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10x Money Mindset Circle for Women Entrepreneurs & Coaches 

Are you ready to kick frustration and feast or famine to the curb and reset your money mindset?

You’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur committed to creating a meaningful and successful business.

You’re asking “What does my Money Mindset have to do with my business?”

Your money mindset is your relationship to yourself and your self-worth + value, AND your relationship to, and attitude about money.

For women entrepreneurs and coaches, money mindset affects how we create income and what we tolerate in our lives.  It governs how we think and feel, and what we believe about ourselves and business.

It is the single most important key to creating a powerful vision and mission, setting bold and inspiring goals, authentic branding, effective marketing messages, attracting ideal clients in a viable niche, winning pricing strategies, enjoyable and powerful sales conversations and offers.

Not Willpower.  Not Hustle.  Not strategies.  Not training.  Not Intelligence.  Not another To Do List.

It’s all about the Inner Game.


But hold on!

Now you’re thinking this is a bunch of Bull….  After all, you’re smart, savvy and driven.

You’re curious and you want to know EXACTLY how your Money Mindset affects your business (especially your commitment to hitting your income goals this year).

Let’s look at 30 practical ways your Money Mindset may be sabotaging your business right now.

Do any of these sound familiar?


  • You’re afraid to ask for your money – You’re charging by the hour and working more hours for your clients than you’re getting paid now.
  • You’re struggling with burnout, overwhelm, self-sabotage and imposter syndrome – You’re starting to resent your life and business.
  • You’re afraid to ask for the value you know you/your services are worth and you’re scared to charge what you want – You’re underpricing and over-delivering because you’re worried no one will pay you.
  • You’re living on a feast or famine cycle – Your income is not consistent and you’re constantly riding the good month – bad month train wreck.
  • You think selling is sleazy – You’re not confident during your sales and enrollment conversations and cannot handle money objections.
  • You hate talking about money – You wish you could just skip the whole marketing/sales/pricing part and just focus on working with clients.
  • You’ve hit an income ceiling – You’ve been making the same amount of money each month for the last 12 months.
  • You keep thinking, “Do I have the right niche?!” – You’re not sure so you end up trying to serve everybody, even clients who cannot pay you and end up draining your time and energy.
  • You love what you do, but you can’t find the right clients –  You’re having trouble attracting and serving ideal clients that love working with you.
  • You’re stalking your competitors websites to copy exactly what they do – You don’t have an authentic, unique brand or clear marketing message.
  • You love what you do but you can’t articulate what you do – You don’t know how to organize your expertise into a signature system.
  • You’re still trading dollars for hours – You haven’t created lucrative, premium, client-attracting packages.
  • You’re still competing on price – You’re not confident about the value of your services.
  • You’re not building your know, like and trust factor – You’re not communicating with potential and current clients.
  • You’re great at making money, but you can’t seem to keep it around long enough – Your money is gone before you even receive it.
  • You having a hard time creating boundaries – Work/Life balance, Self-Care and Time Management Skills don’t exist in your world.
  • You’re not clear on your financial goals or business vision – You’re throwing spaghetti at the business strategy wall, hoping it finally sticks.
  • You’re pretending this is still a hobby -You’re afraid to admit what your challenges are costing you financially.
  • You’re feeling insecure and alternate between perfectionism and procrastination to stay stuck – fear of success, fear of visibility and fear of making more money.
  • You’re struggling with guilt and shame about having debt or “a lot of money.”
  • You’re trapped on scarcity island – You never have enough time or money and as soon as you get money something else comes up to take it away fast.
  • You’re confusing your business with your spirituality – You’re too spiritual to charge for your services so you’re working for free.
  • You’ve lost your passion and lost sight of your WHY – You’re dreaming of going back to the corporate life.
  • You’re feeling trapped by your business and isolated – You feel that no one understands what you’re going through.
  • You’re overworking – You think you have to work really hard AND stress really hard to make money.
  • You’re having difficulty delegating or building an effective team.
  • You’re not making money – You’re living client to client and you’re stressing about money instead of creating and living your best life.
  • You’re racking up more debt – You’re avoiding your bank statements and credit card bills and hoping there’s cash on the card every time you use it.
  • You’re always in survival or desperation mode – You’re telling yourself this is the way it has to be because nothing ever works out for you.
  • You’re avoiding any conversation around money – You’re ashamed of how you got yourself in this situation.


