Make High-Ticket Sales and Quickly Add 7-Figures in Income

Make High-Ticket Sales and Quickly Add 7-Figures in Income. Sounds too good to be true right? And that’s just the thing.

For Spiritual Female Coaches, whether you’re a life coach, business coach, relationship coach or health coach, one of the quickest ways to radically increase your income and grow wealth without working harder or losing your health, sanity and quality time with your family and God, is to create a Simple High-Ticket Coaching Business Boutique, and make High-Ticket Sales.

If you’re like many of the spiritual female life, health, relationship, career or business coaches who want to do more good in the world, then you didn’t get into coaching to create another job for yourself, where you’re running a business, but you’re essentially an unpaid and overworked employee.

And that’s why I believe completely that when it comes to making money in your coaching business doing what you love, LESS IS MORE. This brief video captures this spirit perfectly for Spiritual Female Coaches.

Before we dive in, I’m curious. What is your own relationship to Sales, or High-Ticket Sales? What comes up for you if I say that your decision to make High-Ticket Sales will determine whether you double, triple, quadruple or 20X your income and/or profits this year alone.

How to Make Money with High-Ticket Sales

If sales is something you’d rather delegate everyday, I get it. I really do. And hear me out, when I say that to be a High-Ticket Coach, you need to make High-Ticket Sales. The beauty however, is that you don’t need to make a lot of sales to quickly add multiple 6-Figures or 7-Figures to your current coaching income.

If you’re wondering, “What is a High-Ticket Coach?” That’s you. In just a few days, or weeks or months, packaging your life, health, business, career or health coaching services into premium, high-value packages between $25,000 and $100,000 for High-Ticket Clients who want exponential results and crave a higher level, higher value, return on their investment.

Imagine being a High-Ticket Life Coach, or High-Ticket Business Coach, or High-Ticket Sales Coach, or High-Ticket Nutrition Coach or High-Ticket Career Coach (you get the point), selling Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Offers and Programs to just 5 or 6 or 10 clients and generating over multiple 6-figures or 7-figures in those few sales. What will you do with that extra $10 or 15 hours you’ll add to your week? What would be possible for your life?

As a High-Ticket Coach, you differentiate yourself and your Signature Coaching Offers from the thousands of other Female Coaches out there still following the outdated Ascension Coaching and Pricing model. The stair-step income growth ladder starting with a $7.00 tripwire coaching product, followed by a $27 downloadable coaching eBook, and then a $97 eBook, another $197 coaching product, then $497, $997, $1997…. you get the point.

And to be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this Ascension ladder coaching pricing model if that’s what you want, and it makes you happy, while creating beaucoup profits in your coaching business. But we must admit that compared to working with only a handful of aligned clients who you know are invested in creating their results, the Ascension ladder sounds exhausting and overwhelming. The fastest path to burnout for many Spiritual Female Coaches.

That’s why we have this Antidote. Something that requires less clients, less hours and wayyyyyy less sales to create any income goals you desire – Make High-Ticket Sales with the High-Ticket Boutique Model.

Let’s do some basic math and see how quickly multiple 6-Figures or 7-Figures add up.

If your monthly income goal in your coaching business is $10,000, how many $197 products would you need to sell.  Even if you were selling $497 products, how many do you need to sell to create the 10,000 a month income goal?

How many leads would you need to create?  How many potential clients would need to see your offer?  And how many of those would actually buy?  Let’s assume a generous 5% conversion rate.

This is even if you have 10,000 folks on your email list.

Now, let’s think about if you were to make High-Ticket Sales for that same Signature Coaching Offer, now positioned at $15,000 or even $10,000.

You’ll need just 1 sale a month.  Is that doable?

Less is More when it comes to quickly adding multiple 6-figures or 7-figures to your coaching income within the next 18 months.

The Mindset for Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers

Now that we’ve covered how to make High-Ticket Sales, let’s get into the real stuff. Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers with Confidence. The key to taking this first step is realizing that if you’re a coach, you’re in sales. You’re selling your coaching services, and to make High-Ticket sales easy, you’ve got to be completely sold on your coaching offers and services, as well as the price or investment to work with you.

And here’s the best part. Did you know that Sales, especially High-Ticket Sales is the gateway to financial freedom? Because High-Ticket Sales is the most resourceful and profitable skill you can have in your business. And if you’re still wondering how you can delegate your sales without even trying first, here is a Sales Mindset video that will support you to fall in love with High-Ticket Sales even if you’re saying, ‘I’m NOT a Salesperson.”

