How to Raise Coaching Prices within 24 Hours in Your High-Ticket Coaching Business

Double or Nothing. How to Raise Coaching Prices within the Next 24 Hours in Your High-Ticket Coaching Business. 

How to Raise Coaching Prices was one of the topics in one of the recent High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops with Women Coaches in several different Coaching Niches, a few Attorneys and Some Accountants.  

And it wasn’t just the basic boring how to raise your coaching prices discussion you see everywhere. It was the strap on your big girl bra and panties Double or Nothing conversation that usually only happens in High-Ticket Pricing Strategy Masterminds. Or perhaps in nightmares. 

While my High-Ticket Coaching Niche is working with Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches in any Coaching Niche (or no niche at all) to co-create High-Ticket Profit Explosion, I also attract and work with Attorneys and Accountants who choose to co-create High-Ticket Profit Explosion with Potent High-Ticket Offers, Master High-Ticket Sales and Be top (holistic healthy and wealthy) rainmakers in their firms or solo businesses. 

How to Double Your Coaching Prices within the Next 24 Hours Even If You’re Scared 

So, back to our double or nothing trip down High-Ticket Pricing Strategy Lane. It’s time to shake things up in this blog post today and go from talking about profits, money habits, sales, and marketing to taking some inspired action today – yes, within the next 24 hours. I’m challenging you to double your coaching rates. 

Whatever your coaching price or the investment to work with you in your High-Ticket Coaching Offer or Coaching Offer is, DOUBLE IT within the next 24 hours. 

And I’m not leaving you hanging. I invite you to read this blog post as the pricing guide for women coaches.

And if you’re asking how to raise your coaching prices as a high value coach or how to raise your coaching rates or increase the investment for your coaching offers, then you’ll get 10 Practical strategies for how to raise your coaching prices within the next 24 hours.

But first, let’s get real.

I’m curious.  

What comes up for you as you read this.  








For many of the Women Coaches in the High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops, there’s this feeling of relief and exhilaration. It’s as if they’ve been waiting for this moment and praying for Permission. Believe me, I get it. I’ve been there too. 

I’ve seen women cry because they felt sooo happy and relaxed after overworking, overdelivering and being underpaid for months, and some for years. 

I’ve heard comments like, I can’t believe I waited so long, or I thought this would be harder, and I think I actually needed to triple it (especially for those charging less than $5K for “High-Ticket” Coaching Offers. 

And on the flip side, I’ve heard, oh my gosh, that’s taking advantage of clients, or what if I lose all my clients or MiMi, you’re disgusting, and that’s just way too scary to even think about. 

One thing I can say is that if you think you’re taking advantage of clients by raising your coaching prices, you’re not, because people who take advantage of others don’t ask that question. So, let’s drop that excuse.   

Just like if you think you’re being sleazy, overbearing and pushy in your High-Ticket Sales, you’re not, because sleazy saleswomen don’t ask that question or even think about how and who they’re being.    

How I Doubled My Coaching Prices to Go from Low Ticket Coaching to High-Ticket Coaching Pricing

I’ll share my personal story about raising my coaching offer prices or increasing the investment work with me in 2017. We can call this segment how to raise your coaching prices and charge more even if you’re not a business coach.

It was a lovely Tuesday afternoon and I remember turning on computer and sitting pretty for my coaching session with my Business and Money Mindset Coach, Kendall in 2017.  

It was Business Group Coaching Program and I remember clearly hearing, today we’re diving into how to raise your coaching pricing prices and charge your worth when working with women entrepreneurs.

I immediately thought, oh crap. Nooottttt Today. I’m not ready.  

And then she said, “Whatever You’re Charging Right Now, Double It.” Just double it.  

My mind was racing with thoughts like…. I’m just a Spiritual Life Coach and I’m already charging $7,500. I want to raise my prices to $10K, but I’m going to step ladder it and raise it by $500 every 90 days for new clients.  

At the time I’d been thinking about it for months, but thought, ‘not me, for sure. others can do it, but not me.’

My palms were sweaty and if I wasn’t sitting in front of the computer, I’d have fallen to the floor.

My armpit sweat was pouring through my shirt and my heart was palpitating. All because my coach had challenged me to charge for the real value of my coaching offer.

My biggest concern was that I wasn’t a business coach because in my very ultra limited mind, only business coaches were allowed to get away with that. (Oh, the crappy mindset stories and yarns we spin, right?).  

I mean, I was already at $7,500 and I was overdelivering so much that I didn’t see how I could live through a double or nothing scenario. How much more work would I have to do?

Aiye yah yaiye

10 minutes later, the investment to work with me was $15,000. Suddenly all those doubts I had had about charging for Spiritual Life Coaching and Faith Coaching disappeared. I felt like a different person. I sat up straighter and taller in my chair, my mind spinning with ways to enhance my clients’ experience without working more.

It was as if charging $15K demanded that I step into a higher value with my work; serve at the highest level.

I felt so happy. So relieved. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I’m not sure why I waited so long. I realized I had secretly been resenting my clients because I was overdelivering, overworking and underpaid. 

And to be honest, I didn’t even realize I had been waiting. Holding my breath. De-valuing my work. Waiting for permission. Waiting for someone to come and save me from my shitty stories.

Afraid to raise my prices because I wasn’t a business coach. 

Just 4 days later, I enrolled my first (then) High-Ticket Coaching Client at $15,000 via a Noomii referral. And if you’re using Noomii, you know coaches sell offers for as low as $25. so go figure.

Just double your coaching rates, already.

