The Money Mindset Secret Hiding Out in Plain Sight – What Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Create a Successful Business (A Black Friday Mindset Story)

This is post is relevant to women entrepreneurs and coaches everyday….

But here’s to another Black Friday!

Are you a purpose-driven woman entrepreneur with a vision to grow a successful business that gives back?

Are you a woman entrepreneur inundated with Black Friday deals from every business today?

Are you wondering how you can dump that crappy Money Mindset and create the life, business and relationship of your dreams?

Are you a woman entrepreneur wondering how to develop a Money Mindset that will set you up for Success and Impact in the world?

Then you’re right where you want to be right now.

You’re about to find out the Secret that’s been hiding in plain sight.


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How My Black Friday Crappy Money Mindset Issues Turned into This Blog Post

If you’re a woman entrepreneur, coach or business woman, then you’re definitely on my mind on this Black Friday, and that’s why I’m writing this post about how we can shift our being with a 10X money mindset.

Thanksgiving week is a great week of Gratitude, Sharing, Joy, Love, Giving and Family.

And lot’s of deals in your email inbox.  Lots of sales.

For 30% off Pajamas.

For 25% off Clothing.

For 50% off Electronics.

90% off things you didn’t even know you needed.

If you play your cards right, you can buy the world for 99% off today (with no return on your investment).


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How Other People’s Beliefs and Stories Can Influence Our Money Mindset

By this point you’re probably wondering…

So, what does this have to do with you being a Woman Entrepreneur or your money Mindset, Limiting Beliefs and Growing a Successful Business that Creates the Impact you desire to make in the world?


I’ll start with a little story about my own crappy Money Mindset and negative self-talk.

Yes, even though I’m a Business and Money Mindset Coach who works with women entrepreneurs to shift their limiting beliefs and create the life and business of my dreams, I’m not exempt.

Not exempt from the gremlins or the dirty socks under my bed or attempting to wear someone else’s dirty underwear.

Sounds gross?  I know.  Stick with me.


I almost didn’t write this post.

I almost didn’t lean into the highest version of myself today.

I almost didn’t be who God was calling me to be today.

Okay, you get the picture….


Why did I almost fall victim to my limiting beliefs and crappy money mindset?

Here’s why that happened this morning.

Because I woke up to 12 email newsletters from 12 different coaches I subscribe to.  (judgmental) Emails that basically told me I shouldn’t be doing what I’m about to do because we coaches don’t do black Friday Sales. 

We coaches are this superior set of species that are above offering black Friday gifts to our tribe. 

Because doing Black Friday Sales overwhelms people with too many things they don’t need.

Because there is something inherently wrong with Black Friday Sales. 


I could go on…. But you’re smart and brilliant and get the full picture.


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How to Shift Limiting Beliefs with this Money Mindset Secret Hiding in Plain Sight

And then, right before I hit delete on the post, I remembered my Belief Statement, my Life Purpose, My Big Bold WHY AND the fact that I’m a 10X Money Mindset Coach.

And the reason WHY I became I coach.  The reason why I quit my lucrative career to pursue the vision God put in my heart; my Miatta-MiMi Doing Good While You Shop Campaign.

My purpose-driven commitment to make a difference in the lives of 1,000,000 women and children around the world and grow a fabulous life for me and my family.

Because when you know your WHY, AND it is BIG ENOUGH and POWERFUL ENOUGH, other people’s opinions, crappy mindsets, negative stories and limiting beliefs will NOT stop your vision.

The Secret = Your WHY.


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How A Woman Entrepreneur’s WHY Can Be Her Secret to Massive Impact, Success and Time & Money Freedom

Remembering your powerful WHY is the tool that shifts your being into the woman entrepreneur who is not easily swayed by the meant-to-be helpful, unsolicited opinions, editorials and suggestions that come from your peanut gallery.

Focusing on your powerful WHY is what reminds you to stand for the people, places, experiences and things you believe in. 

To be the woman committed to doing the profound thing, so she can create the life experiences her soul desires.

A powerful WHY is what shifts your Mindset into being the woman who chooses to take the actions she’s unwilling to take, and do the things she’s been unwilling to do so that she can make the difference she’s longing to make.

I invite you to ask yourself….

WHY is the thing/cause/person/place/vision important to you?

