I Help Women
entrepreneurs & coaches

Fearlessly & confidently create, market & sell $25K+ High-Ticket Coaching and Consulting Packages to their ideal clients in profitable niches without complicated business strategies or funnels, wasting time & money on another generic online group coaching course, or working harder.

High-Ticket Business Coaching & Money Mindset Mastery
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Female Entrepreneurs & Coaches, Offering High-Ticket Packages Creates Better Results & Return on Investment for Your Clients, and Supports You to Work at Your Highest Level

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High-Ticket Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs & Money Mindset Expert 

Intuitive Leadership Business Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches

Who Want to Drop the Excuses, Own their Value  and Create Better Results

with High-Ticket Packages of $25,000 and Higher

So that they Enjoy Higher Profits, Impact, Wealth, Better Health

and Significant Time and Money Freedom.


Dear service-based Female Entrepreneur, Coach or Consultant,

Are you still charging less than $25,000 for your highest level services?

Are you conflicted over raising your prices or charging more for your work?

Are you uninspired by your business goals and settling for artificial ceilings of $10K or $20k months, or dealing with complicated sales funnels and clients who stress you out?

Do you know deep down that you’re working harder without making more money?

Are you trading time for money by stuffing $10,000 worth of value into a $1,997 or $3,500 offer, or still charging by the hour, by the number of sessions or even by month?

Are you frustrated with complicated business strategies that don’t give you the income and profits you really want?

Are you burnt-out trying to fit your business into someone else’s template or wasting time and money on another online business coaching group course?

Are you afraid or nervous to talk about about the investment in your services because you think you’re charging too much?

Are you ready to finally market to the ideal High-Ticket clients you want to work with rather than only those clients you think you’re qualified to serve?

Are you ready to up level your beliefs,  step into the identity of the woman entrepreneur who trust’s herself to create a profitable High-Ticket Coaching or Consulting business and let go of copying your business guru’s funnels, templates and strategies?

Are you ready to play a more expansive game, shrink time and space and create your current monthly income in one week?

Are you ready for your business to be the answer to someone’s prayers so that they can create the results they’ve been waiting for?

Are you ready to raise your prices and work with your next level clients and finally buy your dream beach home or travel to all your favorite places?

Are you ready to work with clients who are happy to pay $25K or $50K and higher for High-Ticket Packages that create exponential results?

Are you ready to stop being everything to everyone and create marketing messages only for your ideal High-Ticket coaching or consulting clients?

Are you committed to letting go of perfectionism, overwhelm and complicated sales funnels or stressful marketing for a simple High-Ticket business model that supports you to serve at your highest level?

Are you ready to make High-Ticket sales conversations easier, and confidently talk about the money part?

Are you ready to let things be easier, to create better choices, to serve your clients at your highest level, and get paid very well working with only a few High-Ticket clients?

Are you ready to say bye to doing ALL of the shiny things, and create simple systems and processes that work for you, and co-create and implement a business strategy that gets you where you’re going, without doing more work?


MiMi Dabo Business Coach for Women


Cue the Confetti!

The Great News Is….

You’ve taken your first step to STOP under-charging, over-working, over-delivering and feeling guilty, sleazy or overwhelmed when it comes to owning your value or charging for your work.

Congratulations!  You’ve made the decision to create High-Ticket Packages and work with High-Ticket clients who want to invest in themselves at a higher level.

Changing the way you offer your services can create more value for your ideal clients and make it easier for them to say YES to investing in themselves and working with you.

You’re finally tapping into your intuition and owning your worth so that you serve your ideal High-Ticket clients (who are everywhere) from your zone of genius, and finally get your life back. 

Exclusively for Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches Who Want to Work Less and Make More Impact, while Enjoying More Profits, More Energy, More Life, Better Health and Time Freedom.

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Welcome, I’m MiMi Dabo, and I’m a High-Ticket Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants & a Money Mindset Expert for Women in Business.


I’m also a Lifelong Learner, Fashion Designer & Artist, Boutique Owner & Stylist, and Weight Loss & Hormone Health Coach for Women Entrepreneurs.   I’m a former Defense Attorney, Prosecutor and Accountant.

In addition to my law, accounting and MBA degrees, I am a trained Business and Money Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs (Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® Coach Training), and Big Money Business Coach for Business Owners.

I am also a trained Life Coach, Leadership Coach and Facilitative Coach (goal and project design + strategic action).  I am a graduate of the International Coach Federation-certified Accomplishment Coaching and Leadership Training Program.

I am also a soon-to-be certified Life Coach and Health Coach for Women (International Coach Federation-certified Health Coaching Institute).

To serve you as best as possible with coaching for women, I work with my own High Ticket Coaches every week, and I invest in my coaching skills daily, weekly and monthly with extensive reading, intensive premium coaching and training programs, and deep transformative inner work.

In addition to being a High-Ticket Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, I am also a Certified Life Purpose Coach for Women, Certified Yoga Life Coach for Women, and a member of the International Coach Federation.

Exclusively for Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches Who Are Ready to Work Less and Make More, while Enjoying More Profits, Time Freedom, Energy, Health and Life.

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