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You’re a business owner, entrepreneur or life coach who wants to make a difference in the world.

You want to double, triple or even 10X your business income while working less and making more impact.

You want to create premium brand and ideal clients, package your products/services, charge premium prices, up level your leadership, build a highly profitable business, AND give back.

You want to get over your money blocks and limiting beliefs so that you can stop overworking and undercharging, and own your value without guilt.

You want to fully enjoy the people and things you treasure in your life.


But you’re stuck.

Maybe you’re struggling to create the shift from daily stress, overwhelm and burn-out to running a business aligned with your life purpose and core values.

A business that gives you the FLEXIBLITY to work less so that you can ENJOY more FREEDOM, TIME, MONEY, ABUNDANCE and IMPACT.

You know you’ve been under charging and over-delivering, and you wish you had someone to help you price your services and encourage full pay clients.

You love what you do but aren’t certain how to organize your expertise into lucrative, client-attracting packages.

You keep thinking, “Do I have the right niche?!” but you’re not sure so you end up trying to serve everybody, even clients who drain your time and energy.

You crave having a brand that captures your unique spirit, personality and passion, positioning you to powerfully stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd.

You feel in your heart that your mindset about money could definitely benefit from a makeover.

You feel nervous every time you talk with a prospective client, knowing you’re not quite sure of what to say when it comes to the money part.

And every now and then, you wonder whether quitting your “safe” job to create your own business was a bad idea.



For a high-performing business woman like yourself, anything that keeps you from being your best in life and business can be challenging.

I get it, and that’s why I do this work.

I have been described as an African girl with a dream.

Growing up, my dream was to create a support structure where no woman or child is ever left behind.

To provide support for 1,000,000 women to confidently provide food, shelter, clothing and the emotional + medical needs for their families.

I worked hard accumulating all the degrees I convinced myself I would need to make this dream come true.  I worked with various women’s and children’ s charities to kick start my vision.

But I was stuck.

So, I settled into my then-comfort zone, working as a white-collar defense attorney with a fashion side hustle.

Eight years later I moved the World Bank, where I knew for sure I would make the difference.

That didn’t happen.  I languished for another 7 years.  My work wasn’t aligned with my commitment.  Disillusioned, I stayed stuck, and grateful for the job.

But my soul was not happy.  I was unfulfilled and felt like a fraud for not doing work aligned with my life purpose and core values.

During that time, I got married.

And then my marriage fell apart.

Numb and in shock, I lost my identity and spent two years vacillating between pain of the impact of the breakup on my then 1.5-year-old daughter and the pain of not stepping up to empower women and children.

Emotionally drained and overwhelmed, I lost sight of my purpose.

Paralyzed with fear, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and zero worth as a woman, the only thing I excelled at was being a mom.

How could I empower any woman or child when I couldn’t even help myself?

Emotionally and physically exhausted, I was drowning in overwhelm.   

My fashion business fell apart.  I lost my website and my clients.  I lost all interest in making the impact I had always dreamed of creating with my business.

I wanted to bounce back and rebuild my business, but I was stuck.   Stuck in therapy replaying my past.

Overwhelmed with thoughts of all the breakup details I had to handle outside of my busy work schedule, I pushed my dreams for my business aside.

I was on the verge of an emotional and financial breakdown.

Then life threw a much bigger challenge, and I lost my best friend and mentor.  My rock and strength during both the best and worst times of my life.  I was devastated.

This loss made the end of marriage seem like a tiny bump in the road.

But the loss also gave me life.  It gave me clarity and courage to step into my purpose and vision for my life and business.

For the first time, I realized that my life purpose had nothing to do with me.  Instead, it had Everything to do with whom I was created to serve.

15 years later than I had planned, I finally stepped out in faith and quit my job to be who God was calling me to be.  It was the scariest, most exciting, most obedient, and most empowering moment of my life.

Faith taught me that my breakup was one of the most beautiful gifts in my life.

An opportunity to finally grow my fashion business and enroll in a coaching program that will empower me to make bigger impact in the lives of women entrepreneurs.

And then my inner critic and limiting beliefs showed up….

How would all this happen when I had no job and no money?

I was afraid.  What if I failed?

