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You started coaching because you love helping people and you want to make a big impact in the world.

And you’ve now realized that coaching is not just a powerful tool for change, but that a coaching business is just like any other service-based business that requires your attention.

This sets the stage for the common questions business coaches get from prospective coaching clients.

Business Coaching Questions Most Clients Ask

Where can I get coaching clients now?

How do I get coaching clients for my online coaching business?

How much should I charge for life coaching?

How much does a life coach make?

How do I have a sales conversation and discuss my prices without feeling sleazy or icky?

How do I confidently talk about my coaching and prices with prospective clients?

How do I find my niche?

How do I create an authentic brand and marketing message?

How do I enroll clients into my coaching programs?

How do I create coaching packages and programs?

How do I market my coaching business?

How do I create a Signature Coaching System?

How do I stop feeling like a fraud?

How do I create a six-figure coaching business?

How do I raise my coaching fees?

How do I find a business coach?

The Real Problem With Your Coaching Business May Not Be What You Think

These are all great questions when you’re running any kind of service-based business.  But for most coaches and women entrepreneurs, it’s not necessarily about lack of action.  Not attracting high paying ideal coaching clients or having trouble finding a niche or marketing your business may be more about your money mindset than about where to network.

How Your Money Mindset and Money Blocks May Be Sabotaging Your Coaching Business

All the tools, coach training and certification courses, strategies, stalking your competitor’s websites, drooling over fancy coaching Instagram pages, templates, hacks, how to blog posts and google searches will not help you build a successful coaching business if you are swimming in a sea of money blocks.

Maybe mindset is not the first thing that you think about when it comes to why your business is stalled, and you’re asking yourself, “what is money mindset?” or “what are money blocks?”

Money blocks are the limiting beliefs in the way of you creating a viable business that lights you up, empowers you to work in your zone of genius and help the hundreds or thousands of people you’ve committed to serving – the people who are still waiting for you to get your act together so that you can serve them and make an impact.

Money blocks include disempowering money stories like “I cannot afford this,” limiting beliefs about money that you may have learned from your family or adopted along the way, negative self-talk and subconscious self-sabotaging behaviors that may keep you stuck.

Because business and life success involve 99% mindset and only 1% tools and strategies, how much you know and can do is only relevant if you choose to become the entrepreneur who can take the action or use what she knows to do the thing she says she wants to do.

A simplistic answer will state that a Money Mindset is (1) your relationship your yourself; (2) your relationship to your self-worth and value; and (3) your relationship with money.

These three relationships with yourself set the stage for (1) your business vision; (2) your niche and the type of clients you will attract; (3) the Price you will charge; (4) how you relate to sales and marketing; (5) whether you decide to package your services or trade hours for dollars; and (6) your ability to create a sustainable coaching business.

Telling yourself, “I’m not Enough,” or

complaining that you make great money, but can never seem to keep enough of it around, or

worrying that you can’t charge $3,000 for your coaching package, or

thinking you have to work really, really hard to make six figures because your parents worked hard all the time and you never saw them just replays disempowering money stories and creates more money blocks in your life and business.

Common Business and Money Mindset Issues Many Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches Struggle With

This Free Business Coaching Consultation Session is for you if you’re a Coach or service-based Woman Entrepreneur who is honest with herself and feels in her heart that her mindset about money could definitely benefit from a makeover, and is ready to shift her Business and Mindset blocks so she can take her business to the next level.

You are struggling to Price your services and you’re tired of under charging, over-delivering and overworking.

You’re struggling with charging your worth and value because you’re replaying “I’m not Enough” stories.

You’re afraid to tell clients the price or investment in your coaching or services during client enrollment or sales conversations because you believe they will think it’s too expensive.

You’re struggling with discussing price in your sales conversations because you feel nervous, icky or sleazy talking about money.

You’re struggling with marketing and sales because you hate the business side of coaching and just want to focus on the fun part – coaching your clients.

