High-Ticket Client Case Study: How Business Coaching with MiMi Dabo Helps Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Corporate Business Women Succeed

Coaching women entrepreneurs is exciting.  I enjoy coaching high performing women in business who unapologetically create the impact and income they want, and I am very grateful that I get to do all my business coaching online, so that I can spend more with the people I love.

But to get back to the question of how business coaching helps women entrepreneurs, coaches and corporate business women, let’s just say business coaching is your success partner.   This blog post is a High-Ticket Coaching Client Case Study diving into business coaching for women relating to Clarity, Identity Shifts and Money Mindset, Business Structure and Creating Ideal High-Ticket Clients in a Profitable Niche, Creating High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting Packages, High-Ticket Marketing + Messaging and High-Ticket Sales.



The Power of Money Mindset Coaching and Identity Shifts for Women in Business  

If you’re an online business coach you’ve probably noticed that a lot of female entrepreneurs are caught up in how to make $5000 a month or how to make $10,000 a month, but when they get the opportunity to work with a business coach for women, they are able to shift and up level that money mindset.

The how to make $5000 or $10,000 a month is a huge money block that keeps women entrepreneurs from creating the income they truly want.  It’s the social media trap.  Everywhere you look on Facebook or Instagram, there’s a promise of making $5000 or $10,000 a month.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this goal; this is just an invitation to be curious.

I worked with a website developer and for this blog, we’ll call her Denise.  Denise came to me because she really wanted to make 6 figures a year.  She was scared to raise her prices or ask for money, and in fact, she thought she was charging way to much, compared to her competitors.  Her dilemma, she thought, was how could she lower her prices and get more leads so that she could improve her sales process.

Well, for anyone on this blog, you already know my main focus is helping women entrepreneurs to raise their prices and ask for the money, by creating high-ticket packages and offers that add value and maximum impact.  It’s not a hustle mentality; it’s a More Profit, More life, More Health and More Impact mentality. 

It takes making the identity shift from the woman who assumes or makes everything hard to the woman who is being in ease and flow, coming from a place of I am fully supported, there’s always an easier to do this and I have choices— and then, creating from that place.   It’s a deeper dive than mindset and this is what really anchors in the new beliefs and Money Mindset work – after letting the stories go.  You’ll see how this plays out later in the post.

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Gaining Clarity to Shift Money Blocks and Create Ideal Clients in a Profitable Niche 

Well, back to Denise.  The first thing of course was getting crystal clear on her life and business vision and addressing the obstacles in the way.  She got clarity around her new 5-year income, business structure, impact and lifestyle vision.  The big focus at this point was on why these goals were important to her, and the Why behind that Why.  It was uncomfortable for her to go this deep at first, but we’d already done a shorter version of this on her sales consultation call so she knew the value of this transformative work.

My observation is that this is one of the most powerful elements of coaching for women in business.  If the vision is not clear, you can’t really align with best path to create it.  That’s when the “but how” muddle shows up and keeps everyone stuck.  It’s a great idea to revisit this vision after Money Mindset and Identity Shifts.  In my experience working with female entrepreneurs, the vision suddenly becomes clearer and numbers start shifting upwards really fast once the limiting beliefs are now out of the way (for now).

And then it was time for a deep dive into Money Mindset.  Shifting the money blocks that kept Denise stuck in the how do I make $5000 a month cycle when she wanted 6 figures a year.  12 months in a year x 5000 a month = $60,000, not 6 figures.  Even though it’s clear to you and me as we read this, it took working with a business coach to just create that tiny insight.  She was so committed to the promise and idea of $5000 a month that she couldn’t see how she was actually holding herself back and creating an income ceiling.

And that tiny insight led to, well now that I know that, what do I really want to create and Why?   And Who do I want to do business with?   Anchoring the belief that you get to choose/have choices is very powerful.  And this is the fastest way to skyrocketing profits and impact.  This is important. 

Even though Denise had been in business for 3.5 years, she was still having feast and famine months and inconsistent income rollercoaster.  $500 in one month, $2500 in another month and she was averaging $1500 a month in income. 

