Relationship Coaching for Business Women


What if you could stop asking…

Was I ever enough?

What is wrong with me?

What if…

You could bounce back, and create the life and business you truly want.

You could confidently create a life and business where you are Enough + Soul Happy.

You could be the business woman you were created to be?

You could build the relationship of your dreams, starting with you?

Are you struggling with anger, guilt, and fear as you navigate the future of your business and your personal life?

Maybe you’re dealing with shame or guilt over the breakdown of the relationship, and you’re barely coping at home and in the business.

Your breakdown is killing your profit margins.   Your clients or customers need you, but business is the last thing on your mind.

Your family needs you, but you’re at your breaking point.

You’re stuck.  Yet, you know it’s time for your breakthrough.

It’s time to step out in faith, uncover your possibilities, and take your life and business back.

Are you ready to jump off the emotional and mental rollercoaster of your breakup, separation or divorce and bounce back?

Are you ready for a stronger, healthier, and powerful “renewed” you?

Are you ready to take control of your life and business, and receive the emotional and practical support to help you navigate this journey?

Any kind of breakup or separation is hard, and divorce is one of the biggest breakdowns in life.

I get it, and that’s why I do this work.

I am a Transformational Life and Business Coach trained in both ontological coaching (the study of being) as well as facilitative coaching (goal and project design + strategic action).

I support extraordinary business women like you to turn your heartbreak into the best thing that ever happened to you.

I work with business women and entrepreneurs who feel unfulfilled in their marriage, want to communicate effectively, and increase emotional or physical intimacy and passion so they can end loneliness and conflict, and reduce any negative impact on their business.

I work with business women or entrepreneurs going through a breakup, separation or divorce. I help you thrive beyond the end of the relationship so that you regain confidence and self-esteem rebuild your life and business, with limited negative impact on your revenue, profit margin, team or vision.

business coach for women entrepreneurs

Growing up, my life vision was to start a women’s fashion company, and a life coaching business to empower women to create their best lives.

Multiple college degrees later, and 15 years after settling for a safe litigation career over my passion, I was still stuck in my comfort zone and grateful for a job that paid my bills.

But my soul was not happy. I was unfulfilled and felt like a fraud for not doing work aligned with my core values.

Stressed, burnt-out and navigating health issues, I was still living in fear and doubt that I would fail if I followed my dreams.

So, I moved along with life, got married, and had a baby.  Life was safe, predictable and secure.

And then my marriage fell apart.

Numb and in shock, I lost my identity and lived with guilt as I dealt with the impact of this transition on my 17-month old daughter.

Paralyzed with fear, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and zero worth as a woman, the only thing I excelled at was being a mom.

Emotionally and physically exhausted, I was unable to concentrate. I struggled with guilt over my decreasing performance at work.  My business fell apart.  I lost my website and my clients.  I lost all interest in making the impact I had always dreamed of creating with my business.

I wanted to move forward with my life, but I had no idea how. I was stuck in therapy for 3 years painfully replaying my past.

So, I prayed for wisdom. I ignored all my “I don’t have the money or time” scarcity stories, and hired a Transformational Life Coach to help me gain clarity so that I could develop a better relationship with myself, and create a life that made my soul happy.

One month later, I had prioritized my health and wellbeing, and gained clarity around what really mattered to me from the inside out. I learned to focus on who I was being rather than what I was doing.

Two months later, I enrolled in a top Life Coach Training Program.

Four months later, I enrolled in regular sewing classes, grew my fashion business from a hobby to four online stores, and increased my average annual fashion revenue by over 700%.

Six months later, I was knee-deep into my five-year action plan, creating coaching programs and products for powerful women like you.

Today, I’m creating the beautiful life I truly want, and I’m here to serve you powerfully and purposefully.

You too can create your version of the life of your dreams. My vision is to co-create this transformational experience for as many of you amazing women who choose this journey.

No matter how great, how smart, or how rich you are, life happens. And when it comes to relationship breakdowns, there is the never-ending roller coaster ride of all-consuming and often contradictory emotions.

With so many challenging and often painful decisions to make, it is the perfect recipe for being stuck in rut with hidden self-limiting beliefs, subconscious mental and emotional blocks, and all the stories you have told yourself through the years.

Juggling feelings of disappointment, anger, betrayal, unforgiveness, hurt, sadness, resentment, unfairness or loss, there are so many unknowns about the future.

From finances, to career, family and personal relationships, there is so much to consider.

