How to Create $50K or $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers and Scale to $100K Months

How to create $50K or $100K or even $250K High-Ticket Coaching Offers is one ‘how to scale’ question I get from Spiritual Women Coaches who’ve decided to scale to $100K months in their coaching business.

For some women coaches, the idea of making $100K a month and 7-figure IMPACT with their coaching business may seem like its just another dream sitting on a pedestal, and perhaps, it even feels a little scary.

And there are also several women coaches are tired of convincing potential clients to invest in their 90-Day $10K Group Coaching or Accelerator Programs, and crave the simplicity and creativity that comes with $50K, $100K or $250K High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

Women Coaches who are so turned on by the idea of making a bigger IMPACT with their work that they lose sleep at the possibility of and the excitement of scaling to 6-figure months. If you’re one of the Spiritual Women Coaches who already have what society defines as success, you’re probably still feeling a little yearning.

Maybe you’ve hit a plateau and you know your next level, your best offer yet, is within reach. You’re ready to go all in this time and really create what you want. You’re done being a pain fixer. You’re done selling low-ticket coaching offers that are high on information and low on transformation.

When we start craving next levels like $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers or even $250K High-Ticket Coaching Offers, we realize that our souls will shrivel and die if we sold one more information product or 12-week course. Deep in our hearts, we know that the kind of transformation we want to create can only be valued by a few people. It means we’re ready to serve our aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

That 1% group of aligned soul clients who recognize an expansive, life altering, transformation coaching offer when they see it and instantly know THIS WAS MADE JUST FOR THEM.

Now, you’re probably wondering, ‘how do I structure a $50K or $100K or $250K High-Ticket Coaching Offer?’ If you’re here for another cookie cutter 7-step high-ticket coaching business template, you’ll be disappointed because you’re way too powerful to fall for another blueprint when you can brilliantly use the information in this post to create your own.

Let’s dive right into How to Create $50K or $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers and Scale to $100K Months.

STEP ONE – Remember Your Identity and Know Your Assignment

Your identity is important because once you remember WHO you are, and WHOSE you are, you start making decisions that support your goal. You automatically source freedom and own your worth so that you tune into your divinity and create your own rules.

You stop waiting for the “HOW” and shift into your own authentic power. You stop looking outside of yourself for the answers or relying on the latest strategies from some online coaching guru to get things done.

When you know your identity, you are BEing the elite woman coach who CANNOT NOT scale to a $100K a month in her coaching business.

Remembering who you are is why you don’t need a coach. You want one. Because you can do this with or without a coach. You Know You Deserve One. Every Dream Needs a Team. Someone to Hold that Level of Space for You and Walk with You By Faith. Someone Who Believes What You Want Cannot NOT Happen.

You tap into your divinity, you trust your intuition and you take aligned actions on the proven strategies you already have in your toolbelt.

Being the woman who knows her identity is NOT just about ‘How to Scale Your Coaching Business to $100K Months,’ it’s making that shift everywhere in your life. Success becomes inevitable because there is NO scenario where you don’t create what you want.

It’s WHO you are. You do what it takes until you create it…. whatever it is for you. With or without a coach. You’re Unapologetically Unrealistic Because You Walk by Faith and Not By Sight.

Knowing your assignment means that you know what work you’re here to do in the world and who you’re here to do that work with (who you’re here to serve and how).

It’s going beyond what you want to personally to truly Know the Powerful Impact Your Work Makes in the World and that You’re Not Here to Conform to a Formula.

When you know your identify – who you are and whose you are AND you know your assignment – the fact that you’re doing good work in the work that your aligned clients want more of, you’ll own your value and be luxuriously paid for them.

You’ll shift beyond the norms of the cookie cutter strategies and tactics, expand your mindset and repeatedly smash your own goals, which leads us right to the third key.

How to Create $50K or $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers and Scale to $100K Months – Step TWO

Before you look for another rinse and repeat strategy from the latest online business coach guru, I want you know that you’ve hit a plateau with your current coaching offer because your genius truly lies in your Next Level offer – that $25K or $50K or $100K or $250 High-Ticket Coaching Offer.

Because creating and selling High-Ticket Coaching offers challenges you to do more than just selling your High-Ticket Coaching Clients what they want. So, the first step is to really create a vision for what you truly want your life and business to be like. Be vision oriented.

What do you want?

What 7-figure IMPACT do you want to make in your life and in the world?

An expansive vision that takes into account, YOU, all of you, and maximizes your brilliance, your gifts, your weirdness, your uniqueness, the parts of you that you’ve hidden and rejected, the part of you where your genius has been hiding, rebelling against low ticket offers, stressful tech, fancy funnels and shiny object syndrome.

As go deeper into your vision, imagine that you could create anything you desire. And if you could dream up your best next level offer, what would it look like? What would it feel like? What would you be doing, and who would you be doing it with?