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The Money Mindset of Creating Income versus Creating Profits

Coaching women in business has taught me that profit is not a language many women entrepreneurs speak.  Many visionary men are quick to say I’d like to 10X my profits.  Women entrepreneurs tend to want to make more money.  The idea of profits or 10x of anything creates a sleazy feeling (I hate sales or the idea of how selling do I have to do to get that) or guilt (but I don’t want to take money from people).

Here’s the deal.  Money Mindset assumes you’re running a business and that sales are a part of the value exchange.  I ask for money and you get your value.  It’s a heart exchange.  A love exchange and nothing more than that.  There is no sale without the asking part.

The truth is that no matter how much or how little money you want to make in your business, your business coach will be able to help you identify the beliefs holding you back from charging your worth without you feeling bad for having those beliefs. 

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The Role of Business Coaching in Identifying Patterns that Keep Women Entrepreneurs Stuck and 

Identifying the money block patterns like playing small, procrastination, staying invisible so no one see’s you or even knows you have a business, being scared to tell people what you do, being afraid to raise your price and ask for the money.  That’s the gift of working with an intuitive business coach, especially one who also knows Money Mindset work.

A business coach supports you to shift the patterns and give them up, supports you to create better thoughts that serve your vision and goals for your business, all without making you bad or wrong.  Consider that these better thoughts give you the power to get things done in your business without subconsciously waiting for permission, keeping yourself small or playing the invisible game.

Once Denise recognized that she had these limiting beliefs that had held her prisoner to an income ceiling of $5000 a month, she was able to see where in her business it showed up, how it showed up and what she could do when it shows up.  I’m not sure who said it, but a wise woman once said that unrecognized belief is dangerous.  I agree.  Your thoughts create your business, life, relationships, your body and everything in between.

And I’m happy to admit that even in my own business, when it comes to business and money mindset, being a women’s business coach does not make me exempt from experiencing the same challenges.  I have similar limiting beliefs wearing a different color dress.

Whether a business coach is working with women entrepreneurs who want to create more ideal clients or trying to figure out how to start a successful online coaching business, the issues remain the same.

Your business coach supports you to understand that your business will be successful the moment you decide you want it to me; whatever a successful business means for you.

After shifting beliefs and decluttering Money Mindset, your women business coach will help you sift through the noise to create your ideal clients in a profitable niche or help you narrow the niche you’ve already chosen.

With Denise, her niche was small business owners and she had the belief that small business owners couldn’t afford to pay for websites if they were over $500. 

charge your worth

How to Create Ideal Clients in a Profitable Niche

First we looked at Denise’s business structure.  Just like a narrow niche, the deeper the structure, the easier it is a create and and grow a profitable business.  The wider the structure, the more headaches and components to manage. 

We co-created a structure that would allow her to go high and deep and then moved on (no more burnout, chronic stress and exhaustion trying to juggle different kinds of confusing products and messaging). 

Next, we looked at her niche to co-create something that supported her new business structure and income goal of $15,000 a month.  She decided that out all the hundreds of people she’s worked with, she really loved working with health coaches and wellness entrepreneurs, but again she was worried that they couldn’t afford her because a lot of her clients were looking for a starter website to sell $25 detox programs.

Well, this is where the online business coach plays another vital role.  Helping women entrepreneurs see all the possibilities out there when it comes to creating ideal clients in a profitable niche.  Every opportunity the clutter had been blocking.  In Denise’s case, are there other types of health coaches out there that offer a health coaching program other than detox?  

She narrowed her niche from any coach or small business owner with money and a website need, to focus specifically on female health coaches who specialize in personal weight loss coaching for women.  

Now the next step was identifying what problems she wanted to solve.  Did she want to solve 6 figure problems.  Would she be able to create the value and impact she wanted if she stuck to $500 websites or could she give more value if she helped her ideal clients get both the results they wanted and create the impact they wanted.  

Women business coaching is powerful for recognizing that what your client wants is the most important thing.  Not what you want.  Not what you think you’re selling.  Not what you’d like it to be and definitely not what you think it should be.

