How to Increase Your Six Figure Coaching Prices

How to Increase Your Six Figure Coaching Prices in Your Simple and Profitable Boutique High-Ticket Coaching Business.

This is a common question that I get from High Value, High Impact, High-Ticket Spiritual Women Coaches and other Women Coaches who have been working with their High-Ticket Coaching Clients for a few years and want to make REAL profits, without sacrificing value, impact and service.

Where do I go from here, MiMi?

I wish I had the ONE right answer for High-Ticket Profit Explosion.

But I’m curious (as usual).

What to Consider When Wondering How to Raise Your High-Ticket Coaching Prices

Let’s say you’re a High Value, High-Ticket Coach in any Coaching Niche who has chosen to work with High-Ticket Coaching Client who choose to invest at that level.

Let’s also say you’re wondering how to raise your six figure coaching prices and create High-Ticket Profit Explosion (aka Profits).

And for fun, let’s say your High-Ticket Coaching Clients love working with you to co-create the exponential results they desire.

These Soul Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients are not investing in your High-Ticket Coaching Offer because you were the bargain basement price.

In fact, they specifically chose to invest in themselves with your coaching offer because of the exponential value they couldn’t find anywhere else and because you were willing to charge at a level that supports them to FINALLY co-create what they’ve been aspiring to for years.

You ARE the answer to their prayer.

They were done with every other Spiritual Woman Coach rushing to the basement, competing on price, and afraid to charge for the value of her potent divine work.

Imagine also for a moment, that you’re not like every most Spiritual Women Coaches who are afraid to charge for their work (obviously not, you’re charging $125K now).

And you’ve never bought into the biggest spiritual lie that you can’t charge High-Ticket prices or even Money for your spiritual work or coaching offers. It should be free because it’s from God.

Do you still want to know how to increase your six figure coaching prices?

You made a strategic decision to work with High-Ticket Coaching Clients who are resourceful enough to manifest the investment to work with you regardless of their financial situation. They choose to work with you.

Your High-End Messaging speaks directly to them, and they run, not walk to invest in their health or business or weight loss or spirituality or faith or career or leadership or sleep or sex life, or relationship or whatever niche you’re coaching in (or whatever your X Factor is).

Let’s assume this is not your first rodeo. You’ve been watching my YouTube videos and you read every word of The Prosperous Womb emails, so you KNOW without any doubt that your spiritual gifts and your potent High-Ticket body of work should be the MOST expensive things on the planet.

And you understand that High-Ticket Profit Explosion FOLLOWS High Value, High Service and High Impact. Profits are not mutually exclusive from High Value, High Service and High Impact. You’re fully in integrity with the value you offer.

How to Raise Your Coaching Rates

Compare the Value of Your Potent High-Ticket Coaching Offers to These Simply Expensive Luxury Material Items

You understand there’s nothing higher than your God-given, divine, spiritual gifts.

Not a Bentley.

Not a Rolls-Royce.

Not the $600,000 Hermès 25 cm Lipstick Red Porosus Crocodile Diamond Encrusted Birkin.

Not the $525,000 Hermes Birkin 30 Bag Diamond Himalaya Blanc Crocodile White Gold Hardware.

Not the $125,000 Hermes Birkin 30 Bag Vert D’eau Matte Alligator Gold Hardware.

Not the $122,000.00 L’Arc Deco Bangle in Platinum with DAVIDOR Arch Cut Diamonds and Brilliant Diamonds.

You also understand that you’re not greedy because you’re creating profits in your business instead of making income, chasing clients, chasing $100K months or chasing another 7 figures.

You’re actually committed to creating and enjoying a Simple and Profitable Boutique High-Ticket Coaching Business that supports you make REAL Profits, Create TRUE financial abundance, and BE healthier, happier, and more confident.

You can take the next 3 years off and do nothing and you’ll still be wealthy, not just rich, or just have money. Real abundance.

You’re not just another 7-figure coach. You’re actually making profits in your coaching business.

In fact, why don’t you watch this video before you continue.

How to Increase Your Six Figure Coaching Prices

Now that YOU’ve REMEMBERED who you are, let’s get back to your original question.

When you’re working with Soul Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients who are 100% committed to investing in themselves at the highest level,

AND would prefer to 100% at ALL times fly First Class instead of Economy with YOU,

AND expect to keep flying at the highest level with YOU,

With the expectation that the price will increase,

How would you answer the question?

When you’re working at your highest level sharing your High Value, High Impact spiritual gifts, how do you increase your six figure coaching prices?

How to create High-Ticket Profit Explosion with integrity?

At what point do you say to yourself, the value of my work has reached diminishing returns so I should start undercharging and overdelivering?

At what point is it ok to invite resentment and burnout into your coaching business?

I haven’t been honest with you. The real question I got was, how do I increase my six figure coaching prices when I’m ALREADY charging six figures?

What’s more telling is the words used to ask the question.

How do I increase my coaching prices when I’m ALREADY charging 6 figures?

How I do I raise the investment to work with me when my coaching prices are already $125K?


As far as your High-Ticket Coaching Clients are concerned, the investment to work with you is a DROP in the bucket for the high-value and exponential ROI they experience in whatever it is you’re supporting them with in your coaching niche (or X Factor).

Already $125K implies that your work is expensive. It’s less than a purse.

My invitation to you as you read this blog post is to compassionately connect with the part of you that believes she has to work harder to prove her worth.

The part of you that believes (as you wrote in your email) you should NOT increase your six figure coaching prices because it feels like you’re taking something away from other coaches) who are choosing not to charge for the value of their work.

There is enough abundance to go around. Your High Value, High Impact, Potent High-Ticket Coaching Offers are a divine transformational portal for your High-Ticket Coaching Clients. Don’t cheat them and put them in an energetic deficit because you’re listening to crappy stories rampant in the coaching industry.

Your High-Ticket Coaching Clients are NOT here to validate you. They’re here to receive what you’re here to share with them. Remember your Identity and Own your Assignment. They are your assignment.

You are an

Abundance Portal.

And now, if you’re serious about increasing your coaching prices in your six figure Coaching Business, then here are ’10 How to Raise Your Coaching Prices Strategies’ just for you.

Read How to Raise Coaching Prices within 24 Hours in Your High-Ticket Coaching Business.

And let me know how this High-Ticket Pricing Blog Post lands for you. It’s been great having you.

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