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High-Ticket Sales Coaching for Spiritual Women Coaches Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers is the ultimate gift for Elite Spiritual Women Coaches who want to go from asking How to Make Money with High Ticket Sales to Confidently Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers for $25,000 or $50,000, $100,000 and much more.

When it comes to Aligned High-Ticket Sales Coaching and supporting Women Coaches to Master Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers, one big secret that many Sales Coaches for Women or Business Coaches for Women don’t really teach is the power of Outbound Sales, especially Cold Calling.

This High-Ticket Sales Coaching for Women blog post is really about the 7 Secrets I learned working as a Sales Associate, cold calling both cold and warm leads over a 6 month period almost 20 years ago. I dive deeper into my cold calling background story in the video, so you can go right to the video or read the blog and then watch the video. Whatever works best for you.

So, I’m going to dive right in here and share the 7 Secrets that Cold Calling Taught Me about Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers. I was going to title this post, 7 Reasons Why You Think You Suck at High-Ticket Sales, and you’ll see why as you read through this or watch the video.

High-Ticket Sales Coaching for Women – Cold Calling Secret #1

The Mindset of High-Ticket Sales for Women (Being a Sales Magnet) – Sales is NOT an issue if you know how to play the game of Sales. One of the biggest mistakes I see with Spiritual Women Coaches is really cultivating this ‘Sales is all about me’ paradigm. Here’s the big secret. Sales NOT about you. Sales is a game. When you’re selling, you’re in the game of giving your aligned potential coaching clients what they want. So, your only part is to serve with love and play the game to win.

When your sole objective is to win at giving your aligned High-Ticket Client what she wants, you’ll always play to win the Sales game, which is ultimately the higher income and impact game. Watch the video to learn how you can make this even more fun with great incentives that motivate you to succeed.

Knowing the rules of the High-Ticket Sales game is the key to knowing exactly how to ask for the sale without feeling bad. It supports you to be focused on meeting the needs of the person in front of you, without any needy attachment to making the sale. If you have any deep attachment to a YES, or a deep need for the money, then you’ve just shut down any chances of serving your potential aligned High-Ticket Client.

Once you make a decision to enter a sales conversation from scarcity, don’t even bother. The energy of fear, doubt and worry repel everything. You might as well go for a walk or go take a nap. But when you understand that this is mindset game, and take action when you’re feeling abundant, confident and supported, you’ll increase your sales conversion rates and create aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients whenever you choose.

High-Ticket Sales Coaching for Women – Cold Calling Secret #2

You Are More than Enough (You don’t have to Be More) – One of the biggest things I noticed while working with the guys (over 30 men and me), is that they confidently sold without blinking. With men, they get on the phone, give value, ask for the sale and close the sale. That’s all.

On the other hand, what I’ve seen in my sales coaching experience, as well as in my own business life, is that women, especially Spiritual Women Coaches feel the need to be more, do more or give more to justify asking for the money or the sale. Especially when it comes to selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers over $25,000.

One thing I learned from my sales trainer was to be matter of fact. Money is not this thing that controls me. Money is not evil or my boss. It’s here to serve me, support me and bless me, and from this perspective, it’s only equitable that I ask for money in exchange for the value I’m offering.

We don’t have to prove our worth. We just have to offer the value and be paid in exchange. It’s enough that we’re exchanging value for money. Simple.

The key is to stay grounded. Ask yourself what you think and believe about yourself. The whole you. About you as a woman. About you as a spiritual woman coach. About you as a business woman. And then drop the proving energy because you don’t have to prove or validate your offering when you know the value and how it will transform your client’s life, health, relationship or business, depending on your High-Ticket Coaching Niche.

High-Ticket Sales Coaching for Women – Cold Calling Secret #3

Your Environment Matters (Don’t Be a Fish in Sand) – As I share in the video, the guys would play football and/or golf during the sales calls, run back and forth giving each other high-fives, and just ramping up the energy in the room. There was inevitably a touch-down dance for each “closed” call or anytime they knew “closing” was a high probability.

