.

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