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5 Easy Steps to Sell Coaching Services to Clients With a 10X Money Mindset (Part 1 includes the most overlooked step)

How to Fall in Love with Sales.

How to Sell Without Selling.

How to Sell Coaching Services.

How to Sell Coaching Programs.

How to Sell Coaching Packages.

Are you a service-based woman entrepreneur or coach whose head is spinning around any of these “How to Sell” thoughts?

No, this is not a post about why you should sell results and not coaching.  You’ll find that under articles discussing Creating a Signature System and High Premium Coaching Packages for Ideal Clients in a Lucrative Niche.

This Sales series is all about How to Sell any Service or Product with a 10X Money Mindset.


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Selling is the Key to Running a Successful Business

There is something about Sales that has purpose-driven business women who are in business because they have this beautiful dream of making a big difference in the world to use words like Dirty, Sleazy, Scared, Icky, Salesy, and Yucky.

These are just a few of the words that I hear from coaching clients and colleagues when talking about the most important part of running a business.

The funny thing though, is that these women are really committed to making a huge impact in the world.  In love with making a difference.

Let’s take a life coach for example, who spends all day wondering “how to sell life coaching services” or a new coach who wants to build an online business and is stuck in the weeds of how to sell coaching services online.

Entrepreneurs with a business mission to serve.  To support others and make a positive impact.

Yet, I wonder, how all this serving, impacting, shifting and changing is going to happen without Selling?

Here’s the 10X Money Mindset tip, love.

Selling is the Key to Serving

As a successful woman entrepreneur or coach, you cannot serve anyone until you sell them into buying your service or product as a solution to their top of mind problem.

You cannot serve and make a big impact if someone doesn’t buy your services or products as the gateway to their biggest dreams in life or business.

Unless you sell, you can’t serve.

Let’s start this discussion with the premise that your services are the answer to someone’s prayer.  They need you.

From that place, selling becomes a beautiful gift that you’re sharing as a vehicle to create the impact you desire.

We’ve already noted that heart-based women entrepreneurs and coaches are all about making a difference for everyone and everywhere.

And if I’ve learned just key thing in my own fashion and coaching businesses, it’s that Selling is the key to serving.


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While some women entrepreneurs don’t like to think of themselves as salespeople, it is the backbone of any business, and the bridge between the business owner and her ideal clients.

More importantly, all of life is nothing but sales.  Selling is all about relationships, just like life.

So why do so many women entrepreneurs and coaches prefer to just serve or coach or do the thing?

Well, it always comes back to the most basic and underrated, but most important tool in business.

And for successful selling, this step must come first.

Clarity is the First Step to Selling with a 10X Money Mindset

Clarity is Queen B.  Queen Business that is.

I’ve learned in my business and working with other women entrepreneurs that you really can’t sell or even attempt to enjoy the process of serving if you’re not clear on your message.

Whether you’re an attorney, a personal trainer, yoga instructor, plastic surgeon, or life coach, being clear on your message empowers you to stand out in a crowded market and creates space for your ideal clients to see you, hear you and want to know more.

After all, any transformation for potential clients is futile if they’re not working with you.  And they can’t work with you without the Sales part.  It “must” happen.

Being able to answer the question, “what do you do?” so your ideal clients find you and enter into a selling relationship with you creates ease and flow, AND confidence, and takes the dirt and sleaze (for those who experience it) out of the equation.

How can you show up and be of service in a selling conversation if you don’t even know what you’re offering?

Not knowing your offer or your ideal client can leave you flustered and just trying to focus on winning the client.  This only creates stress and anxiety, which further repels ideal clients.

Ask yourself these questions to figure out whether lack of clarity is adding to that dirty, yucky feeling you get every time you get the opportunity to sell serve.

  1. Am I absolutely clear on my message?
  2. Am I absolutely clear on who my ideal client is?
  3. Am I clear on what they desire the most?
  4. Am I clear on how I can help them, serve them or support them?
  5. Am I clear on why I want to support/help/serve them?
  6. Am I clear on my relationship to money and my money mindset?
  7. Am I aware of any limiting beliefs blocking my clarity?

Clarity brings confidence to selling.


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Clearly articulating the results you provide for your clients (when they choose to become the person who takes the necessary action) creates a 10X Money Mindset shift that moves you from selling just to “get the client” or “I need this sale” to pure service.

Why?  Because clarity creates the basis for the relationship between the entrepreneur and her ideal client.  Sales increase when you know what you do AND when your ideal client knows what you do.

It’s that simple.

And the huge bonus?  You may never have to sell when you’re clear and specific on your message.  You will run into someone who finds out what you do and says those magic words…

“Oh gosh, I know someone that can work with you.  What’s the best way for her to reach you?”

Now, that’s a 10X Money Mindset win.

Next Up, Part 2.


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How to Work with MiMi

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