Money Mindset Breakthrough Coaching for Women – 90 Day Group Coaching Program to Shift Limiting Beliefs and Money Stories

I love coaching women entrepreneurs, business women, coaches and healers.  I really do.  I’ve learned so much from the amazing women that I get to work with. 

Women who tap into their innate magic, their gifts and talents to do soulful, heart-centered work (their words, not mine and I dig it) in this world. I can see and feel their passion in their words, their services and their commitment to making impact. Leaning into their purpose.

And the work?  It’s interesting and exciting and keeps me on my toes.  It always allows me to see myself and my own blind spots and how they affect my life, business and personal relationships.  To be honest, most of the women I coach are a true reflection of where I am or where I’ve been at varying points in my own coaching business, personal life or former corporate career.

While I thoroughly enjoy being a one-on-one women’s business coach in my private coaching programs, I also know the super power and value of being part of a community. 

Not just any community.  It’s completely unnecessary to be in community just for community sake if you’re not adding anything to it or getting any value from it; if it isn’t improving your life and experiences. It’s a 10X Mindset.

group coaching for women

So, that’s why this year, I’m excited to introduce my new 90-Day Money Mindset Breakthrough Group Coaching Package for Women.

This 3-Month Money Mindset Coaching Program is perfect for the purpose-driven, ambitious, talented woman who wants a safe space to show up fully and polish her shine; get support in a community where she can grow, create or build her life and business, and define her own version of what true success means to her.

I combine my work as a Business and Money Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches, as well as a Life Coach for Women to create a powerful three-month experience that disrupts the disempowering money stories and money blocks that hold women entrepreneurs, corporate business women, healers and coaches hostage; keeping them from being, doing and having what they desire most in their lives, businesses or careers and relationships.

This 90-Day Group coaching program is an opportunity for upwardly mobile women to make friends with their thoughts and feelings (positive, negative or indifferent), instead of waiting for everything to be perfect before they finally decide to be/do/create the thing they fear.

It is place to get support to powerfully Shift Limiting Beliefs and Money Stories that hold you back from creating ideal clients, nailing a niche, creating a unique message that resonates with your tribe, creating offers that sell, charging your worth, and being flow with your marketing and sales.

Don’t get things twisted and let resistance, fear or these money stories and money blocks fool you in a false sense of mediocre comfort and complacency. 

There is an extremely high financial cost, as well as emotional and client impact trade-offs to swimming in limiting beliefs and money blocks, blindly engaging a negative money mindset, holding on to crappy money stories and entertaining a self-sabotaging inner critic.

And the 10X Money Mindset shift that will change your life is the awareness and recognition that fear itself is nothing special, and doesn’t make you special.

It will merely keep you stuck, playing small, staying invisible or twisting yourself into a pretzel to please someone else and fit their opinion of who you should be, how you should be it and what you should do.

There is always going to be something new to be scared of and yes, someone, well-meaning or otherwise, will always have an opinion.

So, I invite you to consider changing things up a bit this year – go ahead and embrace the fear, take responsibility for your life, business/career or relationship, and make today’s fear your new comfort zone.   Consider the power inside of you and know that You’re MORE THAN enough to create this shift.

women's life coach

Whether you’re a life coach wondering how to get more coaching clients or a plastic surgeon trying to figure out how to build a profitable online business, the money blocks that show up are the same.

Still wondering if this money mindset coaching program is a great fit for you?

Are you a woman who is ready for powerful shifts that support you to create a Life and Business that lights you up?

Then it’s Perfect for you.

Are you ready to create new and exciting results in your life and business? And would love a supportive community of amazing women cheering you on every step of the way?

Then it’s Perfect for you.

money mindset coach for entrepreneurs

Maybe you think your versions of your Money Stories are so unique that you need something different. 

Before we go even further, here’s the real 10X Money Mindset deal. 

There is nothing to fix.  You’re not Broken.  You are Enough.  You’re Worthy.  And that’s why you Deserve this Money Mindset Program.

best life coach for women

And most importantly, It’s NOT about the Money.  Money blocks for women are the same whether they make $5,000 or $50,000 or $500,000 or $5 Million a year. 

Everyone has money blocks at every income level.  Each new level of income just brings with it a new limiting belief and a more refined or sophisticated version of the same money story.

But there’s a caveat.  This program is NOT a great fit for everyone.

This Program is NOT for YOU…

If you’re looking for a DIY Online Program with only a bunch of worksheets and videos; OR

If you’re looking for a quick fix, the next magic solution or 7 days to your next $100,000 breakthrough – I don’t have any magical potions; OR

If you’re comfortable with your life, business, career and relationships as they are.

The Money Mindset Breakthrough Coaching Program is Definitely for YOU…

If you’re looking for actual LIVE coaching support with powerful coaching tools, tips and resources to create empowering shifts in your money story for business success; AND

If you’re willing to be the woman who does the work.

Get Live Coaching Support to Gain Clarity and Focus, and Powerfully Shift Limiting Beliefs and Money Stories that hold you back from creating ideal clients, nailing a niche, creating a unique message that resonates with your tribe, creating offers that sell, charging your worth, and getting into flow with your marketing and sales.

I don’t have enough time | I don’t have enough money – I can’t afford it.

Not owning your value and worth – I’m not enough, I can’t do that, I don’t deserve that.

Shatter imaginary income ceilings and create the income you desire.

Expand your capacity to receive – Money, Support, Compliments, Gifts.  Ask for the Money.

Fear of nailing a lucrative niche – I’m not an expert.  I need another degree, I need more training.

Not charging your worth or the value of the investment in your work – My clients can’t afford to pay that or I’m afraid to charge X.

I have to work really hard to make money – Overworking, Over-delivering and Resisting ease.

Too spiritual to make money – I just want to help people.   I don’t even care about the money part.

Tall Poppy Syndrome – Playing small because of what others think.  People are going to judge me.  People are going to criticize me.

Guilt and/or Shame about having too much or not enough money.

Difficulty saying No | Difficulty Creating Boundaries that serve you.

Swimming in lack and scarcity and attracting non-ideal clients that just end up stressing you out.

Fear of Success | Fear of Failure | Fear of Being Vulnerable.

Fear of Earning more money than your spouse/partner.

Trading time for money – Charging by the hour

NOW, imagine a life and business where you charge what you’re worth; build the business you truly desire; upgrade your life and personal relationships and create time and money freedom.

money mindset

What would your life and business look like if you made decisions and acted from an unshakeable Premium State of Mind?

I invite you and your best friends to Join me and…

Create a Nourishing and Expansive relationship with Money,

Shift and Up-level Your Money Mindset,

Heal Money Blocks,

Master a Deeper Dance with Money, and

Double, Triple or 10X your Impact + Sales + Profits – You Get to Decide.

All calls are virtual.  Join me from anywhere in the world.

Interested in joining the Money Mindset Breakthrough Group Coaching Program?  Click Here to get more information on how to Apply. This Program is Now Closed.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

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