When you're doing the work your Soul is here to do, when you're creating from your heart's purest desire to serve, and when your high value, high ticket coaching offers create more health, more wealth, more joy, more peace, more money, and more love in the world, You cannot fail at what God is doing through you.

MiMi Dabo.   MBA, JD, CPA

high-ticket profit explosion business coach
When you're doing the work your Soul is here to do, when you're creating from your heart's purest desire to serve, and when your high value, high ticket coaching offers create more health, more wealth, more joy, more peace, more money, and more love in the world, You cannot fail at what God is doing through you.

MiMi Dabo.   MBA, JD, CPA

Hello Beautiful!

In Every Industry, there’s that ONE Woman of Faith.

The Spiritual Woman Coach Who Doesn’t Settle for Being Logical, Realistic, or Creating Results Her Mind Already Expects.

The Christian Woman Coach Who Combines her Gifts with Aligned Systems, Strategies and Structure to Co-Create Illogical, Unreasonable, Unrealistic, Unbelievable and Supernatural Results Everyone Else is Afraid to Say Out Loud.

The Powerful Leader who Knows that Her Dream is Not Big Enough if She Doesn’t Need God.

The Renaissance Woman who Doesn’t Fit in a Box and Loves Jesus.

The Spiritual Woman Coach who Doesn’t Silence Her Voice, Gifts or Impact, to Make Others Be More Comfortable or Like Her.

The Christian Woman Coach who Designs her Dream Transformational and Profitable Coaching Business Around Her Lifestyle.

The Outlier.

The ONE.

YOU are the ONE.


You’re NOT Like Other Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches in the Coaching Industry.

You’re Done Being Mediocre.

You’re Done Going Only the Distance You Can See From the Shore.

Your High-Ticket Coaching Clients Are Crying Out for a High-End Bespoke SuperNatural Experience.

You’re Unapologetically Unrealistic Because You Walk by Faith and Not By Sight.

You Know the Powerful Impact Your SuperNatural High-Ticket Coaching Offers Make in the World and You’re Not Here to Comply with Rules or Conform to another Mainstream Formula.

You Don’t Need a SuperNatural High-Ticket Business Coach for Women.

You WANT One.

And You Know You Deserve One.

Every Dream Needs a Team.

A SuperNatural Business Coach to Hold that Level of Space for You, Challenge You, and Walk with You By Faith.

A SuperNatural Business Coach Who Believes What You Want Cannot NOT Happen. 

A Coach Committed to Being in a Discreet and Confidential Long-Term Coaching Relationship with You. 

Because SuperNatural High-Ticket Business Coaching Creates Holistic Wealth, Money, Love, Harmony, Health, Joy, Relationships, Serenity.

Exponential Results in Your Every Single Area of Your Life While Making Millions and Impacting Millions Based on Soul’s Work through You.

Without Sacrificing Your Faith, Freedom, Family, Health, Waistline, Truth, Wisdom, Peace, Joy, Gifts, Light, Full Expression, or Magic.


You’ve Decided to Stop Pretending You Don’t Want What You Want.

You Already Have What Society Calls Success.

And You Want to Move Beyond Making $50K Months or $100K Months in Your Coaching Business to Serve MORE Deeply with $50K High-Ticket Coaching Offers, or $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offers or $500K High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

You Know the Work You Do is Worth Millions and You’re Ready to Shift into Your Value.

You’re Ready to Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers and Create a Level of Transformation so Expansive, so Life Altering and so Bespoke that High-Ticket Coaching Clients Will Pay You Just to Be in Your Experience.

Your Bliss Starts Right Now.

You’re NOT Doing This Just for the Money.

You Want a High-Ticket Coaching Business that Supports You to Be Paid and Deliver at Your Highest Level.

You Want Expansive and Transformational High-Ticket Coaching Offers that Give You Your Time Back and Take the Quality of Your Service and Brand to the Next Level.

You Want to Pick and Choose Your Extraordinary High-Ticket Coaching Clients Who Immediately See the Value and Say YES.