At this point, don’t limit yourself to a particular High-Ticket Coaching Niche, or worry about positioning. The is all about your dream business. Your vision where you have the power. Where you make the rules. Where you don’t fit into any formula. So, resist the urge to try so hard. As you imagine your vision, let go of the ‘shoulds’ and just be and do you, for once.

Trust yourself and remember that your genius lies in this High-Ticket Coaching Offer. An important distinction here is that this is a life altering transformation offer that stops you from selling aligned High-Ticket Clients what they want.

Knowing that your aligned High-Ticket Coaching Client is tired of coaches offering her what she wants, I invite to ask yourself, ‘where does my client want to go?’ Think about what really wants to emerge for her. And create the outcome-based offer that gives her the best outcome. An outcome that she’s never had before. Even after working with some of the best coaches in the world.

And just like that you’ve imagined you own $50K or $100K or $150K High-Ticket Coaching Offer. Plus, you’ve now automatically positioned your High-Ticket Coaching Offer in a way that appeals to your audience. You’re now the obvious choice.

All because you’ve taken the time to really trust yourself and create from your essence first before diving head on in another proven strategy.

Step 3 of How to Create $50K or $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers and Scale to $100K Months

Now, this is part where you’ve probably wondering what to put in your High-Ticket Coaching Offer. What goes into a $100K or $250K or even $50K High-Ticket Coaching Offer? I can tell you one thing. It’s not the kitchen sink.

This is the part where the Dark side of Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers for over $50K comes up. When most women coaches, especially spiritual women feel like they have give up a kidney or other part because they’re “taking” $50K or $100K or $250K away from a coaching client.

Money is the cleanest form of exchange, and your High-Ticket Coaching Clients demand a clean exchange. You can go work out your validation and self worth issues or seek approval in other ways, but not through your pricing, so please STOP underpricing. They don’t want to energetically owe you love, validation or testimonials because they paid less than your services are worth. They want their results. Period.

Let me be clear, you’re creating a life altering, expansive transformational offer that is going to create exponential results in someone’s life, relationship, business, career, health or finances, and that aligned client is 200X willing to invest in themselves with this amazing High-Ticket Coaching Offer without giving a single thought to the dollar amount attached to it. It’s a NO Brainer investment for her.

They are focused on exponential results. Money is just money, and you get to decide how easy you want to come to you.

Now, that we’re clear on that, let’s look at your signature system or methodology that you use to co-create these amazing outcomes with your clients. What are the key, most valuable touchpoints of that signature system that you can incorporate into a personalized, bespoke coaching offer.

You can still create a customized and highly personalized (to the client) experience even when you use your signature system. It actually creates a roadmap for your client so they get a sense of the adventure they’re about to embark on with you.

The key here is simplicity. There is little difference between creating a $15K High-Ticket Offer and a $250K High-Ticket Coaching Offer. In fact, the higher value offer is easier to create because you have more creativity, flexibility and time. You can use your experience and genius to create a one-of-a-kind experience that supports you to deliver at your highest level.

This is what your High-Ticket Coaching Client cares about the most. Co-Creating at the highest level with high impact, high touch value.

What else goes into your High-Ticket Coaching Offer? Exclusivity and Access to you (reasonably of course). You don’t lose your boundaries just because the investment to work with you has an extra zero.

Now that you’ve included the highest level and highest impact parts of your signature system into your offer, it’s obvious that your $50K or $100K or $250 High-Ticket Coaching Offer is a small drop in the bucket versus the investment. In fact, most times what you’re offering is WORTH up to 15 times more that the investment to work with you.

And once you do the mindset work to really align the value of what you’re offering with the investment to work with you, you’ll not only have the clarity and the confidence to gently call-in your aligned clients, but you’ll also have the clarity and confidence to sell your High-Ticket Coaching Offer.

You’ll show up as the person who sells this High-Ticket Coaching Offer and this gives your aligned High-Ticket Clients the inclination to trust you because they know that they’ll finally experience expansion for the first time.

Bonus Step – How to Create Systems and Strategies to Support Your $50K or $100K or $250K High-Ticket Coaching Offers

When creating systems and strategies to create, market and sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers to Scale your coaching business to $100K Months, it’s easy to fall for another rigid rinse and repeat formula from one of the many online guru business coaches.

But here’s the deal. Your systems and strategies must have YOU in them. Your marketing and sales need to maximize you and all your gifts so that your messaging and positioning does all the heavy lifting for you.

What does this look like? Creating something that is unique to you and your energy. Creating and implementing systems and strategies that support you to be in your flow and do what you’re aligned with.

Co-create bespoke strategies and systems that consider YOU, your energy, your lifestyle, your gifts, and your desires. So that you jump out of bed everyday knowing the work you’re doing is the answer to your aligned client’s prayers and CANNOT NOT be the woman who co-creates it with her.

How to create $50K or $100K or $250K High-Ticket Coaching Offers and Scale to $100K Months in Your Coaching Business

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