Business Coach for Women: How to Sell Coaching Services with a 10X Money Mindset (Step 2 of 5)

Welcome back to this 5-Part Sales series on How to Sell any Service or Product with a 10X Money Mindset.  In Part 1, we discussed the first of 5 Easy Steps to Selling Coaching Services with Ease.

That first step, Clarity, is also the most overlooked step by coaches looking to enroll their ideal clients in their lucrative niche.

Selling with ease is not something that applies only to life coaches who want to build a successful life coaching business.  It applies to any service-based female entrepreneur.

We addressed this in Part 1.

Whether you’re an attorney, a personal trainer, yoga instructor, chiropractor, salon owner, plastic surgeon, or life coach, being clear on your message empowers you to stand out in a crowded market and creates space for your ideal clients to see you, hear you and want to know more.

“Why?   Because clarity creates the basis for the relationship between the entrepreneur and her ideal client.  Sales increase when you know what you do AND when your ideal client knows what you do.”

Now that we have clarity, what’s the next step to creating a powerful sales conversation with potential clients?



Step 2 focuses on Soulful Enrollment.

Coaching successful female entrepreneurs brings up many money blocks around selling.  How does an entrepreneur soulfully enroll clients and customers?

One successful entrepreneur, “Emily,” told me that sales is a very dirty word for her, and most importantly, she feels completely inauthentic during enrollment, and is always afraid to say the price of her personal training services.

“Emily” gets stuck right when it comes to saying that number and always feels like she has to justify her value or convince people to work with her.  She ends up either not enrolling clients or offering huge discounts in the beginning until she builds trust and results with the client.

Her August sales goal?  It’s not a number.  She wants to enjoy soulful enrollments.

My guess?  She’ll end up with a high number of sales once she gives herself permission to enjoy.

We’ll start with a bonus tip here….

It’s an investment, not a price.  You’re transforming someone’s life (life coach), the way someone dresses (fashion designer), the way someone looks (personal trainer) or maybe you’re just adding some joy to someone’s Monday (Mom).

What you call yourself doesn’t matter.  You can call yourself a lawyer, a fashion designer, a personal trainer, a healer, a coach or a teacher.  The bottom line is that someone’s life is different because of the service or product you provide.

Just creating that shift from investment to price rinses off a bit of the dirt (for those who have that story).


women's business coach


There is no such thing as a business if you don’t enroll clients/customers.

You’ll just sit at home or in your office all day with nothing to do.  Enrollment is essentially, going from “having this great product or service” to someone actually “investing in it/paying for it.”

Soulful enrollment assumes that you’re already clear on your message – that you know you who serve, and they will actually want what you’re offering.  It’s that journey from “oh I see, that sounds interesting” to “how do I pay you?”


Soulfully enrolling someone in a sales conversation involves merely being of service.

When you know what your ideal client wants, and you artfully let her see the gap between where she is and where she wants to be, AND (this is important), help her see the HIDDEN challenges in her way, AND how your products/service can support her,

You won’t have to convince anyone.

You won’t have to motivate anyone.

You won’t have to inspire anyone.

You won’t have to sell yourself or your soul to the devil.

You won’t have to exhaust yourself.

You just have let them know what you do, and how the service/product you offer can get them to their vision of their dream body, life, relationship, or business.

This empowers you to create and grow not just another lucrative relationship.  It’s deep, powerful, soul work and creates a whole new level of abundance and freedom in your life and business.

What about you? 

Where are you getting stuck in your enrollment conversations/discussions?  Are you working too hard?  Are you getting to yes by merely being of service?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on selling so that I can tailor my business coaching blog content to serve you better. 

Next Up, Part 3.

Cheers to your fabulous Success!

I’m MiMi Dabo and I support Women Entrepreneurs who struggle with Creating Premium Clients and Charging their Worth, to Confidently Package, Price, Market and Sell their Services to their Ideal Clients in a Profitable Niche.

I help them to ditch the crappy Money Blocks and stories, and package their services into irresistible high-end offers for their ideal clients, raise their prices or charge what they’re worth, and market and sell with ease so they can radically increase their income – while changing the world in the process. Visit

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