The High-Ticket Business Coach for Spiritual Women Coaches Creating Generational Wealth.

I Support Spiritual Women Coaches to Co-Create a SIMPLE High-Ticket Coaching Boutique and Confidently Sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers, so that they Joyfully Add Multiple 6 or 7 Figures without Sacrificing their Faith, Family, Freedom, Peace or Gifts.
The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience. An Exclusive, High-End 18-Month, One-to-One, Private and Faith-Filled Experience for the Elite Woman Coach Who Wants to do Business Her Way AND Has a Burning Desire to Serve and Be Luxuriously Paid.
high ticket business coach for spiritual female coaches

Dear Spiritual Female Coach,

You’re a Powerful, Intuitive Woman Who’s Ready to Quantum Leap Every Area of Your Life.

You’re Ready for a Profitable High-Ticket Coaching Business that Supports You to Finally Enjoy the Pleasure, Joy, Freedom and Flexibility You’ve Been Craving.

You’re Ready for an Intimate, Private Coaching Relationship that Supports You to Unleash ALL Your Divine Gifts without Feeling Like Just Another Credit Card in a Coaching Mastermind.

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The High-Ticket Business Coach for Spiritual Female Coaches & Money Mindset Expert for Women Entrepreneurs

You Love God, Yourself and Others. 

There is a Calling Inside Your Heart to Be God’s Blessing in the World.

You Have a Burning Desire to Serve the Heck Out of the People You’re Here to Impact.

You Trust Your Intuition and Fear Bores You.

You’re Unapologetically Unrealistic and Ready to Step Out in Faith.

You Want to Play a More Expansive Game, Collapse Time and Space, and Add multiple 6 or 7 Figures in Less Time with More Freedom, Joy and Pleasure.

You’re Ready to Create Generational Wealth and Leave a Lasting Legacy. 

Let’s Call In Your Aligned High-Ticket Clients and Sell Your High-Ticket Coaching Offers.



Your Life is Already Quite Good.

Your Coaching Business is Doing Well.

AND You Unapologetically Want SOUL FREEDOM.

You’re Ready to Expand and Quantum Leap to Multiple 6 Figures or 7 Figures, Create Impact and Wealth and Do More Good in the World.

You Don’t Need  a Coach, but You Know You Deserve One.

You Want to Be Paid Extremely Well for Your Coaching Services, without Compromising Your Personal Relationship with God.

It doesn’t matter if You’re a Life Coach for Women, Health Coach, Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Weight Loss Coach, Intimacy Coach, Business Coach or Relationship Coach.

You want a Profitable Coaching Business with a Signature High-Ticket Coaching Offer that Gives You the Choices, Opportunities and Freedom to Enjoy Your Passions, Hobbies and Time with Family.

You’re ready to Powerfully and Intentionally Create Aligned Strategies, Systems and Processes that Support You to Add Multiple 6 Figures or 7 Figures to Your High-Ticket Coaching Business with Ease.

You’re done Sacrificing your Life, Freedom, Health, Sanity, and Quality Time with God and Your Family, to Scale Your Coaching Income to Multiple 6 Figures or 7 Figures.

You’re done Feeling Like another Credit Card number in yet another High-Vibe Group Coaching program Masquerading as an Elite Coaching Mastermind.

You’re NOT Aligned with Spending Time or Money on Expensive Facebook Ads, Mega Launches, Stressful Sales Funnels or Spending Endless Hours on Social Media.

You want Fast Results and Exponential Transformation without Sacrificing your Individuality or Sharing the Room with 100 Other Women.

You’re done Trying to Hide Your Divine Gifts inside another Coaching Guru’s Blueprint, or Outdated Cookie-Cutter Box that wasn’t Meant for Your Expansive Life and Vision.

You’re savvy enough to Know that a One Size Fits All Coaching Business Formula Is NOT for You.

You’re ready to Simplify Your Life and Business with a Simple High-Ticket Business Model, Selling Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

You’re ready to work Exclusively with only a Handful of Your Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients, while Having Fun Impacting Millions.