If you’re screaming Yes, Yes, Yes!!! to one or more of the above, then you’re in good company.   And if you’re wondering how I know this, trust me I’m not in your head.

But I get it.  I’ve been there!  I’ve experienced 30 out of the 30 PLUS at least 25 more. 

Procrastinating and missing out on opportunities.

Resisting getting specific and nailing a lucrative niche.

Not creating an authentic brand and unique marketing message.

Charging by the hour and trading dollars for hours.

Resisting creating a signature system for my coaching business.

Not offering programs and packages that attract premium, ideal clients.

Not owning the value of my services (offer + results) and making sales conversations icky and sleazy.

Letting fear of being visible stop me from sharing what I do.

Resisting ease and flow in life and business.

The fear of being successful.  The fear of being broke.  Actually being broke.

Too spiritual to charge for my services and Not asking for help or support.

This list goes on and on……..

Throw in a partridge and a pear tree, and it would have been complete.  My blocks were enough to ground a plane.

And Now I Also Know It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

how to charge what you're worth

Yet, You’re Stuck.


Simply put, it’s because of your Money Blocks.

Yup, all the baggage you’ve been carrying around all these years!

I’m not Enough / I can’t afford it  /  This is too hard   /  I CAN’T find clients /  I feel like a fraud  /  Nobody is going to pay me that   /  What will I have to do to charge that?   /  Money is always slipping through my fingers   /  I never have enough money   /  It’s impossible   /  People like me don’t make 6 or 7 figures    /  I have to work really hard   /  It has to be perfect   /  But everyone else is doing that  /  After I get certified  /  I want everyone to afford my services /  I want everyone to be happy.

All the stories, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging habits, negative self-talk or inner critic talk that keep you from growing a lucrative business.    


And no, its not just about money.  It is every subconscious belief, fear and habit, as well as the hidden challenges in the way of you achieving life, relationship and business success.

A business that gives you the freedom to create the life you want so that you can make all the impact you desire, have all the flexibility you dream of and make all the money you want to spend, save, or share.

And even with all your extensive Trainings, Tools, Strategies, How-to’s, Templates, Hacks, Consultants, Experts, Beautiful Website, Sophisticated Branding, YOU’RE STILL STUCK.

Look, I hate to burst your bubble, but both Life and Business are 99% mindset and 1% strategy, tools and skills.


If you could magically create the business you desire with all the tips and strategies you’ve already acquired, you won’t be reading this page.

No matter many strategies, tools, templates or expertise you’ve acquired, AND no matter how talented, innovative, creative, smart and educated you are, your life and business vision, sales and marketing, pricing and client conversations and business growth and success will always be limited to ONLY what you believe you’re worth.

Money Blocks are the No. 1 way many women entrepreneurs hold themselves back from creating a profitable business.

Money Blocks do not discriminate.  They show up whether your income is $1,000 or $10,000 or $100,000, $1,000,000 or $10,000,000.

Your coaching session yesterday was enlightening, informative, and transformative!

Thank you for listening, mirroring, challenging, and reframing my thought patterns about responsibility, money, success, and more!

Within one hour, you shifted my mindset from ministry (much of which is volunteer work) to business (charging for products and services so I can do greater good in the world). You also offered a glimpse of the endless possibilities for my vision board business!

Thank you for inspiring me to operate from abundance and greatness instead of scarcity and fear.

If the free consultation is any indication, then exponential growth is the only option for anyone who hires you!

Trecie W.
Vision Board Entrepreneur, Memphis, TN

Dear Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches,

I’ve got some great news for you!!

The KEY to mastering your money game, transforming your money mindset and creating significantly more IMPACT, MONEY, TIME and FREEDOM to build your beautiful dreams is now OPEN to You.

This is NOT just your average business coaching membership.  It goes beyond everything you’ve done up to this point to identify and shift the specific limiting beliefs underlying each business challenge.