You Want Strategies, Systems and Processes that Are Aligned with You and Your Energy.

You Want to Streamline and Strip Away All the “Shoulds” In Your Business and Create the Perfect Match for You.

You’re done Feeling Like another Credit Card number in yet another Group Coaching program Masquerading as an Elite High-End Coaching Mastermind.

You’re Ready to Position Your High-Ticket Coaching Offers to Appeal to Your Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients Who See the Value.

You’re Ready to Show Up as the Woman Who Sells $100K Coaching Offers with the Confidence to Hold the Conversation, without a High-Ticket Sales Script that Makes You Cringe.

You Also Know that Every Breath is Sacred and Your Time on This Planet is Valuable So You’re Ready to Deeply Value Yourself and Play at the Top.


YES.  You’re Done Sacrificing your Life, Freedom, Health, Sanity, and Quality Time with God and Your Family to Make the Money and 7-figure IMPACT You Desire.

But You’re Still Waiting.

Sitting on the ‘Waiting for Permission’ Plateau.

And for an Elite Woman Like Yourself, Anything that Keeps You from Creating the World You Want to Live in Can Be Suffocating and Challenging.

I get it, and that’s why I do this work.   

Hi! I’m MiMi Dabo, The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Business Coach for Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches.   I’m the Owner and Founder of The Prosperous Womb, and the Creator of SuperNatural.

SuperNatural is an Exclusive, Exquisite, High-End 18-Month, One-to-One, Private and Faith-Filled Experience for the Elite Spiritual Woman Coach Who Knows Her Work Impacts the World and Wants to Be Unapologetically Luxuriously Paid for It (NOW).

In The Prosperous Womb I’ve birthed Premium, Private High-Ticket Coaching Offers Exclusively for Women Coaches including, SuperNatural, The High-Ticket Profit Explosion VIP Day, The High-Ticket Profit Explosion HeartBeat Connection and The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops.

After being in the online business space since 2004, and in the coaching industry since 2016, I realized that most spiritual women coaches were not serving coaching clients at a much deeper level because of their business models, and because they don’t have time for their own life, relationships, and self-care.

I support extraordinary women coaches just like you to co-create a wildly successful life and business, and scale your coaching business to multiple 6 figures or your first (or second) $1 Million without sacrificing your faith, family, freedom, or peace of mind.

Designing a transformational and profitable High-Ticket Coaching Business around the lifestyle you want.

I have been described as an Unassuming African girl with a dream and a Renaissance Woman.

Like you, I became a Transformational Coach so that I could go beyond what I wanted personally, serve my clients deeply and make 7-Figure IMPACT in the world.

My biggest passion is supporting women all over the world to step out in faith and tune into who God says they are; co-creating MORE Freedom, Health, Wellbeing, Joy and Wealth in every form.

And supporting spiritual women coaches to grow and scale their coaching businesses by serving MORE deeply with Transformational $100K+ Coaching Offers is the best way I can do that.

Growing up in West Africa, I saw too many amazing women repeating cycles of generational lack, even in my own immediate family.

Wealth, in every form, was associated with men and corruption.

I was 7 when I felt the fire in my belly to support women to cultivate their dreams and fully become everything God wants them to Be.  To fully expand into everything that’s possible for them.

My ONE BIG goal at the time, was to create a business that would help me financially support One Million women and children in developing countries.

To empower women to create financial independence through entrepreneurship so that they can create financial abundance for themselves, their families, their community and their world.

To be part of a beautiful world where money is NEVER the reason why a woman or child has no access to food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care and spiritual and emotional support.

But in 1991 my dreams came to a screeching halt!

Female Genital Mutilation.

Multiple Lumps in Both Breasts.

A Brutal Blood Diamond Civil War.

As my life flashed before my young teenage eyes, I had no idea how or if I could survive the trauma, the pain and the devastating loss of so many family members, friends and loved ones.

My heart was shattered and just like that, my life changed.

Thanks to the Grace of God and amazing family support, I made it safely to the United States (with survivor’s guilt and more than just physical scars).

