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You’re successful, smart and driven. On the outside, it looks like you have it all, but inside you’re unfulfilled or falling apart.

You’re struggling with the end of your relationship. You’re tired, anxious, overwhelmed, angry, hurt, and reeling from grief and shock.

You’re worried about the kids. You’re unable to concentrate at work. And the stress is having a negative impact on your productivity at work and at home.

Just showing up at your work or business is tough.

You’re questioning whether you were Enough, and worried about how you’re going to balance this emotional crisis with your commitment to doing a good job with your staff, clients or business.

You’re feeling lost and confused, and wonder if you’ll ever stop obsessing about what went wrong.

For a high-performing woman like yourself, anything that keeps you from being your best in life can be traumatic.

You’re constantly riding a rollercoaster of painful and contradictory emotions.

You’ve lost sight of life vision and goals.

Any kind of breakup or separation is hard, and divorce is one of the biggest breakdowns in life. I get it, and that’s why I do this work.

I spent 15 years running away from my dreams.

Growing up, my life vision was to start a women’s fashion company, and a life coaching business to empower women to create their best lives.

Multiple college degrees later, and 15 years after settling for a safe litigation career over my passion, I was still stuck in my comfort zone and grateful for a job that paid my bills.

But my soul was not happy. I was unfulfilled and felt like a fraud for not doing work aligned with my core values.

Stressed, burnt-out and navigating health issues, I was still living in fear and doubt that I would fail if I followed my dreams.

So, I moved along with life.  I got married and had a baby.   Life was safe, predictable and secure.

And then my marriage fell apart.

Numb and in shock, I lost my identity and lived with guilt as I dealt with the impact of this transition on my 17-month old daughter.

Emotionally drained, overwhelmed, and unamused, I was flung into the world of divorce attorneys, a challenging co-parenting mediator, and play therapy.

Paralyzed with fear, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and zero worth as a woman, the only thing I excelled at was being a mom.

I obsessively thought about what went wrong, what I could have done, who I could have been.

I lost weight.  I lost sleep.  I hated my body.  I wore sweatpants under my skinny jeans just to keep them up.

I worried about my daughter’s future.  My inner critic created stories and limiting beliefs about how this would affect her life.

Emotionally and physically exhausted, I was unable to concentrate. I struggled with guilt over my decreasing performance at work.  My business fell apart.  I lost my website and my clients.  I lost all interest in making the impact I had always dreamed of creating with my business.

I wanted to move forward with my life, but I had no idea how. I was stuck in therapy replaying my past.

I found solace in my faith and my church family. But I couldn’t breathe at work. I felt overwhelmed with thoughts of all the details of the breakup I had to handle outside of my busy work schedule.

I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown.  I didn’t think I could handle anything else.

Then life threw a much bigger challenge.  I lost my pastor and prayer buddy.  11 months later, I lost my best friend and mentor.  I lost the two people I counted on the most; the two men who had been my rock and my strength during my breakdown.  I was depressed.  I was devastated.  I felt like my heart had physically broken in half.

This loss made the end of marriage seem like a tiny bump in the road.

But the loss also gave me life.  It gave me strength, clarity and courage to step into my life purpose.

For my daughter’s sake and mine, and the memories of the two people who had stood by me, held me up, believed in me and prayed for me, it was time to bounce back and heal so I could create the purpose-driven, passionate, head-over-heels life God had put in my heart.  So that I could also give back.

I stepped out in faith and quit my job to be who God was calling me to be.  It was the scariest and most exciting day of my life.

Faith taught me that my breakup was one of the most beautiful gifts in my life.

A gift that I could use to impact lives.

A chance to REINVENT myself and create the life I had always imagined for myself and my family.

A chance to transform my relationship with myself and others, and live an authentic life.

An opportunity to finally start my fashion business, and enroll in a life coaching program.

I clung onto the words of Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.”

I was slowly moving from a state of confusion and overwhelm a to a place of joy, gratitude, forgiveness, and inner peace.

And then my inner critic showed up….

How would all this reinvention happen when I had no money, and I was holding on to the same limiting beliefs that had gotten me this far?

I was stuck. I was afraid. What if I failed?

What if my well-meaning friends and family were right, and I should just be realistic, stop taking risks and stay at my safe job.

Nope. Not me.

I CHOSE to ignore the negative talk.

I asked myself, “If this breakup was a gift from God, what would it be?

Then, I knew.  “I will use this experience to help other women bounce back from heartbreak, transform their relationships with themselves, and confidently REINVENT their lives.”

I prayed for wisdom.

I realized that I needed support. Not therapy. Not venting to friends. Not crying to family.