The 10x Money Mindset Circle is NOT a home study course, DIY online training or online freebie.  It is NOT a coaching community that up-levels your mindset just for the sake of it.   You can get that basic stuff from youtube, blogs, google and pinterest.

The 10x Money Mindset Circle is the place to master your mindset with a focus on who you are BEING, and create your niche, attract your ideal clients, create an authentic brand and marketing message, show up fully in your business, 10x your sales and profits, create packages that sell, fall in love with your sales conversations, create multiple streams of income, and a lot more.

You won’t find the information, newsletter, resources, LIVE coaching and Live Expert Q &As or Exclusive Virtual Events anywhere else.


It’s time to get real.

So, keep reading ONLY if you’re truly committed to a 10X Money Mindset in your life and business.

If you’re still committed to doubt, overwhelm, burnout and self-sabotage,


If you’re committed to fear and scarcity, and never taking action,

Then please STOP reading NOW.

This is NOT for you.

OK.  So, if you’re still reading then I know you’re ready to leave the blocks, limiting beliefs and stories behind and create a powerful shift in your life and business.

You’re declaring that you’re Ready to 10x your Sales + Profits, choose ABUNDANCE and Step Out in FAITH over Fear, Lack and Scarcity.

You’re about to join an exclusive 10X Money Mindset Club for Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches that takes you deep into my Private 10X Business and Money Mindset Coaching Program for a minimal investment.

It’s time to decide if you’re ready for this level of support, connection, accountability, structure and community with a group of smart, savvy and soulful women entrepreneurs.

The 10X Money Mindset Circle is Perfect for You ONLY IF:


  • You’ve decided you’re not going to stay where you are.
  •  You’re finally ready to 10x your Sales + Profits AND you’re committed to being the woman who takes inspired action to get it done.
  • You’re finally ready to create an unshakeable CONFIDENCE and ‘Premium State of Mind’ so you begin charging what you’re worth and find your PRICING sweet spot.
  • You’re finally ready to discover the value of your work so you can free yourself from undercharging or over delivering AND STOP trading dollars for hours.
  • You want to nail your perfect lucrative NICHE so you can start attracting new IDEAL clients with freedom, clarity and confidence.
  • You want to discover your unique Brand Archetype, which perfectly captures your spirit, personality and passion.
  • You want to transform your expertise into an exciting Signature System that attracts a steady stream of ideal clients.
  • You want to create packages that sell themselves – packages based on value that uniquely set you apart and structure your services to massively free your time and increase your income.
  • You want to discover exactly what to charge for each of your services, programs or packages, including strategies for increasing your cash flow with more pay-in-full clients.
  • You want to create a simple action plan that eliminates procrastination and keeps you moving forward signing on new clients’ month after month.
  • You’re finally ready to transform the overwhelm and burnout in your business into everyday ease and flow, in a way that feels powerfully authentic for you.
  • You’re ready to experience incredible transformation in your mindset and beliefs supporting you in attracting ideal clients and making more money in your business.
  • You’re ready to create a new, empowering money story and own your own value so that you can serve and impact your clients and customers with ease.
  • You’re more than ready to get clear on your money goals and what you really want so that you can speed up your progress toward achieving your desires.
  • You’re done with the hustle and struggle and you’re ready to get over any debt shame or money guilt and heal your emotional relationship with money.
  • You’re ready to stop playing victim and identify who or what you’re avoiding and why.
  • You’re ready to get uncomfortable and ask for support so that you can stop suffering in silence.
  • You’re ready to finally earn AND keep more money.
  • You’re ready to work from your zone of genius and feel excited that you’re making money in a lucrative business that lights you up.
  • You’re finally ready to create a fresh, empowering success mindset for you — shifting your beliefs and actions in the process — so you quickly begin creating new and exciting results in your business.
  • You’re at a place in life where you only have room for more joy, peace, love, success and play in your life.
  • You want a sustainable business vision that allows you to plan, create grow and scale your business in a way that is aligned with your core values, skills, interests and life goals.
  • You want a safe space to fly your WOO flag and share your WOO WOO gifts with your clients in away that empowers you and turns you on.
  • You’re ready to create multiple streams of income.
  • You’re ready to shift your relationship to money so that you can earn money without guilt AND spend money and not worry.
  • You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  • You’re ready for FREEDOM.
business coach for women

I believe that purpose-driven coaches and service-based women entrepreneurs who change lives and make a difference in the world deserve a business and money mindset that empowers them to build a life beyond their wildest dreams.