I made a Revised promise to co-create financial independence for women and children, and pay in full for war survivors to go to college and build the life they desire.

I didn’t know how to make this happen, but I UNAPOLOGETICALLY chose to walk by Faith and Not by sight no matter what, and I up leveled my Mindset 1000%.

While I didn’t know how long it would take, I knew that if I built a business and learned leadership skills AND how to sell, I could support other women and other survivors to build businesses and create their own financial independence and generational wealth in spite of everything they’d been through.

The first step for me was joining the Future Business Leaders of America Club in high school.

From then on, I worked on accumulating all the degrees I thought I needed for this dream, and at 19, I began my journey, first partnering with women’s and children’s charities around the world, and then adding my Miatta-MiMi Doing Good As You Shop Campaign in 2004.

Over 30 years later, God has given me the wisdom, strength and resources to support hundreds of women and children all over the world, and to pay college tuition in full for others to go to college.

And I know I haven’t even touched the tip of the 7-figure IMPACT I know I can make during the rest of my life.

That’s why I do this work and that’s why I’m passionate about supporting women to sell and make money and impact.

It’s NEVER about just making $100K Months in our coaching businesses.  It’s more about Who we become in the process.

And for me personally, it’s about the AMAZING quality of life I get to step into for the rest of my life and the 7-figure IMPACT this has on me, my family, and all those God has called me to bless with the gifts He’s given to me.  

Plus it’s been a beautiful gift that the more money I make, the more resources I can sow into the work of God’s Kingdom.

Investing in the lives of others and seeing how they are using their education and the skills they’ve learned to make powerful impact in the lives of hundreds and in some, thousands, inspires me to keep the 7-figure IMPACT circle going with my High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

But it hasn’t always been easy. 

Even though I’ve always wanted to play ONLY at the top, I created self-imposed roadblocks to make receiving money hard.

Even with all my business degrees, over 20 years of work and business experience, and having what society calls success, I knew that I was playing a below average game.

Even though I knew that what I was offering was worth millions of dollars and at least 10 times MORE, I didn’t trust myself or believe in myself enough to charge $100K, $250K or even just $50K for my Coaching Offers.

I attracted and worked with non-aligned clients who could not see the value of my work, while I stayed on the “permission plateau” performing, shoulding, underpricing, overdelivering and proving my worth for the millionth time.

And I ended up sick, on bed rest, resentful, and broke.

I had overcome more than most women will ever have to face in a lifetime and yet, I didn’t know how to ditch the scarcity vibe with time and money OR stop waiting for something external to give me permission to SOAR.

But I knew ONE thing.

I didn’t get into coaching for it to run my life.  And I didn’t get multiple degrees and certifications to fit into another business formula or blueprint.

There had to be a simpler way to make more money and bigger impact without wasting the gift of life I’d been given.

I also knew that creating generational wealth wasn’t just adding multiple 6 figures or a million dollars to my coaching income.  I’ve happily walked away from a job that payed me almost half a million dollars a year.

And I’ve made less than $10K and more than multiple 6 figures in my business.

So believe me.  It’s never about the number or the price.

Money is great and gives us so many AMAZING choices, and the opportunity to live our best lives and do soooo much good in the world.

And creating spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and financial wealth is MORE about the quality of life you, me, we all get to step into for the rest of our lives, and the impact this has on us, our families and those whose lives we’re here to impact.

It’s About Being a Blessing in the World.

I knew the truth, but I still struggled with everything from my health to losing and rebuilding my business from scratch.  Twice.

I was unhappy.  I was resentful, broke again, and unfilled.  An emotional wreck from a failed marriage and other traumatic life events.

Reeling from the breakup of my marriage and the impact on my then 1-year old daughter, I became a shell of my former self and lost sight of my purpose and my dreams.

How could I empower any woman or child when I couldn’t even help myself?

Then life threw a much bigger challenge, and I lost my best friend and mentor.  I was devastated.

But the loss gave me the clarity and confidence to see my value and give myself permission to play at the TOP.