So, Denise worked through some questions to identify what problem she solved.  In her case it was a making money problem.  Her clients want to make money and do good/make impact.

Now it was time for the next step.  And what I’ve seen in this work is that unless you’re investing in coaching for women in business, you’re not really going to do the requisite deep dive to get inside your ideal client’s head or speak their language.

business coach for female entrepreneurs

Powerful Questions to Ask when Creating Ideal Clients in a Profitable Niche

Here a few questions that a business coach support you with to create insight.

What does my ideal client want?

What challenges does my client have?

What problems does my ideal need to solve?

What results does she want?

What impact does she want to make?

As her business coach, I supported her to focus on what her client needed or the reason why her client would hire her in the first place and what she needed the website to do for her health coaching business.

What role would the website play in her client’s business.

How would it change her client’s business?

How would it create the results her clients wanted?

What would have to be different from all the other websites she had created?

What would stay the same?

What was the value she was giving?

Denise created powerful insight for herself when she recognized that:

Her ideal premium high paying client didn’t want a website.

Her ideal client didn’t care about a website.

Her ideal client wanted results.  

business coach for women

Her ideal client had a premium health coaching program.  Her biggest desire was to easily create clients who would buy her $10,000 high-ticket weight loss coaching package and she also needed to know that the tool that would give her that would speak her client’s language and reflect high-end, a safe space, a wellness vibe and integrity.

That’s all she wanted.  And she didn’t care if it was called Betty, Cynthia or website.  She just wanted to know about solutions and results; how Betty, Cynthia or website would help her achieve her goals of radically increase her income while working less and enjoying life more.  

The art of diving deep to create ideal clients in a profitable niche is not something that women entrepreneurs or business owners are necessarily trained to do.  But with the support of an online business coach, this deep dive helps cut through the clutter and noise of the marketing message, an authentic brand, creating the actual high-ticket packages that sell and the selling part itself.  From that point on, everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

We’ll talk about that later, but it’s important that women entrepreneurs and all business owners understand that creating a  successful business is not just about strategy and tactics with templates, or the 5 ways to do X.  It’s 80% about what you believe.  That’s the filter for how you’ll create vision, mission and goals, much money you’ll ever ask for or the types of client you think you’re worthy of supporting.

mimi dabo

If you’re a woman entrepreneur, coach or corporate business woman, creating a successful business that is aligned with your values, lights you up, excites you and provides incredible value to your clients or customers takes more than just strategy.

This applies regardless of your business.  It applies whether you are a life coach for women, a baker, a plastic surgeon or a yoga instructor.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working with the most famous female life coaches in the world or the best business coach for women.  It matters that you take your Money Mindset shower every day.

It’s quite Simple.  Business success for women entrepreneurs starts from within.  It’s an Inside Job; working on ourselves and our business at the same time.

This is the part that truly requires the business coach.  The rest of it, you already know what you need to do, but you’re not doing it because you’re afraid.

Coaching Women In Business to Create Time Abundance and Implement Systems that Work

Now, let’s talk about how a business coach can really truly support a woman entrepreneur to raise her price and ask for the money.  

It is important to recognize that women entrepreneurs tend to wear too many hats.  Coaching for women in business is about supporting these amazing high-achievers to focus on the $1,000 an hour projects and not the stuff that distracts them from doing what they consider the ‘unpleasant’ part of their work.  Women business coaches help you focus on the needle movers in your business.

When a woman entrepreneurs masters how to structure her time and focus on high value activities, and implement the necessary systems to support the business, she is able to leverage confidence, strategy, mindset and tactics to create more value, charge her worth, easily ask for the money and gain time and money freedom.


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How to Create High-Ticket or Premium Coaching and Consulting Packages

That was a long detour.  Let’s talk about Denise and her next steps.  Because Denise had already done her ideal client analysis and market research for premium health coaching, she knew what value she was willing to create for this ideal client.  She understood she was solving a 6-figure problem and not a $47 problem. 