So, if you’re a purpose-driven woman who started your business because your dream is to impact the lives of others, and you want a meaningful business that gives you the flexibility to enjoy more freedom, time, money, abundance and impact,


You’re ready to Step Out in Faith and enjoy ABUNDANCE in every area of your life,


You’re ready to EMBRACE your Enough-ness, Self-Worth, Value, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Gifts, Talents, Growth and Power,

Then, I invite you to Join me in the 10X Money Mindset Circle for Coaches and Women Entrepreneurs.

Get the coaching, support, and insight to grow your dream business and create your dream life.

Shift your Being and Take Action to Double, Triple or 10X your income from the inside out with less work, less guilt and more impact.

I worked with MiMi for 3 months and what a ride it has been. I am so thankful and honored to be working with such a talented coach, consultant and counselor. Even though MiMi is a coach, I had to include all three roles because they are all different, and MiMi clearly distinguished each role when they came up during our work together.

My life has been transformed in ways I never thought was possible. My relationship with my husband, family and self were all crumbling and I was finding faults in everyone but myself. Putting myself in a weak place with all my power in other people’s hands.

MiMi helped me build my self-esteem, self-awareness and gave me my power back. Not only did my personal life flourish, but it helped boost my business and it’s all because of the work she did to get my inside clear of all the distractions and destructions that were storming inside.

Ladies if you feel you need support, MiMi and her coaching can bring you to a place you never thought was possible to be. That place would be at the top of the world.

MiMi, I am super Grateful to have known you and worked with you. You are the best thing that happened to me. You gave me the kick in the butt that I needed. Thank you for wiping my tears, for being there to hear my pains and helped me explore them on a deeper level. This was exactly the self-growth I needed. Thank you for trusting me, working with me and being my friend in need.

God Bless you always!

Mahreen A.
Photographer & Entrepreneur, Washington, DC

Your Investment in this Supportive Community Includes:

Live Monthly Coaching

2 Live Group Coaching Calls EVERY month – 2 Monthly Business and Money Mindset Group Coaching Calls on Zoom Video with MiMi with opportunity for some HOT Seat Coaching.  (Topics include Money Mindset Mastery, How to 10x Sales and Profits, Sales and Enrollment Conversations, Authentic Branding, Unique Marketing Messages, Nailing a Lucrative Niche, Attracting and Creating Ideal Clients, Creating Signature Systems, Creating Premium Packages, Pricing, Lead Magnets, Client Attracting Websites, Blogging, Networking, Time Management, Boundaries, Work/Life Balance, Self-Care and Wellbeing, Relationships, Focus,  Leadership, BEING v. Doing,  Limiting Beliefs that Sabotage every area of your business — Vision, Mission, Purpose, Goal Setting,  (and anything else relevant to support the members)


Live Guest Expert Calls

2 Bi-Annual Q and A Calls with Guest Experts – 1 Q and A Call twice a year with a Guest Expert (Topics include anything relevant to support the members).— Available to both Monthly and Annual Members.


Live Exclusive Virtual Events

Optional Workshops on various relevant Business and Mindset topics + Bonuses such as Stepping out in Faith, Law of Attraction and Abundance, Trust, Energy work (yes, that Woo Woo stuff).


Live Monthly Co-working with MiMi

Optional 2-hour monthly co-working event with MiMi.  Join me on zoom for a working power-hour where we focus on our top three monthly goals and create with INTENTION and POSSIBILITY.


Coaching, Training and Resources

Coaching Videos and Audio Recordings – Mindset Coaching (Money Mindset, Business Mindset) AND Business Coaching (Vision + Mission + Purpose, How to Discover a Lucrative Niche, Authentic Branding and Unique Marketing Messages, Creating Ideal Premium Clients, Creating Signature Systems and High-End Packages, Pricing with Ease – How to Charge the Value of Your Services + Charging What You’re Worth, How to Sell Like a Soulful Entrepreneur + How to Sell by Serving – Selling with Ease, Sales and Enrollment Conversations).