Here’s what I’ve noticed with women and sales. I hear complaints like, “I hate sales” or “I’m not good at selling” or “this is too hard and I’m just going to delegate my sales.”

While I hear you, if this is you. I also know for sure that your environment has a lot to do with it. If you are a person who loves moving around during a phone call, then inviting a potential aligned High-Ticket Coaching Client to a Sales Call via Zoom Video may not be ideal.

Consider choosing the best environment that supports you to be present, grounded and fully open during your sales call. If you hate being on camera, zoom video may not be such a great idea. There’s the phone option.

And if you’re someone who needs to sell in person (face to face), then zoom video may be your best choice until you’re comfortable being back out selling in person, post pandemic.

Don’t be a fish trying to swim in the sand. It never works.

High-Ticket Sales Coaching for Women – Cold Calling Secret #4

Sell to Family (Shift the Cold Calling Mindset) – One of the greatest gifts I learned was warming up our “leads.” Even if your potential aligned High-Ticket Coaching Client is someone you’ve never met, you always give value. Every sales conversation needs to be value based and highlight the WITFM Radio Station (What’s In It For Me Radio Station) for the potential client.

Give Value. Create YouTube Videos and/or Blogs for your High-Ticket Coaching Business, and use the videos or posts to answer your potential High-Ticket Coaching Clients’ most burning questions. Nurture the potential clients who raise their hands to get more of you by offering up their email address for your lead magnet. Send emails weekly or 2 or 3 times a week. Share Value.

Curate your garden of value so that it attracts your aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients who are looking for exactly what you’re offering. Give them the opportunity to know you, like you, trust you and want to invest in themselves with your High Ticket Fitness Coaching, or Life Coaching or Relationship Coaching or Career Coaching or Business Coaching Offers.

Cold Calling Secret #5

Pre-Qualify Potential High-Ticket Coaching Clients (Don’t forget to Screen) – I go deeper into WHY this is so important for High-Ticket Sales in the video.

One thing I see a lot in the coaching industry, especially the High-Ticket Coaching Industry where this is crucial, is that coaches don’t have a structure or process for pre-screening potential clients before jumping into a sales conversation.

Not everyone should get on a call with you. Screen with an application form or whatever floats your boat. Put this on your Coaching Website or landing page so with qualifying questions (see mine here) so that the only reason to jump on the sales call is to determine if you two are a great fit to work together.

Eliminate overwhelm and potential clients you’re not aligned to work with before investing time and energy on another sales call.

And if you’re leaning into scarcity and thinking you’ll lose sales because no one wants to complete an application, I invite you shift your paradigm around this to consider whether you want to work with someone who thinks completing an application is too much work.

Go with abundance and focus on your YES people who will complete anything just to be able to work with you.

Cold Calling Secret #6

Schedule Your Calls (Set Yourself Up to Win) – Consider scheduling all your High-Ticket Sales Calls during the first week of the month. That way, you get all your calls completed, your contracts in, and you know exactly where you are regarding sales and income goals before you hit the middle of week 2. It’s great for planning and measuring when you make money selling High-Ticket coaching offers.

Cold Calling Secret #7

Choose Your Best Call Day (Know Your Set Days) – During the cold calling sales training, I realized that Mondays between the hours of 9am and 2pm work great for me for Sales Conversations, and even in my own business, my High-Ticket Business Breakthrough Sessions are all scheduled for Mondays.

The beauty of selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers is that you don’t need to talk to a lot of people to create your aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients. I work with only 12 Clients a year and because I know that on average 3 out of 4 calls are a yes, I don’t need to book many calls.

So, figure out your sales conversion rates, and once you have your High-Ticket Coaching Offerings in place, you won’t need many calls. You’ll be able to gracefully add multiple 6 or 7 figures to your coaching income without sacrificing your life, your health, your freedom, your family or your faith.

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