With the help of coaching she shifted into a high-ticket frame of mind, but understood that not every part of what she did could be high-ticket.  She focused on what unique experience and skills she had that would add more value and used that as her starting point.  High-Ticket Coaching Packages also supported her insight that her clients wanted results NOT more information.  Her ideal high-paying premium client was not going to buy a $27 website eBook to get the results she wanted.  That was a powerful Money Mindset insight relating to creating premium packages.

The Benefits of High Ticket and Premium Packages for Your Coaching or Consulting Business

Denise’s new $10,000 website consulting and developing package changed the way she looked at herself, her business and what was possible for her business.  I could feel her excitement.  She had gone from what if nobody can afford me to wow, I can scale this if I want and I’ll never have to build another website if I don’t want to.  Now, there’s a 10X Money Mindset!  

Her high-ticket package contained enough value so that she didn’t have to distract her clients with bonuses they didn’t need.  She included Pre website development Ideal Client and Niche consulting, Pre website development SEO consulting,  Blog and Copyrighting consulting, among others.  She did throw in her eBook as part of a bundle for another lower-tiered package.  

One major benefit of her high-ticket consulting package was that she no longer needed to have 60 conversations a month just to get 20 consultation calls and then maybe 4 clients @ $500 and then pray that at least 25 new people will buy the eBook.  No more over-delivering or bending over backwards to prove her worth.  Her target audience knew the value of what she was giving and would pay for it.  

Now, she could have 7 leads, have consultation calls with 5 of them, and create 1 client for $10,000.  She had gone from her average of $1,500 a month to $10,000.  She was now swimming in the 10X income pool.  And the gift?  Less efforts, more value, more impact, more profits, more time and money freedom, more joy, more of everything she in her life.   She loved her work, so she wasn’t looking to never work again, but she could now choose. 

Not only was Denise grateful, but the Money Mindset part of her coaching from weeks earlier had supported her to create an identify shift.  To start BEING the woman who earns $20,000 per month.  To make decisions TODAY as a woman who makes $20,000 a month before actually making that amount.  To make ideal client decisions from from this new identify.  To create marketing messaging from this new place of seeing and viewing the world differently.  

She stopped tolerating things that drained her energy and aligned herself with activities and people that would support her to create $20,000 a month.  She shifted into what would a woman who X do?  What does she believe?  What does she do first thing in the morning?  For Denise, this was to create a gratitude morning routine, which included journaling, praying, meditating and working out.  And spending more quality, unrushed time with her little girl.  Just this one shift alone makes women business coaching invaluable and priceless.  


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Coaching Women in Business to Easily Market and Sell High Ticket and Premium Packages

Now, it was time to market and sell that package.  And again, because Denise had done the ideal client in a profitable niche deep dive, she knew the language her clients spoke and she was able to create marketing messaging they would resonate with.

Thanks to the Money Mindset, Identity shift and Narrowing Niching, Denise was very clear with her messaging.  No wishy washy language money block from the fear of not including everyone and leaving money on the table.  She left out the website jargon and “i really want to throw spaghetti at the wall” vibe and just focused on speaking to her ideal client as if they were chatting over coffee. 

Clarity creates the space for that vibrational alignment where your client thinks you’re a stalker… in a good way.  If you follow this blog, you know that 80% of my clients sign up with me after reading my blog posts, signing-up for my daily newsletter and then a few weeks later (some a few months later), apply for a business breakthrough consultation call. 

Creating ideal premium high-ticket clients who think you’re in their head and love paying you for the value you add is easy.  Affirm this 100 times.  If modifying this statement to say “can be easy” works best, then start with that.  I totally get that we all have money blocks.  

How High-Ticket Business Coaching Powerfully Supports Positioning

And most important, she was able to position herself as the real solution to her ideal client’s problems.  There is a lot of noise in the online business space and there’s an “affordable” website developer on every google page, but with the help of an online business coach, women entrepreneurs can distinguish themselves, and identify what makes them the only choice for their ideal client.  A powerful money mindset and non-fluffy marketing strategy can support any woman entrepreneur in any industry to position her business as the solution to the ideal client’s problem.

As for the selling part, Denise was confident and proud of the value she was offering.  No more feeling guilty or sleazy.  She pre-qualified potential clients on her website and only spoke with clients who were an 8 out of 10 when it came to the investment.  