1 Monthly 5-7 Page Newsletter – This electronic downloadable pdf newsletter is filled with information on topics discussed in the coaching calls.  Each Monthly Newsletter will include 2 to 3 topics and have other bonus features.

This is NOT just another pdf download filled with content overload and fluff.   The newsletter includes premium content that you will not find on my blog or in my email subscriber newsletters.

Templates, Checklists, Worksheets, and other Tools and Resources to support a 10X Mindset Life and Business.


Ongoing Support

Community – Exclusive Facebook Group for Connection, Bouncing Ideas, Support, Structure, Accountability, Love and Standing For Each Other’s Greatness.   Enjoy a community of women entrepreneurs who celebrate you and support you to celebrate yourself.

Value – Compared to the five-figure investment in my one-on-one Private 10X Business and Money Mindset coaching program (for 12 months), the 10X Money Mindset Circle is a great investment for any entrepreneur.

You get at least 15 hours of my time EVERY MONTH (that’s how much time I invest in working on the newsletter, 2 live coaching calls and supporting you in the Facebook Community and other live events, including some monthly emails and other bonuses).


No Contracts – There is NO contract that holds you hostage.  You can choose between the Monthly Membership, which you can Cancel at anytime and return when you’re ready, or the Annual Membership which is billed once a year.

Please Note that you can CANCEL YOUR monthly or annual MEMBERSHIP, BUT there are NO REFUNDS.


If you’ve made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS!

You’re ready to press reset on your mindset and create success in your business. The world needs you and is ready for your impact, love and big heart.

Choose your membership option below and 10X Your Life and Business.

Monthly (Gold)

2 Live Group Coaching Calls (Value $500)

2 Bi-Annual Expert Q and A Calls (Value $500)

Live Workshops and Coaching Videos + Audios ($500)

10X Money Mindset Mastery and Wealth Workbook for Women Entrepreneurs & Coaches ($37)

Recordings of ALL Coaching Calls and Expert Q and A Calls

Exclusive 10X Money Mindset Facebook Group (Invaluable)

Monthly Newsletter ($37)

Access to all the Content – Calls, Worksheets, Templates, Newsletters – in the Members Only Area

Total Value: $1574

Your Investment: $197/Month

Annually (12 Months) (Platinum)

24 Live Group Coaching Calls/Year (Value $6000)

2 Bi-Annual Expert Q and A Calls (Value $500)

Live Workshops and Coaching Videos + Audios (Value $500)

10X Money Mindset Mastery and Wealth Workbook for Women Entrepreneurs & Coaches ($37)

Recordings of ALL Coaching Calls and Expert Q and A Calls

Exclusive 10X Money Mindset Facebook Group (Invaluable)

Monthly Newsletter ($37)

Access to all the Content – Calls, Worksheets, Templates, Newsletters – in the Members Only Area

Total Value: $7074

Your Investment: INTRODUCTORY RATE – $997/Year Billed Annually

Get 7 Months FREE and SAVE $1367 Per Year – Only $83/month

The Investment increases to $1197 on December 1, 2018

NO REFUNDS.  If you crave flexibility, please choose the monthly option. 

Meet Your Coach

Hi!  I’m MiMi.

I’m a Business and Money Mindset Coach who supports Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches to create the life and business of their wildest dreams.

I admit that even with a couple of degrees, a 15-year diverse and extensive corporate background, 10 years of fashion entrepreneurship, and a huge toolbox of strategies and tips, I have a very intimate relationship with money blocks and disempowering money mindsets.

Depending on the day of the week and the level of commitment involved, I juggled fear of success, waiting for permission to truly live, fear of earning more money, and the fear of been visible.

Almost 20 years later than I had planned AND with enough money blocks to land a plane, I finally stepped out in FAITH and quit my corporate job to live out my life purpose.

Without a backup savings plan, financial support or a PLAN B, AND adjusting to the breakup of my marriage and single motherhood, I spent most of my time swimming in my limiting beliefs, entertaining my inner critic, and navigating a feast or famine life.

