3 Money Blocks that Sabotage Women Entrepreneurs (And How to Shift Them) – Part 1

Women entrepreneurs, life coaches and other heart-centered business women are all committed to using their talents, gifts, skills and training and to make a difference the world.

And they also want to build lucrative businesses that empower them to create and live their dream lifestyles.

Women are wired givers.  Many women entrepreneurs give their time, energy and resources, as well as their services for free all the time.  And it falls under the category of “I’m a giver.  I’m a helper.  I love serving others.  I’m being generous.”

That’s great, BUT sometimes, there’s a lot bubbling underneath the surface….

There is ABSOULETELY nothing wrong with giving. I adore givers. My business vision and mission are built on giving and service. However, sometimes it is a lot more about Money Blocks than it is about giving.

A few years ago, I was swimming in money blocks. I had convinced myself that my disempowering relationship with money was generosity. In fact, it would have blown my mind if anyone had called my generosity disempowering.

Enough about me.

If you’re new to transformational work, then you’re probably wondering “What is a Money Block.?” Yup, it’s a thing.

Part 1 of this article will discuss money blocks in general.  Part 2 will address the 3 specific money blocks that sabotage women entrepreneurs AND how to shift them.

A money block is something that holds you back from creating the money you want in your life and/or business. I classify it as self-sabotaging because it is one of those subconscious limiting beliefs in our lives that we stay completely oblivious to every day.

These beliefs or blocks consistently show up in every area of our life, and we stay baffled and confused until we create an awareness around them.

When coaching small business owners, money blocks show up in several ways, including the overly generous gal or the life coach entrepreneur who is constantly losing money and claiming, “I’m just really bad with numbers.”

Working with a coach is one way to get insight, create distinctions and shift to your relationship to these blocks or beliefs. In other words, take your power back!

Money blocks are the No. 1 way many women entrepreneurs hold themselves back from creating a profitable business.  Money blocks are the most egalitarian blocks out there.  They do not discriminate according to age, race, religion or any other attributes.  They show up for EVERYONE!!

Money blocks are the same for women entrepreneurs no what country you live in.  No matter what industry you’re in.  And show up whether your annual income is $1,000 or $10,000 or $100,000 or $1,000,000.

I admit that as a female entrepreneur business coach, I personally have and continue to have them at every level of my income bracket. Every time I hit a new level of income, a deeper, more refined manifestation of the blocks or limiting beliefs show up. You too, love!

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How to Work with MiMi

When you DECIDE to 10x your life and business,

AND you’re truly ready release these subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from getting the results, clients, profits and impact you desire,

AND you’re FULLY committed to doing REAL, fun, interesting and transformational (inner + outer) practical work and learning tools and strategies to 10X your business, life and relationships, I am happy to fully support you. 

Choose the option you believe you want and contact me to determine which will serve you best:

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I help women entrepreneurs and coaches create successful businesses without burnout and overwhelm, create ideal clients, signature systems and high premium packages in their viable niche, and get over their money blocks to confidently charge premium prices, and double, triple or 10x their income with less work, less guilt and a bigger impact.

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