Am I the only one who’s ever put themselves through unnecessary drama? Probably not. But now, I know the truth. And, it has set me free. Raising my coaching prices is in service of both me as the coach and my clients. WE all benefit from higher value, higher quality, better boundaries and exponential co-creation.

And today, it’s your turn to raise your coaching prices.

No, I mean double your coaching prices within the next 24 hours. It may seem daunting but believe me it’s not.

If you’re here reading this blog post, it’s because you’ve already thought about how to raise your own coaching prices without losing clients at least 10 times a day over the last 90 days. You might be wondering how you can justify charging more without losing clients, or how to get started.

With the right strategy and mindset, it’s possible to double your coaching prices in the next 24 hours without losing clients.

10 Strategies to Raise Your Coaching Prices for Higher Impact and High-Ticket Profit Explosion

Know your premium clients. Yes, I know you’re rolling your eyes thinking, MiMi, c’mon. But hear me out. Know the clients you want to attract starting now. Not just the clients you’ve been working with. Uplevel your clients, dial-in messaging and let’s roll.

Simply focus on the exponential high value you provide. We both know that no matter what coaching niche you’re in, your High-Ticket Coaching Clients hire you for your expertise, support, and guidance, and they expect exponential results.

By focusing on the ROI, outcomes and results you deliver, you can raise your prices before reading the last sentence in this blog post.

If you’re a high-value coach who’s been pondering this for a while, believe me you’re charging way less than your High-Ticket Coaching Offer is worth.

If it helps, position your upleveled coaching offer within a specialized niche. High-Ticket Clients love specialization and are willing to invest for it. Specializing in a specific niche can help you stand out from other coaches and support higher prices based on your expertise and focus.

Offer a High-Value, High-Ticket Coaching Offer. This one is a no-brainer if you’ve here reading the High-Ticket Profit Explosion Blog, right?

Emphasize the exclusivity of your coaching offers by limiting the number of clients you take on or offering a “by invitation only” High-End Coaching Offer. This works wonders.

Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. High-Ticket Coaching Clients are already invested in co-creating the exponential results they choose so they’re not going to come in just because of the they have a guarantee. They choose to invest in themselves, guarantee or no guarantee. This is simply for your own piece of mind. I have implicit guarantees in my own High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

Create a Flexible High-Ticket Signature System that creates a an exponential and transformational client journey experience for your High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

Level-Up and Go Deeper with Your Own Coaching. Invest in additional training or certifications that enable you to offer more specialized or in-depth coaching services that are more valuable to clients’ exponential results and transformation. 

Position yourself as an authority in your coaching niche. This is easier than most coaches know. You can do this simply by sharing your knowledge, skills and expertise through blog posts, YouTube videos, social media, or speaking engagements. Get on podcasts or host your own. Write a book if you love writing. When your High-Ticket Coaching Clients see you as an authority in your coaching niche, they’ll be more willing to pay a premium for your work.

If you’re concerned about losing clients when your raise your coaching prices, then consider raising coaching prices for new clients going forward.

And if you decide you’re ready to raise your coaching prices for current clients, it’s important to communicate the new pricing change to your current coaching clients in advance. This gives them time to adjust and consider whether they want to continue working with you at the new investment rate.

Communicate the increase clearly and be prepared to answer any questions your clients may have.

Stop Undervaluing Your High-Ticket Coaching Offers

You know you, your coaching business and your business goals and objectives the best, so choose the strategy or strategies that work best for you and give yourself the grace to run your race at your own beautiful and compassionate pace (allow it to be simple and profitable).

And of course, market, market, and then market some more. And know how to sell, and then make more offers. You’ve got this!

It’s time to STOP undervaluing your work and be CONFIDENT in your coaching prices.

One of the biggest mistakes I see women coaches making every single day is undervaluing their services and overdelivering. If you’re not charging what your High-Ticket Coaching Offers are worth, you’re leaving money on the table. By raising the prices of your coaching offers, you’ll not only increase your profit margin, but you’ll increase the perceived value of your potent body of work.

High-Ticket Clients at all investment levels will thank you. For example, my coaching offers are in a diverse range to support, not just my High-Ticket Coaching Clients, but my aspiring High-Ticket Coaching Clients. My High-Ticket Profit Explosion Offer Suite includes:

The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops (Coming March 2023). Skip Netflix and Binge Watch Profit Explosion Videos at Investment $250.

The High-Ticket Profit Explosion MP3 Experience. A 2-Hour Happy Hour Profit Experience with just me, you and Your Coaching Business. We uplevel your Messaging, Packaging, Pricing and Profits, and co-create an 18-Month Profit Explosion Plan (PEP) that has you adding at least $25K to $250K (minimum) to your business depending on where you are now. Up to 15X Your Current Profits.
No Application. Book Your 3P Experience on the Calendar Now. Investment $2,500.  

The High-Ticket Profit Explosion VIP Day. A Full Deep Dive with just me, you and your coaching business at a luxury 5-Star Hotel. Everything from Niching, Offers, Packaging, Pricing, Positioning, Signature Systems, Marketing, Messaging, Sales and Intimate Heart-based Scaling, depending on where you are now. Get Your $250K to $750K off the Table Today.  Apply Now. Investment $25K.

SuperNatural. Exclusively By Referral or Invitation Only. Investment $250K.

As you can see from my own High-Ticket Coaching Offer Suite, raising your coaching prices within 24 hours doesn’t mean you must have just ONE $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offer. I suggest one or two until you’re ready to diversify and relax into your newer offer levels.

Work Wiser, Not Harder.

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