Ready to Master Sales, Sell with Ease and Confidently Enroll Your Clients, then Apply for the High-Ticket VIP Sales IntensiveClick Here for more details. 


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Let’s Get Real

So how does this work?  There are a few things you have to be willing to allow into your space.  A few things that will expand you to call in the things you say you want.

  1. Make Yourself A Priority – If you don’t do it now, you’re not going to do it EVER. Don’t believe the hype and the lies.  If you don’t take the time to put yourself first now, you’re lying to yourself if you think you’ll do it when you have “more time,” or “more money,” or when you “finally make six figures or seven figures,” or when “the kids finally graduate from college,” or when “your spouse or partner finally supports you in your business,” or whatever else you’re waiting to happen BEFORE you start living.  Something else will always come up.
  2. Get Clarity – Without crystal clarity around what you truly want, you won’t be able to create the thing you want most.  Instead of leaning into being the highest version of yourself in the world, you’ll just create what your mom/friend/dad/best friend/boss/colleague/critic/haters/teacher/partner wants for you.  You’re the expert on your life.  Take ALL the time you need to truly figure out what you truly want.
  3. Make A Decision – Once you create the clarity you deserve around your life and business, and then make a DECISION, momentum instantly kicks in.  Magic happens AS SOON as you decide.  Opportunities come knocking.  The right doors open.  Resources you didn’t even know were available show up.  People who can help make it happen appear out of nowhere, and you become incredibly creative and resourceful.  You suddenly realize that everything has been right here all along.  The only difference is that you can see it now.

The minute you make the decision, something happens.

money mindset

Yup.  All the mindset stuff comes up because your brain is invested in, and committed to keeping you safe; basically keeping you stuck in the same spot all your life.

The little voices show up.  The limiting beliefs kick in.  Your brain plays tricks…… making you doubt whether you really can DO this BOLD thing you’ve decided to create.

You Already Have Everything You Need

You’ve read all about Mindset and Strategy.  Now here are a few more mindset tools to support you.  Mindset is 80% of creating the business you truly want.  

Daily 10X Money Mindset Shower tools AND a few questions for self-reflection that support you to CHOOSE.  That support you to decide that your mind does not get to run the show.

  1. Ask what it will take for you to make the money you desire in your business.
  2. Ask what it will take to give the level of value you want to give to your clients/customers.
  3. Ask what it will take to create the level of impact you’re committed to making in the world.
  4. Ask what it will take to stop settling, stop tolerating, stop playing small, stop playing victim, stop coming up with excuses and START showing up fully in every area of your life and business.
  5. Ask who you need to BE to do and create your life and business vision.

Now, revisit that decision AND look at your business with a fresh outlook and new perspective.

Look at what you’ve been unwilling to do so far to create the life and business you truly want for yourself and focus only on what you’re willing to do today.

Look at all things you know will catapult you to the next level, but you’ve said NO to.


business coach for women


It’s time to Let Go

Smile in the face of all the excuses you’ve made and the stories you’ve believed….

I don’t do that.

It’s not my thing.

I’m too old for that.

It’s not me.

I don’t have the money.

I don’t have the time.

All the limiting beliefs that sabotage the great ideas and plans we have for the kind of business we want to create, the type of relationship we want or a life that blows our wildest imagination.

Kiss the shadows and limiting beliefs and shift them aside (they don’t really go away), and quiet the negative voices that insidiously creep in, telling you that You can’t do it.

Telling you you’re not enough.  Telling you you’re not worthy.  Telling you that you don’t deserve it.  Telling you that kind of thing only happens for Becky.  Never for you.

Blow a kiss to the stories that hold many of US back from BEING the woman who creates and does the things she claims she wants the most out of life.  The stories that set us back and make us Unwilling.

You can do it!  You’ve got this.

Get the support you need, and create your highest vibe life, business and relationships.

You REALLY deserve it!

You’re Powerful!

You cannot convince me otherwise.


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High-Ticket Client Case Study: How Business Coaching with MiMi Dabo Helps Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Corporate Business Women Succeed


What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

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