What difference will it make in your life/business/relationships?


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How You Can Turn My Story into Your Winning Year For Your Business

Here is the beauty of all of this.  No one is right or wrong.  The world is a beautiful place because we all have opinions and can coexist in the same space without spilling our coffee or getting our thongs in a twisted bunch.

I respect the opinion of every entrepreneur who chooses not to indulge in the Black Friday experience, AND from a 10X Money Mindset perspective, I will do what serves me, my community and my business vision.

And yes, I’m nowhere close to 1,000,000, but since I started this journey, I’m humbled and so grateful for all my boutique fashion customers and coaching clients that have empowered me to serve 2,598 women and children so far.

And that’s why I decided NOT to delete this blog post today.

My upgraded Money Mindset knows any limiting beliefs that hold me back from sending out this email will also hold me back from making the kind of impact I desire in the world.

My WHY is too Big, too profound, too inspiring and motivating for me to limit how I grow a successful business that gives back.

Because this 10X Business and Money Mindset Coach wants to make the rest of this year and 2019 a game changer for you AND the women and children I am committed to helping.

If you’ve ever considered creating and living your highest vibe full life where your dreams, passion, purpose, wealth, abundance and work all align with who you want to be in this world, then this Black Friday 10X Mindset Shift is for you.

If you’ve ever wanted to lean into your bold vision with a strong Mindset that supports you to move forward no matter what, then this Offer is for you.


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My Black Friday Money Mindset Shift Offer for a Powerful Return on Investment

Here’s the scoop.

I’m inspired to challenge you to create the business you say you want.

I’m inspired to challenge you to get a HUGE Return on Investment for the money you spend on Black Friday.

I’m committed to you not shopping for another dress you won’t wear, pajamas you don’t need or electronics you’ll forget you even have.

I’m committed to a powerful 2019 for all of us.


To help you get a jump start on your vision for your life, relationships and business, I’m offering a Money Mindset Shift Special on my 10x Money Mindset Mastery and Wealth Workbook for Women Entrepreneurs & Coaches.

The 10X Money Mindset e-workbook is delivered online in pdf format and is a self-guided journal that will transform your life and business.

With one click before Midnight on Sunday (November 25), you can up level your Mindset, shift your Perspective and take your life, relationships, business or career to new heights in 2019.

This is ONLY available this Black Friday (Nov. 23) and Small Business Saturday (Nov 24).  Your 25% Off Mindset Code is blackfriday.


For less than the cost of your Starbucks bill this week, you’ll get Something much better…

Better than two or three frothy, yummy peppermint lattes or whatever foamy gingerbread and pumpkin goodness they’re whipping up for your taste buds this holiday season.

Click here to buy the 10X Money Mindset Workbook OR visit

Your 25% Off Mindset Code is blackfriday.



How Your Purchase Makes Other Women Entrepreneurs’ Dreams Come True

Sales on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday will benefit kiva. 

Kiva is one of the 7 organizations I work with in my Miatta-MiMi Campaign to make a big part of my dreams a reality.  For every woman who works with me, I invest in a woman entrepreneur in a developing country.

Kiva is a 501 non-profit organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 80 countries.

Their mission is to “to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.”  Learn more about Kiva on my Personal Kiva Lending Page.

If you’re already a Kiva Member, then I invite you to join the Miatta MiMi Fashion + 10X Money Mindset Circle Kiva Lending Team.   Together, we can serve with love and massively impact the lives of at least 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs and children around the world.


Click here to buy the 10X Money Mindset Workbook OR visit  Your 25% Off Mindset Code is blackfriday.


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Action Step for You

Make Thanksgiving Season more than just a holiday.  Make Gratitude and Sharing a Lifestyle and Share the link ( and 25% Off Mindset Code (blackfriday) with all your friends and colleagues who deserve a 10X Money Mindset – They will be thankful for your Support! 

I’m MiMi Dabo and I support Women Entrepreneurs who struggle with Creating Premium Clients and Charging their Worth, to Confidently Package, Price, Market and Sell their Services to their Ideal Clients in a Profitable Niche.

I help them to ditch the crappy Money Blocks and stories, and package their services into irresistible high-end offers for their ideal clients, raise their prices or charge what they’re worth, and market and sell with ease so they can radically increase their income – while changing the world in the process. Visit

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