Like you, I was ready to show up with complete expectation that my Aligned High-Ticket Clients know the Value of the Investment to Work with Me and will Say Yes to What they Want.

Cue the Champagne!

In 2016, with no backup savings and a scary negative $224.11 in my checking account, I finally stepped out in FAITH, cashed out my 401K and decided to Go All In and Be Who God Was Calling me to Be.

It was so exciting that I’d lie awake all night, just lit up at the possibility and excitement of the IMPACT I could make with $100K Months in my Business.

I remembered Who I was and Whose I was.  And I showed up as the woman who sells High-Ticket Coaching Offers at any amount.

Fear bored the heck out of me.  And I recognized what my time on this planet is worth.

So, I streamlined my life and business and stripped away all the Shoulds, created a business aligned with my uniqueness and my gifts.

I became Unapologetically Unrealistic and Stepped Out in Faith.

And Life got significantly better.  I invested in my first High-Ticket Business Coach without knowing exactly how or where I’d find the money to pay her.

Betting on myself and investing in myself at such a higher level changed the trajectory of my life and business.

I created $20K Days (without any social media or Ads) and I increased my average annual income by over 700%.

I created bespoke, custom strategies and systems that aligned with my lifestyle, my energy and desires, and my divine intuitive brilliance.

I created the clarity and confidence to create transformational life altering coaching offers, and cater ONLY to the Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients who value it.

Yes, we’re meant to thrive with dream clients and work we love!

In 2017, I went from charging $550 a month to easily selling my first High-End Offer for $6500, and in December 2017, I sold my first $15,000 High-Ticket Coaching Offer.

That was my easiest sale ever!

I connected to the frequency of luxury and abundance and ditched the drama.  And mastered creating more exponential outcomes in less time than most people find normal.

I’ve distinguished myself from the sea of business coaches with an elite High-Ticket Coaching Niche that combines my expertise as an Accountant, Attorney, Artist, Business Coach for Women, a Certified Holistic Health Coach for Women, a Certified Spiritual Life Coach for Women and a Money Mindset Coach to support women coaches to…

Be in Ease and Flow, and Play More,

Make a Lot of Money and IMPACT,

Look and Feel Great Naked, and

Source their Freedom and Worth from their Divinity.

Spiritual Women Coaches who want to Play a Bigger Impact Game and are NOT Afraid to Claim their Joy, Wealth and Health.

My Signature High-Ticket Coaching Program, The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience, is NOT a One Size Fits All High-Ticket Coaching Offer.

It holds ONLY the Version of You that Wants to Expand, Go Big, Play Big, Be Big and Share Bigger.

Because the more money you make in your High-Ticket Coaching Business, the more impact you make in the world, and the more you can sow into the work of God’s Kingdom.

And, now, I’m joyfully doing the work I love and living my IMPACT dream; creating massive impact for women and children around the world.

Coaching Women Coaches makes my soul happy!  I love what I do, and who I do it with.

And that’s why I cannot wait to meet you.

If you’re still here it means, You’re Absolutely Ready Now to create your own version of a wildly successful life and business.

Working with me is a discreet confidential partnership that amplifies your genius, and elevates your spirituality, your mindset, your life, your business, your health, your relationships, and your body.

It changes you.

It changes your daily habits.

It changes who you are being.

You’ll have Freedom everywhere in your life.

Congratulations!  You’re finally remembering who you are and owning your worth!

Extraordinary Women deserve Extraordinary Support.

My business is designed around my life.  I’m also a grateful mum to an amazing 9-year old, a Lifelong Learner, Fashion Designer & Boutique Owner, Artist and Weight Loss & Hormone Health Coach for Women Entrepreneurs.   I’m a former Defense Attorney, Prosecutor and Accountant.

In addition to my law, accounting and MBA degrees, I am a trained Business and Money Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs (Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® Coach Training), and Big Money Business Coach for Business Owners.