My FAITH, coupled with my training, as well as transformative work with my coaches, support me into BEcoming the Woman who can create the life and business of my dreams.

Each new level brings new blocks, but learning to create from abundance, owning my worth and value and stepping into my power has been the key to the shifts in my life and business.

Specifically in my coaching business, creating a premium money mindset has empowered me to: (1) overcome my resistance to niching and nail a lucrative niche that allows me to work in my zone of genius everyday; (2) get over my fear of visibility and put myself in my marketing to create an authentic brand and marketing message that highlights my passion and personality; (3) transform how I work with clients into a step-by-step 10x Signature System; (4) create premium packages and programs that clients want; (5) confidently charge premium prices; and (6) attract my ideal clients, enjoy sales conversations and sign on new clients with ease.

I want you to create the same ease and flow in your life and business!

My Why?  To create the life of my dreams for me and my family, and impact the lives of 1,000,000 Children.

Growing up, my dream was to create a support structure where no child is ever left behind; to empower 1,000,000 women to confidently provide food, shelter, clothing and the emotional + medical needs for their families.

As an entrepreneur I believe that supporting other entrepreneurs AND mobilizing others to support entrepreneurs around the world is a great step towards making the dream a reality.

Women entrepreneurs in developing countries and even in the US struggle to get the funding, support and access to tools, resources and trainings they need to grow their business and support their families.

This is why I support Kiva to make a big part of my dreams a reality.  For every woman who works with me, I invest in a woman entrepreneur in a developing country.

Kiva is a 501 non-profit organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 80 countries.

Their mission is to “to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.”  Learn more about Kiva on my Kiva Lending Page.

If you’re already a Kiva Member, then I invite you to join the Miatta MiMi Fashion + 10X Money Mindset Circle Kiva Lending Team.   Together, we can serve with love and massively impact the lives of at least 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs and children around the world.


Extraordinary women deserve extraordinary support.

I look forward to supporting you to elevate your inner game, 10x your life and business, and create success and abundance in every area of your life.

In addition to my law, accounting and MBA degrees, I am a trained Business and Money Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs (Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® Coach Training), and Big Money Business Coach for Business Owners.

I am also a trained Ontological Coach (the study of being), Leadership Coach and Facilitative Coach (goal and project design + strategic action).  I am a graduate of the International Coach Federation-certified Accomplishment Coaching and Leadership Training Program.

I am a Certified Life Purpose Coach, and a member of the International Coach Federation.

Thanks to my personal experience and training, I love partnering with inspiring women like you to co-create a successful business, life and relationships. 

If you’re ready for success in your life and business, and pressing reset on your money mindset – then let’s do this!

Choose your membership option below and 10X Your Life and Business.

Monthly (Gold)

2 Live Group Coaching Calls (Value $500)

2 Bi-Annual Expert Q and A Calls (Value $500)

Live Workshops and Coaching Videos + Audios ($500)

10X Money Mindset Mastery and Wealth Workbook for Women Entrepreneurs & Coaches ($37)

Recordings of ALL Coaching Calls and Expert Q and A Calls

Exclusive 10X Money Mindset Facebook Group (Invaluable)

Monthly Newsletter ($37)

Access to all the Content – Calls, Worksheets, Templates, Newsletters – in the Members Only Area

Total Value: $1574

Your Investment: $197/Month

Annually (12 Months) (Platinum)

24 Live Group Coaching Calls/Year (Value $6000)

2 Bi-Annual Expert Q and A Calls (Value $500)

Live Workshops and Coaching Videos + Audios (Value $500)

10X Money Mindset Mastery and Wealth Workbook for Women Entrepreneurs & Coaches ($37)

Recordings of ALL Coaching Calls and Expert Q and A Calls

Exclusive 10X Money Mindset Facebook Group (Invaluable)

Monthly Newsletter ($37)

Access to all the Content – Calls, Worksheets, Templates, Newsletters – in the Members Only Area

Total Value: $7074

Your Investment: INTRODUCTORY RATE – $997/Year Billed Annually

Get 7 Months FREE and SAVE $1367 Per Year – Only $83/month

The Investment increases to $1197 on December 1, 2018

NO REFUNDS.  If you crave flexibility, please choose the monthly option.