Aligned High-Ticket Sales for Female Coaches: Million Dollar High-Ticket Mindset

When you think of Aligned High-Ticket Sales for Female Coaches, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  If you’re like many spiritual women coaches, you’re probably asking questions like, how to attract sales on Instagram or how to attract aligned coaching clients. 

If you’re a female coach who’s still walking into the million-dollar room clutching questions like how to find ticket-clients or how to create your high-ticket sales funnel, then this conversation is for you.  It’s time go from chasing the latest 7 or 8-figure sales guru’s selling script to creating your own powerful Aligned and Pleasurable High-Ticket Sales experience.

This ‘Aligned High-Ticket Sales for Coaches’ discussion is NOT another 5-step sales blueprint on how to sell.  You already have hundreds of sales scripts you’re never going to use on your computer. Today is all about integrating and implementing what you resonate with in this post. You’re going to embody the Million Dollar High-Ticket Mindset that supports you to create your own Aligned High-Ticket Sales experience.  One that supports you to step into your power for Impact and Wealth and own it like a BOSS.

Around here, we call that, Leadership and YES energy.

aligned high-ticket sales with mimi dabo

The divine truth for your Quantum Leap in your business is that all your dreams are possible, and you can embody the frequency of whatever sales, profit, impact, and pleasure goal you want to create once you stop giving away your power.

Mastering Aligned High-Ticket Sales in your Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Business Coaching or Relationship Coaching business has nothing to do with another template or script and everything to do with you trusting your own intuition and using it as your compass to expand your capacity to receive and hold everything you’ve decided to have.

It’s all here right now. And you can have it all right now.  That’s just the way it is.

It’s time to shatter the outdated income and profit coaching norms and disrupt the online coaching world with divine energy.  The Quantum Leaps that kick broken wealth and impact models to the curb, so that you step out in faith, expand your signature offer containers, collapse time and enjoy significant money and time flexibility and freedom….without waiting until X happens.

Exponential Expansion and Expression, Alignment and Receiving.

It’s time to create what’s in your heart without waiting first for the 10K month, and then the 50K month, and then the 100K months.  Go in the direction of your divine dreams and be divinely compensated for your divine gifts (starting today).

Do you need to master High-Ticket Sales?  Of course.

Do you need to do High-Ticket Sales like everyone else is doing it?  Of course, NOT.

Do you need to align your frequency with what you KNOW you’re meant to have, Know that you’re worth it and can have it, and show up, give value, and receive it? Of course.

And you will. That’s just the way it is.

And I’m going to give you 3 Million Dollar High-Ticket Mindset Shifts that will take you from exactly where you are now to creating your first million dollars (or second or 10th) in your coaching business.

3 Million Dollar High-Ticket Mindset Shifts for Aligned High-Ticket Sales for Coaches

Without these High-Ticket Mindset shifts, you’ll get caught up in what everyone else is doing in the online space and find yourself trapped in sales tunnels like how to attract sales on Instagram or how to attract sales by law of attraction.  High-Ticket Sales can happen anywhere at anytime and High-Ticket coaching clients are everywhere around you.  You don’t need to find them, look for them or lose your sanity attracting them.

Just Be. 

These High-Ticket Mindset shifts will support you to show up as the leader and move you from the energy of waiting and delay to Let’s go now.

Aligned High-Ticket Sales for Female Coaches – High-Ticket Mindset Shift #1

Drop the Excuses and Own a High-Ticket Frame of Mind.

I invite you to consider letting go of excuse like I’ve only been a coach for 4 years or I haven’t made my first $100K year yet.  You’re not qualified to coach high-ticket clients because you’ve achieved some external goal(s).  As a spiritual female coach, you create a frequency for aligned High-Ticket Sales in your coaching business when you Simply decide to claim it, own it and do it.

Aligned High-Ticket sales and a High-Ticket coaching business model are just a state of mind that you embrace in your soul.  It’s a High-Ticket Money Mindset vibe and framework to help you elevate You, Your Container and Your impact in the world.  It’s not something you wait to do when you’re ready. 

Creating profit, impact and wealth in your business, as well as pleasure, ease, joy and Aligned High-Ticket Sales is something you can start right now….in this moment.

Everything that you currently think stands between you and your Aligned High-Ticket Sales is not true.

Simply decide to do it. 