You love coaching, but you have a hard time finding ideal clients who can afford to pay you.

You’re constantly coaching for FREE or lowering your prices because you believe people shouldn’t pay for coaching because heart-centered or healing work should be free.

You’re struggling to find clients because you don’t have a Niche and you’re tired of coaching clients who drain your time and energy.

You’re struggling to create your Signature Coaching System.

You’re struggling to create your lucrative high-premium client-attracting coaching packages or coaching programs.

You’re struggling to pay your bills and you’re tired of living pay check to pay check, but you’re afraid to raise your prices.

You’re thinking of getting a “real job” to help ease your money troubles while you wait for the universe to send you your ideal clients.

You’re spending more time building a premium life coaching website instead of creating prospective coaching clients.

You’re spending more money on additional coach training courses and certifications because you think the next course will be the breakthrough to get new clients now.

You’re getting tired, overwhelmed, and burned-out, but you’re too spiritual to actually admit that you’re starting to resent your coaching business.

You’re struggling to 2X, 3X or 10X Your Coaching Income with Ease.

Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches Working with a Business and Money Mindset Coach

While many entrepreneurs and coaches may struggle with some of the business issues mentioned above, not everyone is ready to work with a business coach.  I notice that many of my clients reach out because they’ve taken an honest look at their business and realized that support and vulnerability are two of the most important tools to success.  Women entrepreneurs and coaches are the experts in their business and the coach supports them to get them where they want to be in a shorter amount of time.

How Do You Know You’re Ready to Get Unstuck and Find the Right Business Coach for Your Coaching Practice?

It’s not really rocket science.  When you’re ready, you’re ready.

You’re ready to transform your mindset, heal your money blocks and embrace new beliefs that support you in attracting your premium ideal clients so that you open yourself up to making more money in your business.

You’re ready to uncover the money blocks and heal them so that you can stop playing small; So that you can get out of your own way and stop holding yourself back from achieving your full potential in life and business.

You’re finally ready to create empowering money beliefs that give you the confidence you want to price your services in a way that allows you to serve your clients joyfully and easily.

You’re done trading hours for dollars.

You’re ready to create ideal premium clients, create a signature system and  design your coaching packages and programs.

You’re clear on your business vision and money goals and you’re ready to stop pretending that your challenges don’t have negative financial impact on your business.

You’re ready to deal with the shame and guilt around your debt and create a strong and healthy emotional relationship with money.

You realize that you need a profitable business in order to serve clients and make the impact you know you want to make.

You’re done dealing with the negative self-talk in your head and you’re ready to create a lucrative niche that helps you grow a great business.

You’re ready to shift your relationship to Sales.  You want talking about your prices to be as normal as brushing your teeth everyone.

You’re ready to focus on the value or benefits of your coaches instead of what your limiting beliefs convince you your prospective client will say about his/her investment in your coaching.

You decide that you’re finally worth it.  Your services are valuable.  You deserve it.  You’re powerful.

You’re done with the daily “Hustle” and bullshit victim stories and You’re ready for Flow.

How to Claim 1 of the 5 Available Spots for Your Free Business and Mindset Consulting Session

Send an email to mimidabo@lifecoachforwomen.com with the Subject line “Free Business and Money Mindset Consulting Session.”

Include your name, business name, and how long you’ve been in business.

Include a short description of the challenges you’re facing, how long you’ve had those challenges, the impact on your business and exactly what solution(s) you’re seeking.

Include the best email address to contact you.

After reviewing your application, I’ll get back to you to set up your consultation appointment or reach out with possible resources that may support you.

What to Expect During Your 10X Your Business and Money Mindset Coaching Consultation

We co-create a crystal-clear vision for your coaching business so that you know what you want, why you want it and the impact on your life and business.

We uncover the HIDDEN business and mindset challenges that may be sabotaging the success of your coaching business.

You’ll leave inspired and ready to take immediate action towards creating the life and business you desire.
The session is 60-minutes and is virtual via Zoom or Skype.

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