I am also a trained Ontological Coach (the study of being), Leadership Coach and Facilitative Coach (goal and project design + strategic action).  I am a graduate of the International Coach Federation-certified Accomplishment Coaching and Leadership Training Program.

I am also a certified Spiritual Life Coach and Holistic Health Coach for Women from the International Coach Federation-certified Health Coaching Institute.

To serve you as best as possible with coaching for women, I work with my own Coaches every week, and I invest in my coaching skills daily, weekly and monthly with extensive reading, intensive training programs, and deep transformative inner work.

I am also a Certified Life Purpose Coach for Women, Certified Yoga Life Coach for Women, and a member of the International Coach Federation.

Thanks to my personal experience and training, I love partnering with inspiring women like you to co-create a successful business, life and relationships. 

If you’re ready for success in your life and business – creating $25K, $50K or $100K transformational High-Ticket Coaching Offers, Gently Calling in your Aligned High-Ticket Clients, Mastering High-Ticket Sales, Confidently Selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers, Letting go of Perfectionism and Staying in Joy and Flow with your Mission – then let’s chat!

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Professional Bio

Described as an “African girl with a dream,” MiMi Dabo, MBA, CPA, JD, is the Owner and Midwife of The Prosperous Womb, and Grown Women Eat Real Food, and the Creator of The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Midwife CEO™ Visionary Signature System.

She has birthed SuperNatural, The High-Ticket Profit Explosion VIP Day, The High-Ticket Profit Explosion HeartBeat Connection, and The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Workshops.

MiMi is the Host of The High-Ticket Profit Explosion Minute with MiMi Dabo, and Author of the Upcoming NYT Bestseller, High-Ticket Profit Explosion, Girl Get Your Life, Legacy and Profits Off the Table (October 2024).

She is also CEO, designer and maker for her fashion brand, Miatta MiMi, which includes Boutique Mix and Baby Okra Boutique, and the Founder of the Miatta-MiMi ‘Do Good While You Shop Campaign,’ which benefits various women and children’s charities.

An attorney and accountant, MiMi Dabo is a passionate advocate for women being leaders who unapologetically own their value, lead with authenticity, and share their gifts with the world.

Committed to empowering 1,000,000 women to thrive in every area of business, life, and health, she left a 15-year litigation career to be a High-Ticket Profit Explosion Business Coach for Women Coaches, as well as a Holistic Weight Loss and Hormonal Health Coach for Women Entrepreneurs over 40.

MiMi holds sacred space for Spiritual Women Coaches and Christian Women Coaches to tune in to what God says about them, let go of doubt and BE who He says they are, so that they serve DEEPER with Bespoke, High-Value, Transformational High-Ticket Coaching Offers and co-create Holistic Wealth with a Simple + Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Boutique.

She is also an Intuitive Leadership Coach and High-Ticket Sales Coach for the WGR Organization.  (The ‘Women in Government Relations’ Organization).

MiMi began her legal career clerking on the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and the United States District Court for Maryland.  She later spent six years as a White-Collar Criminal Defense litigator in private practice, representing CEOs, corporate executives and companies in a diverse range of cases.

She subsequently left private practice to join the World Bank where she spent seven years prosecuting Fraud and Corruption Sanctions Cases on behalf of the Bank.  In her combined private and public legal practice, MiMi has investigated cases and litigated in countries, including Afghanistan, Canada, France, Germany, India, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Namibia, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, Uganda, and the United States, among others.

She has been featured in major media such as The Huffington Post, and she volunteers as a Joy Mentor and Arts and Crafts Teacher with Elementary schools and Daycares, and as a Faith-based Sunday School Teacher for Kids.

MiMi has a J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law, where she was the co-recipient of the Law School Faculty Award for Unusual Leadership and Service and served as the Editor-In-Chief of the Intellectual Property Law Journal, and Staff Member of the Law Review, among others.  She obtained her MBA, and her B.Sc., in Accounting with a Minor in French, from Morgan State University.  She passed her Certified Public Accountancy Examination in August 2003.

She is also a Certified Life Purpose Coach for Women, and Yoga Life Coach for Women.

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