You’re excited to add an Extra 15 to 20 hours of FREE time to Your Week, while adding Multiple 6 Figures or 7 Figures to your Income.

You’re ready to Create a High Value and Transformational High-Ticket Signature Offer with an Exponential Return on Investment for your Soul High-Ticket Coaching Clients.

You’re ready for a Soul Connection with Your Aligned High-Ticket Coaching Clients who Easily Find You and Are Happy to Pay Whatever You Charge.

You’re Finally Ready to Enjoy  Aligned and Pleasurable High-Ticket Sales; to Sell Effortlessly without Relying on a Sales Strategy or Script that Makes You Cringe.

You Didn’t Get into Coaching for It to Run Your Life. 

For You, it’s Not Just about Adding Multiple 6 Figures or 7 Figures to Your Coaching Income. 

It’s More About the Quality of Life You Get to Step Into for the Rest of Your Life and the Impact this Will have on You, Your Family, and Everyone in Your Life.

It’s Time to Step Out in Faith and Give Yourself Permission to Take In the Best Nourishment that Supports You to Expand and Play Full Out.

Are you ready to play a more expansive game, collapse time and space and make multiple 6 Figures or 7 Figures in less time with more freedom, joy and pleasure?


Cue the Champagne!

The Great News Is….

You’re Finally Tuning in to What God Says About You and Tapping into the Greatness He Put in You.

You’re Ready to Be a Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™.

This is NOT a One Size Fits All High-Ticket Coaching Experience.

The Divine Intuitive MILLIONAIRE™ Experience holds the Version of You that Wants to Expand, Go Big, Play Big, Be Big and Share Big.

An Exclusive, Private 18-month Coaching Experience for Elite Women Coaches who want to Do MORE Good in the World without Sacrificing their Faith, Freedom, Joy and Family.

Because the more money you make in your High-Ticket Coaching Business, the more impact you make in the world, and the more you can sow into the work of God’s Kingdom.

You’re Absolutely Ready Now.

Congratulations!  You’re finally owning your worth, taking up space, letting your light shine, and unapologetically making powerful decisions from a place of divine gratitude, abundance, truth, alignment and pleasure.

You’re Meant to be enjoying More Wealth.  More Pleasure.  More Health.  More Impact.  More Power.  More Love.  More Ease.  More Life.  And More FUN and JOY in your Life, Relationships and High-Ticket Coaching Business.

Exclusively for Spiritual Female Coaches Who Want to Scale and Sell $25K, $50K and $100K Signature Coaching Offers and Quickly add Multiple 6-Figures or 7-Figures to their Income.

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Welcome!  Hi again.

I’m MiMi Dabo, The High-Ticket Business Coach for Spiritual Women Coaches and Money Mindset Expert for Women Entrepreneurs.


I’m also a grateful mum to an amazing 9-year old, a Lifelong Learner, Fashion Designer & Boutique Owner, Artist and Weight Loss & Hormone Health Coach for Women Entrepreneurs.   I’m a former Defense Attorney, Prosecutor and Accountant.

In addition to my law, accounting and MBA degrees, I am a trained Business Coach for Women Coaches and Money Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs (Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® Coach Training), and Big Money Business Coach for Business Owners.

I am also a trained Life Coach, Leadership Coach and Facilitative Coach  and  graduate of the ICF-certified Accomplishment Coaching and Leadership Training Program.  I’m an almost-certified Spiritual Life Coach for Women and Holistic Health Coach for Women, with the ICF-certified Health Coaching Institute.

To serve you as best as possible with coaching for women, I work with my own High-Ticket Business and Life Coaches every week, and I invest in my coaching skills daily, weekly and monthly with extensive reading, intensive premium coaching and training programs, and deep transformative inner work.

In addition to being a High-Ticket Business Coach for Women Coaches, I am also a Certified Life Purpose Coach for Women Coaches, a Certified Yoga Life Coach for Women Coaches, and a member of the ICF.

Exclusively for Spiritual Women Coaches Who Are Ready to Step Out in Faith and Focus on the Transformation.

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