Real transformative support to do something deeper than just get me from point A to point B.  So, I put my fear of “I don’t have the money” aside, and invested in a Transformational life coach.

Coaching changed my perspective, my life and my business.

I stopped waiting to be happy until only after A, B and C fall into place.

One month later, I prioritized my health and wellbeing, and gained clarity around what really mattered to me from the inside out.  I learned to focus on who I was being rather than what I was doing.

Two months later, I enrolled in a top life coach training program.

Four months later, I shifted my limiting beliefs around money and time, created an inspiring business vision, and increased my average annual fashion business income by over 700%.

A year later, I learned how to BE, DO and CREATE my personal and business life in a way that was fun, playful, heart and soul-centered.  I had reinvented my life and chose to be around the people and things that made me a better human.  I was living my authentic life.  I was finally a Life Coach, Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur.

Working with my life coach empowered me to achieve my financial, business and career goals.

But the biggest value was both the holistic transformation my relationship to self and others, and my mindset shift.

This mindset shift was 100 times more powerful than any of degrees I had accumulated.

I changed my relationship to fear and doubt, which empowered me to change my words, which in turn changed my reality.

I grew in my faith with God, and got healing through forgiveness, gratitude and self-compassion.

With practical tools and strategies, I created awareness around my self-sabotaging patterns, and subconscious mental and emotional blocks.

This transformation gave me the clarity, confidence and recognition of value in myself to rebuild a beautiful authentic life with my daughter, create boundaries, prioritize wellbeing, and choose to live life from possibility.

I love what I do, and who I do it with.

Coaching is MY happy place.

I am inspired, blessed and humbled everyday by the opportunity to see women discovering, accepting, loving, and embracing who they were created to be.

The “Enough + Soul Happy” Reinvention is just the soulful icing on the cake.

Extraordinary women deserve extraordinary support.

Thanks to my personal experience and training, I love partnering with inspiring women like you to co-create this same shift in your lives.

A transformation so powerful that it permeates every area of your life with tangible benefits in your health, financial, personal and business life, as well as inner peace, clarity, and the power to move forward.

Whether you’re looking for a breakthrough because you’re bored, unfulfilled and stuck, and want to take your goals to the next level of your work or business,

or you’re ready to bounce back from a breakup, separation or divorce, I am here to support you.

Every month I keep limited Complimentary sessions available. If you believe you’re ready to move forward, then apply for a Complimentary and Confidential 60-minute Strategy Session to see what is possible for you if we work together.

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Professional Bio

Described as an “African girl with a dream,” MiMi Dabo is the CEO of MiMi Dabo Coaching.  She is also CEO of her fashion brand, Miatta MiMi, and is the designer and maker for her fashion lines Boutique Mix and Baby Okra Boutique.  MiMi is the founder of the Miatta-MiMi ‘Do Good While You Shop Campaign,’ which benefits various women and children’s charities.

A designer + stylist, artist, accountant and entrepreneur, MiMi is also a passionate advocate for women creating a vision for their best lives.  Committed to connecting women with their life purpose, and becoming everything they were created to be, she became a Life Coach and Business Coach for Business Women, Entrepreneurs and Coaches following a fifteen-year career as a lawyer.

MiMi works with high-performing women who are committed to making an impact in the world.  She supports business women, entrepreneurs and coaches to confidently create a highly profitable business, AND she helps women who hate their jobs to discover their purpose and create their dream business.

She also helps business women turn their heartbreak into the best thing that ever happened to them.  She supports them to bounce back from breakups, separation, and divorce so they can create a sweeter, better, beautiful life, and a thriving business.

MiMi began her legal career clerking on the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and the Federal District Court for Maryland.  She later spent six years as a White-Collar Criminal Defense litigator in private practice, representing CEOs, corporate executives and companies in a diverse range of cases.

She subsequently left private practice to join the World Bank where she spent seven years prosecuting Fraud and Corruption Sanctions Cases on behalf of the Bank.  In her combined private and public legal practice, MiMi has investigated cases and litigated in countries, including Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Lebanon, Namibia, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, Uganda, and the United States, among others.

She has been featured in major media such as The Huffington Post, and she volunteers regularly as an arts and crafts teacher/mentor with a Washington D.C. elementary school and local day care.

MiMi has a J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law, where she was the co-recipient of the Law School Faculty Award, and served as the Editor-In-Chief of the Intellectual Property Law Journal, and Staff Member of the Law Review, among others.  She obtained her MBA, and her B.Sc., in Accounting from Morgan State University.  She passed her Certified Public Accountancy Examination in August 2003.