Know what you’re selling. 

Know who you’re selling to – your soul client.  

Create the best container with the biggest and most expansive expression of yourself, that will support your soul client to create the exponential results she wants.

Aligned High-Ticket Sales is just based on a High-Ticket coaching business model that supports you to up level both you and your High-Ticket coaching client.  The real juice is between your temples. It’s time to squeeze that High-Ticket Mindset juice.

Once you squeeze the juice and align your WHAT with your WHO aka soul client and your best expansive and fully expressed container, you’ll enjoy 100% Aligned and Pleasurable High-Ticket Sales….by just being YOU.

Aligned High-Ticket Sales for Female Coaches – High-Ticket Mindset Shift #2

Market to Your Soul Coaching Clients at a Level Higher than You Think.

To fully embody Aligned High-Ticket Sales, consider marketing to your soul clients who are at a level higher than you think.  Market to the aligned soul clients you want to work with versus the clients you think you’re qualified to serve.

For High-Ticket sales to be both aligned and pleasurable, you want a marketing message that speaks to clients who value investing in themselves to elevate their experience and their level.  Your soul clients are achievement oriented versus struggle mindset.

Market exclusively to those soul clients who understand that there is a better, more exponential result they want for themselves; one that gives them the highest ROI.  Start by speaking to what they aspire to, not where they are, or where you think they are.

This is a powerful Million Dollar High-Ticket Mindset that elevates you to seeing yourself at a higher level, serving at a higher level and fully 100% aligned with High-Ticket Sales.

Aligned High-Ticket Sales for Female Coaches – High-Ticket Mindset Shift #3

Decide that the Investment for Your High-Ticket Offer is NOT a Lot of Money.

Know the value of the exponential results you support your Soul High-Ticket Clients to create.  It doesn’t mater if you’re a life coach, health coach, business coach, relationship coach or spiritual coach.

If you think your High-Ticket Coaching Offer is expensive, you won’t be aligned with your High-Ticket Sales because you won’t have the confidence or courage to sell it.  You’ll undermine yourself and sabotage your sales every step of the way. Grab my FREE Money Mindset Workbook to help shift this Limiting Belief.

If you haven’t done the work to see that the investment to work with you is just a drop in the bucket for the value you’re offering, say goodbye to Aligned High-Ticket Sales.  Say goodbye to ease and pleasure.

If you’re still clutching the “well, who’s going to pay that?” purse, it’s time to drop the ugly fashion accessory.  That limiting belief has you stuck in the struggle sales tunnel and has nothing to do with the value of your results.

I say this lovingly.  Get over yourself and focus on the ROI for your clients – the lifetime future value of the results you co-create.  ROI is so much more than the money and more about who they are being, and what they are doing and creating for themselves as they reach their goals – the divine transformation.

It’s not about what you’re charging. It’s about what they get.

To be truly aligned with High-Ticket Sales in your coaching business, you need to fully believe in the power of investing at a higher level to achieve a higher level of success.  Otherwise you’ll create unnecessary drama and resistance everywhere in your business.

You can’t download free stuff forever, copy the latest online guru’s sales template and then charge High-Ticket.  You gotta invest yourself.

Bonus High-Ticket Mindset Shift for Aligned High-Ticket Sales

Commit to the being the woman who does the thing. 

It’s not important how far away you are from creating a million dollars in your business today. 

Commit to it being the woman who does it (without having to BE more to do it).  What does that look like?  Make the decision in your heart and not in your head and start being her now.

How does a million-dollar coach do things in her life and business?

Is she caught up in the drama of overwhelm?

Does she tolerate some or any of the things you’re still tolerating?  What are you tolerating?

What goes on her calendar?  What’s on her calendar that’s not on yours right now?  What needs to be on your calendar?

What are the things she does to fill her time?  What top three needle movers will you focus on?

What are your habits?

When you start living, breathing and being YOU – aka what you want, you’ll collapse time and create it.

Be kind and compassionate with yourself on this journey.  You’re farther than most…you’ve made the decision to create what you want. 

Pour love into yourself and let’s do this.

What is ONE Insight you’re taking away from this Post, and how will you integrate it into your business today?

Please share this Post with another woman entrepreneur, coach or consultant you believe deserves to succeed in her business.

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Cheers to letting it be easy! MiMi Dabo, High-Ticket Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

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