And yes, it takes a significant toll on every aspect of your life and business.

I’ve been there, and I know it’s not a pretty place to settle!

As your Coach, I will stand for you and your business, and relate to you as the greatest version of yourself.

I hold you accountable for your goals and vision, and challenge you, support you, and provide the tools necessary to get you to your powerful breakthrough.

Are you ready for this journey to REINVENT yourself in my Private Individual Programs or with a small group of amazing women just like you who want to bounce back and create the life and business they truly want?

The Experience

If you’re ready to accelerate your breakthrough to close the gap between where you are now, and where you really want to be emotionally, physically and mentally, then this transformational coaching experience will empower you to reconnect with yourself, and create something sweeter, better and even more beautiful than your past.

The “Enough + Soul Happy” experience will give you the safe and supportive space to overcome negative emotions, get unstuck, and discover what truly makes your soul happy so you can bounce back, create your breakthrough, and REINVENT your life.

Step into a transformational experience designed to give you the clarity and breathing room to rebuild your life.

Relationship Coaching Is NOT for Everyone.  Apply to Work with Me ONLY IF YOU WANT TO:

(1) Lose the overwhelm, anxiety, hopelessness and defeat, and GAIN clarity for your vision

(2) Lose the hurt, regret, shame, guilt, and “I am not Enough badge” and GAIN self-esteem and self-love

(3) Lose the anger, blame, unforgiveness and resentment, and GAIN forgiveness, inner peace and joy

(4) Lose the fear, doubt, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and GAIN self-confidence and courage

(5) Lose the inner critic voice of failure or disappointing yourself or others, and GAIN sleep every night

(6) Lose the mental and emotional blocks that keep you stuck, and GAIN a powerful mindset to shift your relationship to fear, doubt, guilt, shame, overwhelm, self-limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk;

(7) Lose the limiting body image beliefs and, PRIORITIZE wellbeing so you can feel and look good naked;

(8) Lose the self-limiting money stories and, GAIN financial skills to pay off debt and save money;

(9) Lose the newly single parent confusion, and GRACEFULLY deal with, or co-parent with your ex

(10) Lose the self-sabotage and stop making costly mistakes, so you can CREATE your new life vision

(11) Lose the procrastination and CREATE an actionable strategy with SMART goals

(12) Lose the time scarcity stories and TAKE targeted action steps to create your new life

(13) Lose who/what drains you and CREATE an optimal environment that nurtures and serves you

(14) Lose the lack of focus and GAIN a new perspective so you can create freedom and success on your terms in love, life and work/business; and

(15) Lose the barely coping beliefs and CONFIDENTLY TRANSITION into your next financial, emotional, physical, personal, professional, romantic or parenting chapter.

Transition with confidence into the next phase of your life as you transform your body, soul and mind.

Are you ready to shift your relationship to the stories and beliefs that have you scared to take the next step?

With coaching, support and accountability, you will get the clarity around your vision, reconnect with your passion and design the life you truly want.

Ways We Work Together

1-on-1 Coaching

The “Enough + Soul Happy” Private Coaching Program for Individuals is a 6-month or 12-month coaching relationship.

After the mental, emotional and physical rollercoaster of the breakdown of your relationship, coupled with a lifetime of creating and practicing limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, it takes at least a 6-month commitment to realize transformation that translates into tangible benefits, and lasting optimal results.

All calls are virtual so that you can join me from anywhere in the world.

Learn more!  Click here to view the details of the Program.

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Group Coaching

You are not alone. If you want the support of a committed group of women on the same journey, then join this small intimate group for a 6-month transformational experience that will empower you to reconnect with yourself.

You will walk away from the program knowing you are confident enough; strong enough; beautiful enough; powerful enough; smart enough; and sexy enough.

Develop the clarity, joy and inner peace to create the vision and life that nurtures and serves you.

All calls are virtual so that you can join me from anywhere in the world.

Learn more!  Click here to view the details of the Program.

V.I.P. Days

If you’re tired of feeling sad and stuck in your breakdown, and you’re looking for a powerful 1-day breakthrough, then the “Enough + Soul Happy” VIP Day is perfect for you.

What is possible, if in just one day you gain your ultimate breakthrough?

Empower yourself with support, clarity, self-love, self-esteem, inner peace, joy, tools, a vision, practical strategies and a plan for creating the life you truly want.

Learn more!  Click here to view the details of the Program.