Ok, so now that you’ve up leveled your High-Ticket Sales Mindset and know how to sell High-Ticket coaching, let’s talk about one of the first steps in creating this High-Ticket Business Model. We won’t go into all of the 7-Step COACHES System I use with Clients in my Signature Coaching Offer, The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience.

One of the facets of the first Step in The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience is Simplicity and Focus, which includes creating a profitable coaching niche. Since sales equals solving problems and saving lives, one of the questions we look at is what problem do you solve for profit?

This may not be you, but many Female Coaches are turned off my working within just ONE niche. Well, if you feel like you’re being robbed of all the other divine gifts, talents and skills you want to share with the world, don’t worry. Because here’s the essence of creating High-Ticket offers with the most profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niches.

When it comes to nailing the most profitable niches for High-Ticket Sales, the focus is not on the WHO, but on the WHAT. What is the transformation? What outcome do your High-Ticket Coaching Clients want to receive and feel on the other end of working with you?

And most importantly, your profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niche, it’s just another Marketing decision. One of the most important niching insights I got working from my first Business Coach was the realization that my profitable coaching niche wasn’t an expression of all of ME. It was a business decision that separated me from the sea of other coaches, and empowered me to show a transformational result worth investing in.

And here’s the thing. If creating a profitable niche is really not your thing. Don’t sweat it. I do invite you to consider selecting a group of people who can most easily trust you, and serve them.

When it comes to choosing profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niches, there are a few, but I dive into the MOST profitable High-Ticket Coaching Niches for Spiritual Female Coaches in this video. Check it out.

Of course, there’s still creating and packaging your Signature High-Ticket Coaching Offer, Marketing, Messaging and Positioning the High-Ticket Offer, and actually Making the High-Ticket Sales. I won’t dive deeper into the Marketing and Sales Strategies in this post, but you can check out the blog for more articles, and the High-Ticket Coaching YouTube Channel for deep dive video into everything to create a successful and profitable High-Ticket Coaching Business.

Now, let’s talk benefits to your High-Ticket Clients!

The Pros of Creating a High-Ticket Coaching Business Boutique and Making High-Ticket Sales

I haven’t shared this yet, but I started out my coaching business selling $37 eBooks and a $197 membership. And I noticed something really important; something that changed my business model forever. I noticed that clients preferred and 99% of the time opted, instead for my One-to-One Private Coaching Package, which at that time in 2016, was a Life Coaching Package for $6,500 FP and $7,000 with a payment plan. I had no designated outcome. It was just a 6-month 1-1 package where we would dance in the moment together. And it still sold like hotcakes compared to my outcome-based low ticket items.

I was so confused. But the reason was obvious to my clients, who explained that they chose Private Higher Ticket offers because they wanted the high touch support that comes with medium level to high level coaching offers. They preferred working with a coach than reading another how-to-course, and would rather pay more to create what they truly want, instead of shooting in the dark with another digital downloadable product.

This opened my eyes to the usefulness of mastering High-Ticket Sales in my coaching business. If I was attracting High-Ticket Clients, I needed to know how to Sell High-Ticket. The key to getting over my fear of sales was focusing on the transformation and lifetime value for my clients.

Think about it for a moment.  In my other coaching business, where I support women entrepreneurs over 40 to look and feel great naked, what is the likelihood of my potential holistic health coaching or weight loss client buying a $37 pdf weight loss guide for women over 40, and then balancing her hormones, shifting her mindset around her relationship to eating, stress and movement, and losing unwanted weight to maintain a naturally healthy weight for the rest of her life….. using the information in that $37 eBook?

That’s what I mean.  For real transformation and exponential results, the best route is High-Ticket Coaching Offers, which of course means, High-Ticket Sales, something many Spiritual Female Coaches would rather avoid.

Now, let me ask you another question.

Why would you exhaust yourself trying to master selling low ticket coaching products or offers, with very little to no transformational value, when it takes the same, and I dare say, less time and energy to sell a Signature High-Ticket Coaching Offer?

Your High-Ticket Coaching Clients will thank you.  They want better results.

And now, it’s time to start Selling High-Ticket Packages. You don’t need a fancy website or 1,000 followers on Instagram, but you do need these 4 things. Check them out in this 24-second video clip.

If High-Ticket Sales is not a skill, you’re comfortable with right now, then learn more about the High-Ticket Mastery Intensive and apply for this powerful High-Ticket Sales Session if you resonate with the results we co-create in the experience.

High-Ticket Sales is just another skill Spiritual Female Coaches can learn at any time.

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Additional Aligned High-Ticket Sales Resources

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

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