What if my well-meaning friends and family were right?  Maybe I shouldn’t have stepped out in faith.   Maybe I should have stayed at my “safe” job.


But, I couldn’t help asking, “If this breakup was a gift from God, what would it be?”

The gift of a journey that taught me to finally step up and show up; to finally become the woman God created me to be; to make a difference; to mobilize women entrepreneurs to change lives.

My life purpose was greater than any fear.

I prayed for wisdom.

I needed real transformative support to do something deeper in my life and business than just get me from point A to point B.   So, I put my money fears aside and invested in a Life Coach.

Choosing to invest in coaching changed my perspective, my life and my business vision.

I stopped waiting to be happy or fulfilled until only after A, B and C fall into place.

One month later, I prioritized my health and wellbeing, and gained clarity in my life and business.  I learned to focus on who I was being rather than what I was doing.

Two months later, I enrolled in a top International Coach Federation-accredited coach training program.

Four months later, I shifted my Money MINDSET, and limiting beliefs around time, accountability and overwhelm, created an inspiring business vision and brand, mastered my pricing, niche and ideal clients, and subsequently increased my average annual fashion business income by over 700%.

A year later, I learned how to BE, DO and CREATE my life and business in a way that was soul-happy.

Transforming what felt overwhelming in my life and business into ease and flow, in a way that feels powerfully authentic for me.

My soul is happy!  I love what I do, and who I do it with.

I am inspired, blessed and humbled everyday by the opportunity to see women creating thriving businesses, living their best lives and giving back.

The fact that they make money from their purpose and passion is just the icing on the cake.

Extraordinary women deserve extraordinary support.

In addition to my legal, accounting and MBA degrees, I am a trained Business and Money Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs (Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® Coach Training), and Big Money Business Coach for Business Owners.

I am also a trained Ontological Coach (the study of being), Leadership Coach and Facilitative Coach (goal and project design + strategic action).  I am a graduate of the International Coach Federation-certified Accomplishment Coaching and Leadership Training Program.

I am a Certified Life Purpose Coach, and a member of the International Coach Federation.

Thanks to my personal experience and training, I love partnering with inspiring women like you to co-create a successful business, life and relationships. 

If you’re ready for success in your life and business – creating lucrative new programs, charging what you’re worth, letting go of perfectionism & overwhelm, and pressing reset on your money mindset – then let’s chat! 

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Professional Bio

Described as an “African girl with a dream,” MiMi Dabo is the CEO of MiMi Dabo Coaching.  She is also CEO of her fashion brand, Miatta MiMi, and is the designer and maker for her fashion lines Boutique Mix and Baby Okra Boutique.  MiMi is the founder of the Miatta-MiMi ‘Do Good While You Shop Campaign,’ which benefits various women and children’s charities.

A designer + stylist, artist, accountant and entrepreneur, MiMi is also a passionate advocate for women creating a vision for their best lives.  Committed to empowering 1,000,000 women to confidently provide food, shelter, clothing and medical +emotional support for their families, she left a 15-year litigation career to become a Life and Business Coach for Women.

MiMi works with high-performing women who are committed to making an impact in the world.  She supports business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches who want to make a difference, to confidently create soul-happy 6-figure+ businesses and their dream lifestyles.

MiMi began her legal career clerking on the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and the Federal District Court for Maryland.  She later spent six years as a White-Collar Criminal Defense litigator in private practice, representing CEOs, corporate executives and companies in a diverse range of cases.

She subsequently left private practice to join the World Bank where she spent seven years prosecuting Fraud and Corruption Sanctions Cases on behalf of the Bank.  In her combined private and public legal practice, MiMi has investigated cases and litigated in countries, including Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Lebanon, Namibia, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, Uganda, and the United States, among others.

She has been featured in major media such as The Huffington Post, and she volunteers regularly as an arts and crafts teacher/mentor with a Washington D.C. elementary school and local day care.

MiMi has a J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law, where she was the co-recipient of the Law School Faculty Award, and served as the Editor-In-Chief of the Intellectual Property Law Journal, and Staff Member of the Law Review, among others.  She obtained her MBA, and her B.Sc., in Accounting from Morgan State University.  She passed her Certified Public Accountancy Examination in August 2003.